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18th century Qing political and military history; 19th and 20th century Chinese and Taiwanese intellectual history; Japanese colonialism in Taiwan; Traditional Chinese literary culture

Shu-Hui Wu received her doctorate degree in Chinese History from the Free University of Berlin, Germany, in 1993 and specializes in Chinese history and literature. In 1994 she was appointed lecturer in Chinese history at the Free University of Berlin. From 1996-1999 she was assistant professor of history, Columbus State University, Georgia and in 1998 she was visiting scholar at the Hoover Institution, Stanford, University, California.

She joined the Department of History, MSU, as a tenure-track assistant professor in 1999 and received tenure and promotion in 2004. Her knowledge of five languages - Chinese, Japanese, Manchurian, German, and English - has been an enviable tool for historical research and Wu has used them to good effect. She published her first book Die Eroberung von Qinghai unter Berücksichtigung von Tibet und Khams 1717-1727 (The Chinese Conquest of Qinghai with Reference to Tibet and Khams 1717-1727) in German in 1994. Her second book, Lien Heng (1878-1936) Taiwan's Search for Identity and Tradition was published by Indiana University Oriental Research Center in December, 2004. She has also published five articles in the major journals in her fields of 18th Century Inner Asian History and Modern Chinese Intellectual History. She is the former Executive Director of the Association of Third World Studies, and received an award from the Lincoln Center at Louisiana State University in 2003 for distinguished scholarship and leadership. She is also the recipient of several research grants in her fields.

Lien Heng (1878-1936): Taiwan's Search for Identity and Tradition

Wu, Shu-Hui (Shu)
Publisher: Indiana University
ISBN: 0933070530

How beautiful is the island of Taiwan! Our Han-Chinese ancestors pioneered this land and we have lived here for several centuries now. We consolidate and we further develop our land. The majestic mountains stretch for hundreds of miles with their erect peaks reaching high into the sky, the highest exceeding thirteen thousand feet. They hug the lowland like grandparents protecting their grandchildren. To the east, the island commands the Pacific Ocean; to the west, it confronts the challenge of the powerful Taiwan Strait. Strong winds blow and storms roar across the island. But nature provides a rich source of food from the sea and a variety of animals from the land. Under the sunny blue sky, an abundance of special flowers and trees gloriously enrich the island. The grandeur is beyond description. As time passes, the sun, moon, and stars bear witness to the rise and fall of people. It is this island that enables those of us who were born here to prosper and grow. However the world may change, this island has supported and prepared its people. It is the will of Heaven, and so it shall be. --- Lien Heng, T'ai-wan t'ung-shih. 1992 ed., vol. 3, pp. 1974-75 Wen-yuan lieh-chuan

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