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I have been a fixture at Mississippi State University for nearly two decades. I am Professor of Philosophy, specializing in political philosophy and contemporary Continental philosophy. Among my research interests are the questions of how our political identities are formed, what makes us Liberals or Conservatives, for example, and how our social and economic opportunities, or lack thereof, are affected by processes outside of conventional democratic institutions. I also have a lifelong interest in ethics, business ethics in particular and moral literacy, in general.

Poltical Genealogy After Foucault: Savage Identities

Clifford, Michael
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415929156

Combining the most powerful elements of Foucault's theories, Clifford produces a methodology for cultural and political critique called "political genealogy" to explore the genesis of modern political identity. At the core of American identity, Clifford argues, is the ideal of the "Savage Noble," a hybrid that married the Native American "savage" with the "civilized" European male. This complex icon animates modern politics, and has shaped our understandings of rights, freedom, and power.