Adebiyi, George A.

Professor, Mechanical Engineering
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A Hearin-Hess Distinguished Professor of Engineering at Mississippi State, Adebiyi, holds bachelor's and doctoral degrees from the University of Manchester, England. He also has a Diploma in Further Education (a University of Leeds Award) from the Huddersfield Polytechnic, England. He is a Chartered Engineer and Corporate Member of the British Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Dr. Adebiyi has taught and conducted research at Mississippi State University since 1985. Prior to joining the Mississippi State University, he worked as a Research Associate with the Central Electricity Research Laboratories (CERL) in England, and the Shell Petroleum Company in Nigeria. He also held a faculty position in the University and Polytechnics in Nigeria.

He is co-author (with Dr. Lynn D. Russell) of a Classical Thermodynamics textbook (originally published in 1993 by Saunders Publishing), which has also been translated into Spanish by Addison-Wesley. The Spanish version, Termodinámica Clásica, was published in 1997.

Dr. Adebiyi was recipient of the 1991 Outstanding Research Paper Award of the College of Engineering, and a Co-Recipient of the 1997 Outstanding Research Paper Award of the College of Engineering. Dr. Adebiyi's research interest includes mathematical modeling of advanced energy systems (such as packed bed thermal storage systems, desiccant dehumidifiers) using heat transfer and thermodynamic principles, computer-aided thermodynamic analysis and evaluation of thermal systems, thermodynamic and heat transfer applications in systems design and analysis. He carried out a sponsored research for the USDOE on the mathematical modeling of a high- temperature thermal energy storage system utilizing phase-change materials, and also a research contract for the NASA John C. Stennis Space Center on "Computer Simulation of the Operation of the Hydrogen Pebble Heater". He completed two terms as Associate Technical Editor (Energy Storage) for the ASME Journal of Solar Energy Engineering.

He has been working in thermodynamics and heat transfer field for over 30 years. Since 1973, Dr. Adebiyi has taught both the undergraduate and the graduate courses in Classical Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, and related sciences in institutions in Nigeria and in the USA.