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Yolanda D. Estes

Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Religion

E-mail address: yolandae@ra.msstate.edu
Website: http://socrates.philosophy.msstate.edu/pr/htmls/Estes.htm

Dr. Estes received her Ph.D from the University of Kentucky in 1997, where she taught for seven years. After leaving the University of Kentucky, she worked with the Philosophy Department at the University of Colorado for one year. Dr. Estes began teaching at Mississippi State University in June of 1998.

Her areas of specialization are History of Modern Philosophy, German Idealism, and Feminist Social and Political Philosophy. Most of her work in the History of Philosophy focuses on the philosophy of Johann Gottlieb Fichte. Dr. Estes' work in feminist social and political philosophy mainly addresses issues of social marginalization. At this time, she is working on several projects in her areas of specialization.

Marginal Groups and Mainstream American Culture

Estes, Yolanda D.
Publisher: University Press of Kansas
ISBN: 0700610480

Multidisciplinary and multicultural, Marginal Groups and Mainstream American Culture addresses marginalization at a variety of social levels and within many different social phenomena, going beyond familiar cases dealing with race, ethnicity, and gender to examine such outsiders as renegade children, conservative Christians, and the physically and mentally disabled. And because women are especially subject to the effects of marginalization, feminist concerns and the marginalization of sexual practices provide a common denominator for many of the essays.