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Michael Goatley, Jr.

Former Professor, Plant and Soil Sciences

E-mail address: goatley@vt.edu
Website: http://www.cses.vt.edu/people/profiles/goatley1_profile.html

Michael Goatley, a native of Springfield, KY, received his B.S. in Agronomy from the University of Kentucky in 1983, his M.S. in Agronomy from the University of Kentucky in 1986, and his PhD in Crop Science from Virginia Tech in 1988. He was a faculty member in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences at Mississippi State University from 1988 to 2003. His responsibilities included advising and teaching Golf and Sports Turf Management majors and conducting applied research in the area of turfgrass science.

Dr. Goatley is now the Extension Turfgrass Specialist/Associate Professor at Virginia Tech.

Baseball and Softball Fields: Design, Construction, Renovation, and Maintenance

Goatley, Jr., Michael
Publisher: ohn Wiley and Sons, Inc.
First Edition,2003
ISBN: 0471447935
Collaborators: Jim Puhalla, Jeff Krans

This book is a complete guide to baseball and softball field design, installation, and maintenance. It is presented in a format suitable for all levels of sports field managers.

Sports Fields: A Manual for Design, Construction and Maintenance

Goatley, Jr., Michael
Publisher: Ann Arbor Press
First Edition,1999
ISBN: 1575040700
Collaborators: Jim Puhalla, Jeff Krans

This book was designed to provide a comprehensive technical reference source for those who are responsible for the design, construction, renovation and/or maintenance of athletic fields. The steps to develop safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing playing surfaces for almost any outdoor sport in the United States are detailed.

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Hensler, K. L. , B. S. Baldsin, and J. Michael Goatley, Jr. "Comparing Seeded Organic-Fiber Mat with Direct Soil Seeding for Warm-Season Turfgrass Establishment" HortTechnology 11.2 (2001): 243-248.
Swetart, B. R. , D.V. Waddington, J. Michael Goatley, Jr., and J. V. Krans. "A Laboratory Exercise Demonstrating the Interactions of Sand and Organic and Inorganic Amendments on Physical Properties of Sports Turf Rootzone Mixes" International Turfgrass Society Research Journal 9 (2001): 98-103.