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I strive to be on the cutting edge of current thinking and scholarship in the field through active membership in professional associations, conducting research leading to publications and presentations, and attending professional development workshops concerning Orff Schulwerk, multicultural music education, classroom technology, problem-based learning, creativity, and other contemporary issues. My continued education has included the study of music and dance in Cuba and Ghana. I have served on numerous university, college, and department committees, which has given me experience in cross-campus communication, decision making, and collaboration. I work closely with my friends in the African Student Association, who call me "Babatunde," (which means "Father who has come back to us") in order to offer high quality cultural programs such as Global Fusion, International Fiesta, and especially African Night. I direct the African Student Association's African Drum Ensemble and also facilitate numerous community drum circle events.

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Sounds And Places

Damm, Robert
Publisher: Self-Published
ISBN: Barcode: 837101418980
Collaborators: Edwin Daniel, Guitars

Jammin' percussion grooves on djembe, congas, udu, tree stumps, and xylophones with jazz and blues influenced guitar; inspired by African, Brazilian, and Caribbean traditions.

Available at http://cdbabe.com/cd/dammdaniel

Pachelbel Island

Damm, Robert
Publisher: HoneyRock
Collaborators: Johann Pachelbel, arr. by Michael J. Michel and Robert J. Damm

Scored for 8-9 players, this is lively reggae-style adaptation for percussion ensemble based on Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel. Instrumentation: Bells, Marimba (4 1/3- octave), Chimes, Vibraphone (or Steel Pans), Conga Drums, Drum Set, Finger Cymbals and Guiro with optional Electric Bass. Great for younger as well as more experienced ensembles. high school/college.

Available at HoneyRock

Ritmos De Congas

Damm, Robert
Publisher: HoneyRock

This is a challenging solo for three congas with CD accompaniment. The work includes patterns and riffs in eight distinct Cuban and Brazilian musical styles; Cha-cha-cha, Mambo, African 6/8, Mozambique, Songo, Rumba Guaguanco, Afoxe, and Samba. The accompaniment CD was created using multi-track recording to capture the many traditional instruments and rhythms unique to each style. The CD also includes numerous "loops" for practice so that the performer can really master the styles required in the solo! high school/college.

Sound Sample

Available at HoneyRock

Udu Dances

Damm, Robert
Publisher: HoneyRock

This suite in three movements was written to showcase the udu as a solo instrument in the recital hall setting (the work could also be readily adapted to a hand drum such as doumbek, conga or djembe). The udu is a traditional fired clay instrument with origins in West Africa. Each movement of this suite owes its inspiration to a different area of the world music community: Movement I/Latin America, Movement II/Middle East & Movement III/West Africa. This is truly a unique addition to the current repertoire for hand percussion - in this case, clay pots! adv. high school/college.

Sound samples: mv't. 1 mv't. 2 mv't. 3

Available at HoneyRock

Hoo-Daiko for Percussion Ensemble

Damm, Robert
Publisher: HoneyRock

Scored for six players, this ensemble was inspired by traditional Japanese taiko drumming and is based on typical rhythmic patterns found in the folk musics of Japan. Adapted for six bass drums (one player also doubles on conga & Chinese cymbal), this up-tempo work could serve as an exciting closing or opening number on a percussion ensemble concert - or it could stand alone as a unique showcase for a band's percussion section! adv. high school/college.

Available at HoneyRock

World Beat Sonata for Percussion Ensemble

Damm, Robert
Publisher: HoneyRock

"World Beat," in the title of this ensemble, scored for six players, refers to an eclectic form of contemporary music in which many diverse ethnic styles of music are combined. "Sonata," refers to a three-part design (ABA) in which the B section is a free development of the A section. This is an up-tempo work that pairs an African slit drum, talking drum and rattles with Western instruments such as triangle, woodblocks, cymbal, timpano and flexitone and makes use as well of "found" urban instruments such as tin can, saw blade, metal crasher and metal mixing bowls. This is a unique work that builds on numerous ostinato patterns, fun to play and easy listening for audiences. adv. high school/college.

Available at HoneyRock

Repertoire, Authenticity, and Instruction: The Presentation of American Indian Music in Oklahoma's Elementary Schools

Damm, Robert
Publisher: Garland Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 0815338147
Series: Native American Interdisciplinary Perspective

The author examines the repertoire, authenticity and instruction of American Indian music in elementary school music programs and includes an analysis of the music in selected music series and supplemental resources. The analysis calls into question the authenticity of American Indian music presented in the textbook series, in which stereotypes and pseudo-Indian songs continue to appear. The study provides new information regarding the instruction of American Indian music in Oklahoma, and shows the affect of demographic variables of teachers and students on pedagogical content and practice.

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