"The man who does not read good books
has no advantage over the man who cannot read them."

Mark Twain

Below are links to subject headings of books selected by the editors of Choice as Outstanding Academic Books. If you would like to select a specific book to give to the University Libraries, please select one from this list and write the title on the order form. If the book you have chosen is no longer available, a similar book from the same subject will be ordered.

Notable Books: Anthropology
A Companion to psychological anthropology: modernity and spychocultural change by Casey, Conerly and Edgerton, Robert B. (eds)
A Companion to social archaeology by Meskell, Lynn and Preucel, Robert W. (eds).
A Companion to the anthropology of politics by Nugent, David and Vincent, Joan
A history of the Native people of Canada: v. III (A.D. 500 - European contact): Part 1: Maritime Algonquian, St. Lawrence Iroquois, Ontario Iroquois, Glen Meyer/Western Basin, and Northern Algonquian cultures by Wright, J. V.
African Foragers: environment, technology, interactions by Kusimba, Sibel Barut
Ancient Mexico & Central America: archaeology and culture history by Evans, Susan Toby
Evolutionism in Cultural Anthropology: a critical history by Carneiro, Robert
First farmers: the origins of agricultural societies by Bellwood, Peter
One discipline, four ways: British, German, French and American anthropology by Barth, Fredrik
Out in Theory: the emergence of lesbian and gay anthropology by ed. by Ellen Lewin and William L. Leap
Polynesia in Early Historic Times by Oliver, Douglas
Rock art in Africa: mythology and legend by Le Quellec, Jean-Loic
Salt: white gold of the ancient Maya by McKilllop, Heather
Surviving Through The Days: translations of native California stories and songs: a California Indian reader by ed. by Herbert W. Luthin
The archaeology of Micronesia by Rainbird, Paul
The Dawn of Human Culture by Klein, Richard G.
The Making of anthropology in East and Southeast Asia by Yamashita, Shinji; Bosco, Joseph; Eades, J.S. (eds)
The Scientific Study of Mummies by Aufderheide, Arthur C.
The Xavante in Transition: health, ecology, and bioanthropology in central Brazil by Carlos E. A. Coimbra Jr. et al.
Trekking Through History: the Huaorani of Amazonian Ecuador by Rival, Laura M.



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