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Sidney T. McDaniel

Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences

E-mail address: smcd@ra.msstate.edu

Dr Sidney McDaniel, the third co-founder of Whole World Botanicals and Director of Research, was a Professor of Botany at Mississippi State University and founder of the Institute for Botanical Exploration whose field station was established in Iquitos, Peru in 1972. He is a pre-eminent botanist, a taxonomist knowledgeable about all plant families, who specializes in the Upper Amazon River Basin.

He has collected and identified more plants for medicinal research than any other single individual or institution in the United States, more than 10,000 for the United States Department of Agriculture, for research by the National Institutes of Health.

He has written the definitive guide to the plant families of the Upper Amazon Basin in the Iquitos area and is establishing the Green Ark Biodiversity Project.

He is the author of Guia de la Flora de Iquitos, a definitive guide to the plant families and genera of the Upper Amazon Basin in Peru, published by the Institute for Botanical Exploration in 1995.

Dr. McDaniel retired from Mississippi State University in 2002.

The Genus Sarracenia

McDaniel, Sidney T.
Publisher: Tall Timbers Research Station

This monograph-style article contains a key to the species of Sarracenia, detailed descriptions, and botanical illustrations. The genus Sarracenia, on of three genera in the Sarraceniaceae, has been the subject of many investigations since the mid-nineteenth century. The insectivorous habit, the conspicuous leaves and flowers, and the apparent ease of hybridization have led to interest in the group by botanists, biochemists, and horticulturalists. Although taxonomic studies of Sarracenia spp. have covered many aspects of the genus, a study based upon extensive field work, examination of types and other herbarium specimens, study of infraspecific variability as exhibited by certain species, and study of aspects of hybridization is here presented as an added contribution.