Selections from the 2009 Festival CD

Selections from the 2009 Festival CD

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For 3 years,the Charles Templeton Ragtime Jazz Festival has brought the sounds of ragtime, jazz, and boogie-woogie to Mississippi State University. Now you can bring this classic music into your home with 21 dynamic pieces performed by Mimi Blais, Sonny Leyland, Butch Thompson, Brian Holland, and David A. Jasen, and relive the magic of ragtime, anytime!

These swingin' tunes were recorded live during the 3rd annual Festival, March 27-28, 2009, at Mississippi State University. Listen as our performers revive the music of Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Morton, Eubie Blake, and more.

Track Listing

Brian Holland
  1. Shoestring Rag (Dave Jasen)
  2. The Chips Are Down (Brian Holland)
  3. King Chanticleer (Ayer & Brown)
  4. Peacherine Rag (Scott Joplin)
  5. Steeplechase Rag (James P. Johnson)
  6. Maple Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin)
Carl Sonny Leyland
  1. Blame It On The Blues (Charles E. Cooke)
  2. I've Got Delta's Lost Bag Blues
  3. Limehouse Blues (Braham & Furber)
  4. Fast Train Blues (Sonny Leyland)
  5. Almond Joys Rag (Sonny Leyland)
Mimi Blais
  1. Pickles & Peppers (Adeline Shepherd)
  2. Original Blues (Mimi Blais)
  3. Blue Ribbon Rag (May Aufderheide)
  4. The Entertainer (Scott Joplin) - Duet with Brian Holland
Butch Thompson
  1. The Pearls (Jelly Roll Morton)
  2. Charleston Rag (Eubie Blake)
  3. Original Jelly Roll Blues (Jelly Roll Morton)
  4. I've Found A New Baby (Palmer & Williams) - Duet with Carl Sonny Leyland
  5. Mamanita (Jelly Roll Morton)
  6. Maple Leaf Stomp (Joplin & Morton)

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