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Ralph Null

Professor Emeritus, Retail Floral Design Program

E-mail address: ralphnull@aol.com

Ralph Null is a native of Mississippi and is well known for his southern garden style of design. For twenty-five years Null directed the Retail Floral Design program at Mississippi State University. In 1992, he retired and was awarded Professor Emeritus. In his career, Mr. Null has received numerous awards and recognition.

Mr. Null is an internationally recognized leader in floral arts and retail floriculture. During his floral career, he has presented 850 lecture demonstrations throughout the world. His style creates an excellent learning atmosphere that is both educational and enjoyable.

His floral creations have graced White House state dinners, Presidential inaugurals, and the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy's, Neiman Marcus catalogues, and have appeared in many national and international publications. He has exhibited and taught design classes in London, Oslo, Cape Town, Sydney, and Tokyo, as well as throughout the United States. His design presentations have been featured at the Smithsonian Institute, the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, the Minneapolis Art Institute, and the New Orleans Museum of Art. He has served as president of the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) and is the immediate past CFO of the AIFD Foundation.

Fall and Winter Arrangements from the Southern Garden

Null, Ralph
Publisher: Harmony House Publishers
ISBN: 1564691136

The beauty of Autumn color is welcomed in the South because it brings the advent of cooler weather. The gardens, roadsides and fence rows come alive with the abundance and splendor of wild flowers. The winter season begins a completely new thinking. Colorful berries on naked branches, bark patterns, pods and cones are excellent choices for viewing, gathering, drying and preserving. They will provide a beautiful array of elegant arrangements. Christmas is the on time of the year when you can decorate the entire house with exciting plant materials that will give fragrance and joy to everyone who enters. May these photographs and ideas help you brighten your own fall and winter home.

Summer Arrangements from the Southern Garden

Null, Ralph
Publisher: Harmony House Publishers
ISBN: 1564690911

The southern garden is abundantly full of wonderful flowers and foliage during much of the summer. In this book you will see elegant and simple arrangements that are very easy to design and they are made in containers that might be found in any home. Each design has been photographed in settings that are frequently used for entertaining during the summer season. Explore the "garden style" designs of this book for use in your own home. Gather a few stems of flowers or foliage, choose a container and express yourself. Let these photographs give you the inspiration that you need to help you with your summer entertaining.

Spring Arrangements from the Southern Garden

Null, Ralph
Publisher: Harmony House Publishers
ISBN: 1564690830

This book represents a lively stroll through the springtime garden on the homeplace. These simple "garden style" arrangements can be designed and used through the home for many occasions. The casual style evokes the romance of the garden by using local, seasonal materials from gardens and growers. Often all it takes is one or two blooms or a special foliage, combined with commercially available flowers to create that special look. You will find that concept creatively explored throughout this book.

Christmas Collections: A Book of Decorations and Design

Null, Ralph
Publisher: Harmony House Publishers
ISBN: 156469027X

This pictorial book of Christmas decorations is beautifully photographed in elegant home settings as well as in simple complimentary settings to most effectively show the use of natural and manufactured floral materials for use in today's home. This informative book contains chapters on design philosophy, decorations for throughout the house, collections of design ideas, and tablescapes, as well as a chapter that gives step-by-step instructions for creating selected designs from the book.

The Florist's Guide to Successful Weddings

Null, Ralph
Publisher: Teleflora
ISBN: 0962068403
Collaborators: Edited by Pat Hiliton