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Dave Sites

Research Associate III (L,P,S), Agricultural Economics

E-mail address: dks3@ra.msstate.edu
Website: http://www.agecon.msstate.edu/people/prodetail.php?pro=sites

  • M.A. Russian Language/Literature, Florida State University, 1982
  • B.A. Russian Language, Florida State University, 1979
  • A.A. Humanities, Napa College, Napa, CA, 1977

Professional Work Experience:

  • 1/96 - present: Reference Room Manager, Dept. of Ag. Economics, MSU
  • 8/93 - present: Translator, International Agriculture, Russian - English, MSU
  • 9/00 - 6/09: Office of International Programs, Group Coordinator, MSU
  • 6/98 - 7/00: Research Associate, The Radvanyi Chair in Int’l. Studies, MSU
  • 6/92 - 9/92: Research Specialist, Center for Int’l. Security and Strategic Studies, MSU
  • 6/88 - 6/93: Instructor, Russian Lang. and Lit., Dept. of Foreign Lang., MSU
  • 8/83 - 6/88: Instructor, Russian Lan. and Director, Language Laboratory, Dept. of Modern Language, University of Mississippi

At the Crossroads of the Millennium

Sites, Dave
Publisher: Mississippi State University
Collaborators: Edited by Dr. and Professor G.G. Umarov; Co-Edited and Translated By Dave Sites

This book is about two talented scientists, born on Uzbek soil. One part is the historical monograph written by Giyas Umarov entitled "Beruni, Copernicus and Contemporary Science," published in 1973 by Fan Press in Tashkent and is dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of Beruni, the great thinker and scientist of the Middle Ages. The second half of the book, written by Anatolij Yershov, is entitled "Giyas Umarov, the Sun Worshiper." It was originally published in Moscow in 1996 and is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the famous physicist who brought much to the fields of physics, nuclear physics, plasma, physics, spectrography, energetics, helio-technology and other fields.

The book's two parts describe the life's activities of the two scientists whose lives were separated by 1000 years. Abu Raikhon Beruni lived and worked between the two great Asian rivers, the Amu Darya and the Syr Darya, at the turn of the second millennium. A huge volume of water has flowed down these rivers during the time separating these two men's lives. Many major historical events have taken place. But one thing unites these two scientists, as unites many scientists: the inexhaustible search for the unknown, and the desire to know more and more. They dedicated their lives to science. Beruni stated early in life that "I will never sell the eternal, non-transitory, scientific knowledge for a fleeting, shiny object." This can be said for Giyas Umarov also. Both worked in many scientific arenas, both loved their people and their homeland, both were true patriots of Uzbekistan. Although Giyas Yakubovich Umarov missed seeing Uzbekistan's independence by less than 3 years, we his children well remember his faith and hope that Uzbekistan would again become an independent state.
---from the Book's Introduction