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Gary F. Templeton

Associate Professor, Management and Information Systems

E-mail address: gtempleton@business.msstate.edu
Website: http://misweb.cbi.msstate.edu/~COBI/faculty/professor.shtml?gtempleton

Gary F. Templeton is an Associate Professor of MIS in the College of Business at Mississippi State University. He previously held academic positions at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Athens State University, Syracuse University, and Auburn University. He has received a B.S. in Business Administration (Finance major), an M.B.A, an M.M.I.S., and Ph.D. (in MIS) from Auburn University. He has published in the Journal of Management Information Systems, the Journal of the Association for Information Systems, the European Journal of Information Systems, Communications of the ACM, Communications of the AIS, MIS Quarterly, and Decision Support Systems. His current research interests involve organizational learning, IT business value, analytical methods, and MIS scientometrics.

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