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John O. Lox

Director, International Business Academic Program

E-mail address: Jlox@Cobilan.Msstate.Edu

Successful Entrepreneur...
High tech, stocks, international consulting

Successful Corporate Career...
Past senior executive with global 100 companies
Responsible for 100's of millions of dollars
Lived and worked abroad

Successful Academic...
Founder and Director of the International Business Academic Programs at Mississippi State University

The American Entrepreneur's Guide

Lox, John O.
Publisher: Rockwell Press
ISBN: 096362234X
Collaborators: William D. Eshee

The American Entrepreneur's Guide is the first practitioners guide of the new millennium. The authors are both successful business entrepreneurs, teachers and life successes. They have collaborated to bring you the best and latest insights on how to become a successful entrepreneur. The American Entrepreneur's Guide has already been adopted as a textbook at Mississippi State University. The format is easy to read, understand and implement and includes side bars that highlight "must have" knowledge. A business plan template is included to help you reach your goals. The American Entrepreneur's Guide is a must for every business library.


Traits of a successful entrepreneur:

  • Who is successful and what it takes
  • The tools for success

Business Selection:

  • What areas of expertise do you have
  • Choosing what type of business

Global Understanding:

  • Success beyond the American shores
  • Different types of foreign elements


  • Learn the steps and techniques of negotiation to develop your own strategy

The Franchise:

  • How to obtain a franchise, understanding the agreement and franchise pros and cons

E-Commerce Success:

  • Internet business building guide

Company Legal Organization:

  • Structure Choices for the legal entity

Legal Aspects:

  • Regulations, contracts, torts, patents, trademarks, copyrights

Functional Emphasis:

  • How to raise capital

The Business Plan:

  • Step by step guide to analyze the business operation
  • Sample templates