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Dr. Elsea Bourgeois came to Mississippi State in August of 2002 from Emory University, where she received her Ph.D in Italian Renaissance art history. Her research interests include devotional art, confraternities and religious orders, and the art of 15th-century Rome.

Reconstructing the Lost Frescoes of Santa Maria sopra Minerva in Rome from the Meditationes of Cardinal Juan de Torquemada

Bourgeois, Angi E.
Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press
ISBN: 9780773448155
Collaborators: Angi Elsea Bourgeois

This study reconstructs both the physical appearance and the spiritual experience of Torquemada's "Meditationes". An examination of the lost fresco cycle of the Minerva provides a unique opportunity to examine the conception and reception of a monumental devotional cycle commissioned by one of the most erudite theologians of the fifteenth-century. "The Meditationes" of Cardinal Juan de Torquemada have long tantalized scholars of Quattrocento Rome. Destroyed in the sixteenth century, this monumental fresco cycle, based on a devotional text written by Torquemada, has been variously attributed to Fra Angelico, Antoniazzo Romano, and Melozzo de Forli. Due to the loss of the paintings and the paucity of archival evidence, scholars have tended to refer only briefly to this major commission. This study will appeal to scholars of Italian Renaissance art, religious art, and religious history.