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With a well-refined idea and a clear plan for your research, you can begin searching for the sources you'll need. Through MSU Libraries, you have access to a world of information--if you need something we don't have in-house, we'll try to get it for you from another library!

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Primary Sources

Primary sources are published and unpublished materials that provide firsthand evidence of historical events. They may include books, audiovisual materials, maps, letters, diaries, photographs, oral histories, newspapers, or posters.

Primary sources are usually found in a library's Special Collections department.

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Government Documents

Government documents include any printed or processed book, paper, periodical, pamphlet, map, microform, or electronic product prepared and published at public expense by the United States Congress or by any of the Executive Departments, independent agencies, or judicial bodies of the U.S. Government. They are not copyrighted and may be reproduced freely.

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