"The man who does not read good books
has no advantage over the man who cannot read them."

Mark Twain

Below are links to subject headings of books selected by the editors of Choice as Outstanding Academic Books. If you would like to select a specific book to give to the University Libraries, please select one from this list and write the title on the order form. If the book you have chosen is no longer available, a similar book from the same subject will be ordered.

Notable Books: Economics
And the money kept rolling in (and out): Wall Street, the IMF, and the bankrupting of Argentina by Blustein, Paul
Banking and financial systems in the Arab world by Molyneux, Philip
Central Asia's second chance by Martha Brill Olcott
Confronting Development: assessing Mexico's economic and social policy challenges by Kevin J. Middlebrook and Eduardo Zepeda
Cuba's aborted reform: socioeconomic effects, international comparisons, and transition policies by Carmelo Mesa-Lago and Jorge F. Perez-Lopez
Economics and its Enemies: two centuries of anti-economics by Coleman, William Oliver
Economics of environmental conservation by Clement A. Tisdell
Ethnic Groups in Motion: economic competition and migration in multiethnic state by Bookman, Milica Z.
Europe at the crossroads: will the EU ever be able to compete with the United States as an economic power? by Guillermo de la Dehesa
Financial statecraft: the role of financial markets in American foreign policy by Benn Steil and Robert E. Litan
Food aid after fifty years: recasting its role by Christopher B. Barrett and Daniel G. Maxwell
Globalization and its enemies by Daniel Cohen
Globalization, poverty and inequality: between a rock and a hard place by Raphael Kaplinsky
Greed and good: understanding and overcoming the inequality that limits our lives by Pizzigati, Sam
Handbook on the economics of discrimination by William M. Rodgers, III, ed.
Income distribution by Fred Campano and Dominick Salvatore
Iraq's Burdens: oil, sanctions, and underdevelopment by Alnasrawi, Abbas
Jordan since 1989: a study in political economy by Knowles, Warwick
Liberating economics: feminist perspectives on families, work, and globalization by Barker, Drucilla K.
Losing Work, Moving On: international perspectives on worker displacement by ed. by Peter J. Kuhn
NAFTA revisited: achievements and challenges by Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Jeffrey J. Schollt
Net Loss: Internet prophets, private profits, and the costs to community by Newman, Nathan
Old Dominion, industrial commonwealth: coal, politics, and economy in antebellum America by Adams, Sean Patrick
Reefer Madness: sex, drugs, and cheap labor in the American black market by Schlosser, Eric
Reviving the invisible hand: the case for classical liberalism in the twenty-first century by Deepak Lal
Social Security: history and politics from the New Deal to the privatization debate by Beland, Daniel
State-directed development: political power and industrialization in the global periphery by Kohli, Atul
The "vanity of the philosopher": from equality to hierarchy in post-classical economics by Sandra J. Peart and David M. Levy
The changing face of economics: conversations with cutting edge economists by Colander, David
The Democratic Republic of Congo: economic dimensions of war and peace by Michael Nest
The distribution of weath by Schneider, Michael
The economic implications of aging societies: the costs of living happily ever after by Nyce, Steven A.
The financial economics of privatization by Megginson, William L.
The Gifts of Athena: historical origins of the knowledge economy by Mokyr, Joel
The globalizers: the IMF, the World Bank, and their borrowers by Ngaire Woods
The making of the state enterprise system in modern China: the dynamics of institutional change by Bian, Morris L.
The political economy of terrorism by Walter Enders and Todd Sandler
The raw deal: how myths and misinformation about deficits, inflation, and wealth impoverish America by Frank, Ellen
The Rise of Commercial Empires: England and the Netherlands in the age of mercantilism, 1650-1770 by Ormrod, David
The secrets of economic indicators: hidden clues to future economic trends and investment opportunities by Baumohl, Bernard
The social construction of free trade: the European Union, NAFTA, and MERCOSUR by Francesco Duina
The Soul of Capitalism by Greider, William
The Sugar Industry and the Abolition of the Slave Trade, 1775-1810 by Carrington, Selwyn H. H.
The undercover economist: exposing why the rich are rich, the poor are poor -- and why you can never buy a decent used car! by Tim Harford
Trade-offs: an introduction to economic reasoning and social issues by Winter, Harold
Transforming the European economy by Baily, Martin Neil
UN Contributions to development thinking and practice by Jolly, Richard (ed.)
Worlds apart: measuring international and global inequality by Milanovic, Branko



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