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Rayford B. Vaughn

Endowed Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

E-mail address: vaughn@cse.msstate.edu
Website: http://www.cse.msstate.edu/research/fac-se.php?guid=rbv2

Dr. Vaughn received his Ph.D. from Kansas State University in 1988 and is currently the Billy J. Ball Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Mississippi State University. He teaches and conducts research in the areas of Software Engineering and Information Security. Prior to joining the University, he completed a twenty-six year career in the Army where he commanded the Army's largest software development organization and created the Pentagon agency that today centrally manages all Pentagon IT support. While on active duty with the Army, he served a three-year assignment with the National Security Agency's National Computer Security Center where he authored national level computer security guidance and conducted computer security research. Dr. Vaughn has over 100 publications to his credit and is an active contributor to software engineering and information security conferences and journals. He is actively engaged in high performance computing intrusion detection system research at Mississippi State University and established the MSU Center of Computer Security Research in 2001. In 2004, Dr. Vaughn was named a Mississippi State University Eminent Scholar and in 2005 he was given the "Most Outstanding Academic Award" by the National Colloquium on Information Systems Security Education. Today, Dr. Vaughn is the elected representative of all the principal investigators on the NSF Scholarship for Service program and member of the Interagency Coordinating Committee overseeing the SFS program. He maintains an active relationship with NSA as a part of the DOD Information Assurance Scholarship Program that MSU has been funded by since 2001.

Enterprise Information Systems Assurance and System Security

Vaughn, Rayford B.
Publisher: Idea Group Publishing
ISBN: 159140911X
Collaborators: Merrill Warkentin

This book was edited by a Management Information Systems professor and a Computer Science professor - both of whom believe that a cross-disciplinary approach to the security problem is important and that architected solutions are possible in any enterprise to provide "sufficient" or "adequate" security. The original thought in developing this book was to provide a collection of chapters useful to corporate security staff, government security administrators, and students of security who wish to examine a particular topic in some detail. We sometimes referred to the book as "good airplane reading" because one can read one or two chapters easily on a typical flight. We also considered this book as useful in the classroom. During a typical sixteen week semester, students can spend each week discussing a different chapter of interest. Therefore, the reader can feel free to pick and choose chapters to read in any order - depending simply on the reader's interest. Each chapter stands alone, but they have been grouped into five distinct topic areas - Security Policy and Management; Security Implications for Business; Security Engineering; Security Technologies; and, Authentication Issues. The mix of authors is interesting, too. We have purposely chosen authors to contribute that represent industry (practicing security engineers) as well as academia - and authors that present an international perspective (e.g., Australia, Finland, Singapore, China). There is a mix of practice and research embedded in the chapters - with the stronger emphasis on practice. As such, the reader may on occasion find conflicts in advice or conclusion between chapters. Given that the practice of security today is not exact, this is a natural result of independent views and writings.