Digital Preservation & Access Unit


The Digital Preservation and Access Unit participates in the selection of materials for inclusion in the Digital Collections, plans and executes the digitization of these materials held by the MSU Libraries and other University departments, and participates in developing and maintaining the Digital Collections website. The unit is responsible for creating and applying relevant standards and best practices, and for training appropriate personnel in their use.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Digital Preservation and Access Unit is to produce, maintain, preserve, and provide access to digital collections that support the mission of the University and the Libraries. In particular, the Digital Preservation and Access Unit strives to support teaching, service and research by developing digital projects that provide greater access to Library collections and other unique University holdings.


  1. Collaborate with librarians and faculty on digital library-related digitization projects.
  2. Maintain and develop infrastructure for digital collections.
  3. Provide for preservation of digital collections and metadata.
  4. Collaborate and support digital projects campus-wide.
  5. Participate in the development of the Mississippi Digital Library (MDL).
  6. Foster and promote digitization education and training.
  7. Develop and provide tools for the creation and use of digital content and metadata.

Digital Collections News

  • Mississippi State University Libraries are on Flickr! Click on the link here, or on the Flickr icon at the bottom of this page to see photos of events and more at the library.
  • Mississippi State University Libraries digital collections are now accessible through EBSCOhost Discovery on the library's online catalog. Go to Discovery, and choose any of the collections listed in the 'Limit your search' area.
  • Find Mississippi State University Libraries digital collections through the Mississippi Digital Library at

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