"The man who does not read good books
has no advantage over the man who cannot read them."

Mark Twain

Below are links to subject headings of books selected by the editors of Choice as Outstanding Academic Books. If you would like to select a specific book to give to the University Libraries, please select one from this list and write the title on the order form. If the book you have chosen is no longer available, a similar book from the same subject will be ordered.

Notable Books: Humanities General
Blows like a horn: beat writing, jazz, style, and markets in the transformation of U. S. culture by Whaley, Preston Jr.
Book of the Sphinx by Regier, Willis Goth
Carribbean crusaders and the Harlem Renaissance by Joyce Moore Turner with W. Burghardt Turner
Crises of memory and the Second World War by Suleiman, Susan Rubin
Hollywood's road to riches by Waterman, David
I'm no angel: the blonde in fiction and film by Tremper, Ellen
Maps of the imagination: the writer as cartographer by Turchi, Peter
Music hall & modernity: the late-Victorian discovery of popular culture by Faulk, Barry
Popular front Paris and the poetics of culture by Andrew, Dudley
Romantic readers: the evidence of marginalia by Jackson, H. J.
Slavery, Empathy, and Pornography by Wood, Marcus
The corporeal image: film, ethnography, and the senses by MacDougall, David
The Eye of the Lynx: Galileo, his friends, and the beginnings of modern natural history by Feedberg, David



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Social and Behavioral Sciences

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