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Royce O. Bowden

Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering

E-mail address: bowden@ise.msstate.edu
Website: http://www.ise.msstate.edu/faculty/faculty.php?facultyID=9

Royce O. Bowden is Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering at Mississipp State University and Director of the Simulation and Advanced Computation Laboratory. Prior to joining the faculty at MSU, he was in manufacturing engineering positions with Martin Marietta Aerospace and Texas Instruments. His research interests include systems modeling and analysis, machine learning and optimization. Royce's research program has been funded by several organizations including the National Science Foundation. He has authored numerous publications and has been invited to lecture on simulation and optimization for leaders in both industry and government.

Simulation Using ProModel

Bowden, Royce O.
Publisher: McGraw Hill
Third Edition,2000
ISBN: 0072397667
Collaborators: Charles Harrell and Binman K. Ghosh

Simulation Using ProModel covers the art and science of simulation in general and the use of ProModel simulation software in particular. It is intended for use as a text in a graduate or undergraduate course in simulation in a Business, Engineering or Computer Science program. Practitioners in business and industry will also find the book useful as a self-study guide to simulation.

This text blends theory with practice presenting actual applications in business, services and manufacturing. General topics include simulations basics, planning, data collection and analysis, model building, model verification and validation, output analysis and experimental design. Additionally, this is the first simulation text that covers simulation optimization using modern techniques. For a practical emphasis, complete chapters are devoted to typical modeling issues encountered in manufacturing, material handling and service systems.

The book promotes a hands-on approach to simulation. An accompanying CD contains a student version of ProModel, a ProModel tutorial and ProModel lab solutions. This gives students all of the tools necessary for doing simulation. ProModel, one of the most widely used simulation languages in industry today, is covered in detail in the book. Lab exercises walk students through the use of ProModel to do statistical distribution fitting, basic modeling, model verification and debugging, output analysis and optimization. A set of cases in manufacturing, warehousing and service industries is also provided that can be assigned as simulation projects.