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Frank M. Howell

Professor Emeritus, Sociology

E-mail address: howell@soc.msstate.edu

Geographical Sociology: Theoretical Foundations and Methodological Applications in the Sociology of Location

Howell, Frank M.
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 978-9400738485
Collaborators: Jeremy R. Porter
Series: GeoJournal Library 105

The discipline of Sociology has a rich history of including spatial context in the analysis of social issues. Much of this history has revolved around the development and application of spatial theory aimed at understanding the geographic distribution of social problems, the organization of communities, and the relationship between society and the environment. More recently, the social sciences have seen a large number of technological innovations that now make it possible to place social behaviour in spatial context. Consequently, because of the historical disjuncture in the development of spatial theory and the recent development of relevant methodological tools, the relationship between materials describing both the methodological approaches and their theoretical importance a scattered throughout various books and articles. Geographical Sociology consolidates these materials into a single accessible source in which spatial concepts such as containment, proximity, adjacency, and others are examined in relation to such methodological tools as hierarchical linear models, point pattern analysis, and spatial regression. As these methods continue to increase in popularity among social scientists the ability to more generally understand societies relationship to geographic space will continue to increase in it importance in the field. This book represents a starting point to linking these concepts to practice and is presented in an accessible form in which students, researchers, and educators can all learn, and in turn, contribute to its development.

Making Life Plans: Race, Gender, and Career Decisions

Howell, Frank M.
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 0819125806


One of the questions most of us were asked when we were children and teenagers was "What are you going to be when you grow up?" Many of us faced this question and grappled with it through out most of our youth (Some of us are still working on it!). While considerable research has been done in the area of status aspirations and attainments for the high school years and beyond, little has been done to study the formation and dynamics of career aspirations from grade school through high school. This book focuses on that portion of the life cycle (from fifth grade to the senior year of high school). The data used in this study were obtained not only fro the students but also from their mothers. Furthermore, the size of the panel of respondents was large enough to allow us to examine race-sex subgroup dynamics in the formation and attainment of status aspirations during this stage of the life course.

Because a life cycle perspective is used through out this book, the results should be of interest to a number of social scientists and practitioners. Our findings are useful not only to students of stratification and status attainment but also to educators and individuals working in child development. Because the results of this study are important for education and marriage counselors; where appropriate, the chapters include a summary of findings and the last chapter includes a section on the implications that our results have for career education policies (see Chapter 1- page 33 for details on the organization of this book). This book also uses a variety of statistical techniques (eg., tables, correlations, regression and path models, LISREL analyses) so it should be helpful to graduate students who want examples of how such techniques can be applied.

Frank M. Howell and Wolfgang Frese