Mississippi Library Partnership


The Mississippi Library Partnership, established as the Golden Triangle Regional Library Consortium in 1993, is a consortium of multi-type libraries that share a library automation system as a means of increasing the sharing of resources (access to one database which would contain all of the holdings of the member libraries) and automation costs as well as the sharing of technical expertise. The Charter members include the Mississippi State University Libraries and the Mississippi University for Women Library. In 2012 the name of the consortium was changed to the Mississippi Library Partnership to better reflect the geographic area that the consortium covers.

As members of the Partnership, each library adds its bibliographic and patron databases to the library automation system (SIRSI) housed at MSU. Each member uses the SIRSI system for its circulation, online catalog, acquisitions and serials system. The majority of the technical expertise and management of the SIRSI system is located at MSU. Additionally, the Partnership added the Directors Station product to the suite of modules available via Sirsi. This product provides administrators with a top-down view of the online system and provides up-to-date information on the many aspects of the system including circulation transactions, cataloging statistics, acquisitions expenditures and much more. For more information see http://www.sirsidynix.com/Solutions/Products/analytical.php.

Training and support for the Partnership is handled by the Mississippi State University Libraries Systems personnel. These individuals assist with training and ongoing support. The Sirsi server is housed on the campus of Mississippi State University in the Information Technology Services (ITS) computer room. This controlled environment provides a safe, protected area for the online system. The ITS department maintains regular backups of the online system and the MSU Library Systems personnel handle the Sirsi upgrades. Individual member libraries are only responsible for their Internet connections and their individual personal computers.

In 2005, the libraries activated a new feature in the online catalog that permits patrons to place holds or requests for books held at other member libraries. This service has been extremely popular with patrons as it provides them the opportunity to request a copy from another library and the ability to have it delivered to the patrons' local library.

The mission of the Partnership is to provide a central database that patrons can utilize to provide easy access to resources available throughout the member libraries. Building upon the success of the venture between Mississippi State University and Mississippi University for Women, the Partnership continues to impact libraries and provide exceptional service to its members.

For more information, contact Stephen Cunetto.