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Music Collection

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Bates-Chickering music collection
MSS. 796. 1891-1960. 1.61 cubic feet

The collection is comprised of over 200 items and includes sheet music and early 20th century editions of the music magazine, The Etude.

Carothers (Kate) music book
MSS. 167. 1 volume.

Music album of Kate C. Carothers includes early southern music. List of titles available. Part of Music Collection.

Cate (Helen) sheet music collection
MSS. 733. 1855-1939. 1 cubic ft.

Collection of approximately 120 pieces of 19th and early 20th century sheet music.

Chatham (Dr. James R.) collection
MSS. 736. 1400-1500; 1958-1965. 1.31 cubic ft.

This collection consists of 2 medieval choral manuscripts, and mid-20th century botanical and animal prints.

Cowpens Battleground (song)
MSS. 180. 0.01 cubic feet: 1 item.

Sheet music of the Daughters of the American Revolution song.

Forbes (Bettye) collection
MSS. 725. 1787-1943. 1 cubic ft.

This collection contains a series of publications, The Delineator (a 19th century women's magazine), sheet music dating 1889-1943 and two 18th century Italian law books.

Fox (Susette) sheet music collection
MSS. 727. 1824-1976. 1 cubic ft.

Extensive sheet music collection spanning over a century from 1824-1976.

Glover Family sheet music collection
MSS. 758. 1892-1948 . 0.2 cubic ft.

Eight pieces of late 19th and early 20th century sheet music.

Grieder (Theodore) collection
MSS. 515. 1860-1865 and undated. 0.33 cubic feet.

168 broadside song sheets printed during the American Civil War, primarily in Philadelphia and other Union cities. Included are 155 originals and 13 photocopies, 19 in color. List available.

Hilliard (Quincy Charles) collection
MSS. 512. 1963-2006. circa 20 cubic feet.

Papers of Quincy C. Hilliard, composer and Music Education Professor at Southwestern Louisiana University and 1975 alumnus of MSU. Hilliard's original works are primarily compositions for elementary and secondary band, but also include works composed for other groups. Papers include correspondence, manuscript and published musical scores, photographs, articles, contracts, programs and memorabilia, music adjudication records, music conference materials, video cassette and other materials.

Jacobs (Shirley) sheet music collection
MSS. 728. . 4 cubic ft.

Extensive piano sheet music collection comprised of over a thousand scores, spanning the years 1775-1977, with the majority encompassing the early twentieth century.

Kaufman (Harold and Lois) papers
MSS. 533. 1892-1985 and undated. circa 30 cubic feet and musical instruments.

Papers of Kaufman, musician, teacher and community organizer, document her education in Brookfield, Missouri, and her career, family life and social and organizational activities in Starkville, Mississippi. Materials include correspondence, programs, music, organizational files, household subject files, scrapbooks, certificates, clippings, photographs, student materials, publications. Includes Lois Kaufman musical instrument collection. Kaufman designed and taught the first Music Appreciation class for MSU students in the 1950s. Also included are the papers of Mabel Logsdon, teacher and friend of Kaufman. Local organizations documented include the Starkville-MSU Symphony Orchestra and other symphonies in Mississippi, the Nocturne Music Club and the Mississippi Federation of Music Clubs, the East-West Fellowship of Starkville. International musical instruments are those collected by Kaufman during her travels and reflect her interest in international affairs. Addition: Materials of Harold Kaufman concerning his work in sociology and rural life and personal materials of the Kaufmans; unprocessed.

Keenum (Rhonda) collection
MSS. 715. 1897-2002. 1 cubic ft.

Musical scores and books.

Lyric Club (Macon, Mississippi) collection
MSS. 644. 1932-1933. 0.5 cubic feet.

Programs and study booklets from the Lyric Club, a woman's group in Macon, Mississippi. Includes a songbook.

Misc. Music collection
MSS. 732. 1817-1979. 1 cubic ft.

Approximately 340 pieces of 19th and 20th century sheet music

Montgomery (Susie) music album
MSS. 232. 1 volume.

Music album of Miss Susie A. Montgomery of Starkville includes songs, dances and other piano numbers of the 1800s.

Music collection. 1832-1929
MSS. 564. 8 cubic feet.

Collection of printed music collected and donated by various persons includes a single sheet music piece (piano/lyrics) of Williams' Colored Singers (undated) and "Old Black Joe", the popular song by Stephen Louis Foster (1940).

Nocturne Music Club collection
MSS. 423. 1971-1984. 1 cubic foot.

Scrapbooks concerning the members and activities of the Nocturne Music Club of Starkville, Mississippi. Included are clippings, programs, certificates, ribbons, and photographs. See also the Harold and Lois Kaufman papers.

Peters (Beverly Speck) collection
MSS. 648. 1 item.

Piano recital program, Starkville, Mississippi.

Phyllis Vatter Campbell music collection
MSS. 759. 19th and 20th century. 1.33 cubic ft.

Collection of 19th and 20th century sheet music.

Rodgers (Jimmie) collection
MSS. 105. 1 reel microfilm.

Sheet music, typed and handwritten lyrics, biographical information, other. Loaned for microfilming by Mrs. Elsie McWilliams.

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Stiles (Lucy Charles Turnbull Cameron) music album
MSS. 523. 1871. 0.16 cubic feet.

Album of music inscribed to "Charlie" Cameron, 1871. List of musical compositions available.

Templeton piano rolls
MSS. 788. 1909-1974. 7.7 cubic ft.

This collection of player piano rolls accompanies the Charles Templeton, Sr. collection of more than 200 self-playing instruments dating from 1897 to the 1930's which includes many of Thomas Edison's early model phonographs, Eldridge Johnson's gramophones, Columbia graphophones, a vintage Link player piano, a Aeolion Orchestrelle player organ, cylinder-and-disc music boxes, and organettes of paper roll and cob varieties.

Templeton sheet music collection
MSS. 787. 1860-1950 . 127.34 cubic ft.

The 22,000 piece Templeton sheet music collection is part of a larger collection amassed by Charles Templeton, Sr. which also includes music players and recordings. Digitization of the collection is part of an ongoing effort to provide broader access to titles. A large portion of these pieces are in the public domain (not copyrighted) and are available for download directly from MSU's website. Some restricted titles are available upon request.

Yett, Ebling and Galloway sheet music collection
MSS. 729 . 19th and 20th century. 1 cubic ft.

Sheet music collection.