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Tracy B. Henley

Professor and Head, Psychology Department at Texas A & M University - Commerce

E-mail address: thenley@tamu-commerce.edu
Website: http://www.tamu-commerce.edu/psychology/doctoralfaculty.htm

Tracy Branson Henley completed his Ph.D. in 1989 from the University of Tennessee. Henley, now an Professor of Psychology and Department Head at Texas A & M - Commerce. He first accepted the position at MSU in 1991, and remained on the faculty through 2003. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses and remains an active researcher in both cognitive psychology as well as the more historical and philosophical areas of the discipline.

His first book (co-edited with M.G. Johnson) - Reflections on the Principles of Psychology: William James After a Century - was published in 1990 by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. His second book, also a volume in the history of psychology, was co-authored with B.M. Thorne in 1997. That work - Connections in the History and Systems of Psychology - represented Houghton-Mifflin's first effort in the upper-division psychology market. The book has appeared in two subsequent editions, and the 4th edition is planned. Along with these two texts. Henley has published several articles and organized a variety of national symposia on matters in the history of psychology.

A third book, The Phenomenology of Everyday Life, was released by Cambridge University Press in the Fall of 1997. Co-authored with Howard Pollio at the University of Tennessee and Craig Thompson at the University of Wisconsin, this volume attempts to provide the philosophical groundwork for a more qualitative approach to psychology.

At MSU, Henley was also active in a variety of other roles on campus from chairing the IRB (Institutional Review Board for human subjects in research) committee to serving as the faculty sponsor for the Strategic Card Game Association. His wife Lani Lyman-Henley is a Ph.D. Ethologist, and they have one son, Robert Alexander.

Connections in the History and Systems of Psychology

Henley, Tracy B.
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
ISBN: 061804535X
Collaborators: Michael Thorne

Connections in the History and Systems of Psychology is a comprehensive survey of the history of psychology, beginning with the Greek philosophers and physiologists and ending with contemporary people in psychology and related areas. The multiple connections between the past and the present are emphasized throughout a work that was crafted carefully for readability.

The Phenomenology of Everyday Life

Henley, Tracy B.
Publisher: Cambridge Univeristy Press
ISBN: 0521462053
Collaborators: Howard Pollio, Craig Thompson

The Phenomenology of Everyday Life presents results deriving from a rigorous qualitative approach to the psychological study of everyday human activities and experiences. This approach is grounded in the philosophical traditions of existentialism and phenomenology and employs dialogue as its major method of inquiry. The reasons for these choices are not arbitrary; all derive from the view that a proper study of human events must be framed in terms of a philosophy explicitly developed to encompass human activities. In addition, such events can properly be investigated only on the basis of a method sensitive enough to articulate the nuances of human experience and reflection.

The purpose of the present work is not to replace scientific observation with humanistic analysis but to provide an additional perspective on significant human questions.

The Phenomenology of Everyday Life should be of interest to anyone concerned with obtaining a clear and comprehensive description of someone else's experieince. This includes students and professionals concerned with clinical and social psychology, sociology, anthropology, social work, philosophy, nursing, and education. Also included are individuals involved in research and practice in business, marketing, architecture, and law.

Reflections on the Principles of Psychology: William James After a Century

Henley, Tracy B.
Publisher: Erlbaum
ISBN: 0805802053
Collaborators: Michael Johnson

This important volume looks back to 1890 and - 100 years later - asks some of the same questions William James was asking in his Principles of Psychology. In so doing, it reviews our progress toward their solutions. Among the contemporary concerns of 1990 that the editors consider are: the nature of the self and the will, conscious experience, associationism, the basic acts of cognition, and the nature of perception. Their findings: Although the developments in each of these areas during the last 100 years have been monumental, James' views as presented in the Principles still remain viable and provocative.

To provide a context for understanding James, some chapters are devoted primarily to recent scholarship about James himself - focusing on the time the Principles was written, relevant intellectual influences, and considerations of his understanding of this "new" science of psychology. The balance of this volume is devoted to specific topics of particular interest to James. One critical theme woven into almost every chapter is the tension between the role of experience (or phenomenological data) within a scientific psychology, and the viability of a materialistic (or biologically reductive) account of mental life. Written for professionals, practitioners, and students of psychology - in all disciplines.

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