Selections from the 2008 Festival CD

Selections from the 2008 Festival CD

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The 2008 Charles Templeton Ragtime Music Festival was held on March 28-30, 2008 on the campus of Mississippi State University (MSU). The University Libraries and the Charles Templeton Music Museum hosted the 3-day Festival that brought to MSU and the Starkville, MS community some of the most dynamic, entertaining and professional ragtime and boogie woogie performers.

Performers for the 2nd annual Festival included Mimi Blais, Marty Eggers, Frederick Hodges, Brian Holland, Bob Seeley, and Virginia Tichenor. David A. Jasen served as the Master of Ceremonies and Artistic Director. David Reffkin, radio personality, host and producer of "The Ragtime Machine", who interviewed each of the performers during the Festival, brought out little known facts and aspects of the performers' background and career.

This CD is a compilation of the best performances of ragtime music from the 2008 Templeton Festival. Listen as the performers bring to life some of the greatest works of such well known ragtime composers as Joseph Lamb, Scott Joplin, Eubie Blake, and Trebor Tichenor.

Track Listing

  1. Bucksnort Stomp (Trebor Tichenor) - Virginia Tichenor w/Marty Eggers on bass
  2. Chestnut Street in the 90's (Brun Campbell ) - Virginia Tichenor w/Marty Eggers on bass
  3. Mag's Rag (Tom Shea) - Virginia Tichenor w/Marty Eggers on bass
  4. Front Street Rag (Marty Eggers) - Marty Eggers w/Virginia Tichenor on drums
  5. Troublesome Ivories (Eubie Blake) - Brian Holland
  6. Jingles (James P. Johnson) - Brian Holland
  7. Top Liner Rag (Joseph Lamb) - Brian Holland
  8. Bach Up To Me (Fats Waller) - Brian Holland
  9. Harlem Rag (Tom Turpin) - Mimi Blais
  10. Pork and Beans (Luckey Roberts) - Mimi Blais
  11. Belle of Louisville (Frank French) - Mimi Blais
  12. Rackety Rag (J. Milton Delcamp) - Frederick Hodges
  13. Try and Play it (Phil Ohman) - Frederick Hodges
  14. Music Box Rag (Luckey Roberts) - Frederick Hodges
  15. Cucumber Rag (W.C. Powell) - Frederick Hodges
  16. Sweet and Tender (Roy Bargy) - Frederick Hodges
  17. Original Boogie (Bob Seeley) - Bob Seeley
  18. St. Louis Blues (W.C. Handy) - Bob Seeley
  19. Seeley's Boogie (Bob Seeley) - Bob Seeley
  20. Scott Joplin's New Rag (Scott Joplin) - Brian Holland

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