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Steve Miranda

Assistant Unit Leader, Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture

E-mail address: smiranda@cfr.msstate.edu
Website: http://www.cfr.msstate.edu/wildlife/people/faculty_detail.asp?id=21&persID=409

Mississippi State Univ. Ph.D., Fishery Management and Statistics, 1986
Auburn University M.S., Fishery Biology, 1981
Morehead State University B.S., Biology and Chemistry, 1978

Research Interests:
Fish population dynamics
Lake and reservoir management

Multidimensional Approaches to Reservoir Fisheries Management

Miranda, Steve
Publisher: American Fisheries Society
ISBN: 091323592X

Reservoirs are complex environmental and biological systems built by humans for a variety of societal needs. Within reservoirs there is a great diversity of interactive components ranging longitudinally from riverine to lacustrine, and latitudinally from limnetic to littoral. Also, among reservoirs there is substantial diversity, ranging widely in morphometrical, operational, and biological characteristics. The use of reservoirs for fishing must compete with other often conflicting uses such as flood control, hydropower generation, navigation, water supply, and aesthetics. Moreover, reservoir use and operation priorities are continuously coevolving with societal demands. Given these complexities, reservoir fisheries managers must work at the interface of numerous diverse disciplines, such as hydrology, limnology, fish biology, and sociology.

To be effective, reservoir fisheries managers must have working knowledge of multiple disciplines. The goal of this symposium was to expand the knowledge base and the ability of fisheries managers to administer reservoir fisheries by focusing on the multidimensionality of reservoir management. Thus, this symposium included a diversity of subjects across a variety of topics essential to management of reservoir fisheries, but mostly outside the realm of traditional fisheries management activities.