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Robert E. Wolverton, Jr.

Associate Professor, MSU Libraries

E-mail address: bwolverton@library.msstate.edu

Bob Wolverton, Jr. is Associate Professor/Database Maintenance/Authority Control Librarian at the Mississippi State University Libraries. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Master of Science degree in Personnel Services and Counseling at Miami University in Ohio. He also has a Doctor of Education degree in Counselor Education from Mississippi State University and a Master of Science degree in Library and Information Science from Louisiana State University. Prior to becoming a library faculty member, Dr. Wolverton worked over a 20 year span in Student Affairs positions at Miami University, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and Mississippi State University, where he also had a joint appointment as Assistant Professor in the Department of Counselor Education and Educational Psychology.

Since returning to Mississippi State University as a library faculty member in 2001, Dr. Wolverton has written articles that have appeared in numerous publications, including Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, Serials Librarian, Technical Services Quarterly, and Library Resources & Technical Services. He is also co-author of a forthcoming book on electronic theses and dissertations. His research interests include issues related to authority control in bibliographic information and cataloging practices of theses and dissertations.

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