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Cody Coyne is a professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Immunology in the Department of Basic Sciences within the College of Veterinary Medicine where he has established a research program devoted to the molecular design, synthesis and potency evaluation of pharmaceuticals. Current research investigations have been devoted to the design of molecular structure, organic chemistry reactions and multi-phase synthesis regimens for covalent immunopharmaceuticals with properties of selective "targeted" delivery and potent anti-neoplastic cytotoxicity. A native of Colorado, Coyne earned a DVM from Colorado State University in Fort Collins; completed a surgery internship, an internal medicine residency, and a PhD graduate degree (radiobiopharmacology design) at the University of California at Davis/Sacramento Medical Center, and attained board certification with diplomate status in the College of Veterinary Internal Medicine while at Kansas State University.
Since arriving at Mississippi State University in 1993, Coyne has received extramural funding from federal, research foundation, and pharmaceutical industry sources primarily for pharmacology-oriented research related to infectious and neoplastic disease states relevant to both man and domestic animal species. In 2000 a U.S. Patent was issued for research methods developed that optimize the isolation, growth and propagation of a unique cell population that has utility for the synthetic production of medicinal glycoproteins through the application of genetic cloning techniques, and as a biological reagent in the development of new vaccine preparations (represents the first CVM research patent). Since that time, numerous pharmacology intellectual properties have been conceived and are in the active stages of development which have lead to the filing of multiple invention disclosures and non-disclosure agreements arranged with domestic pharmaceutical companies. Research that is currently active has generated investigations devoted to the molecular design, organic chemical synthesis and potency evaluation of anti-cancer agents with properties of selective "targeted" delivery that have efficacy against chemotherapeutic-resistant human carcinomas. Parallel research investigations involve the molecular design and chemical synthesis of candidate chemotherapeutics that have been approved for Phase II analysis by a major pharmaceutical company. Chemotherapy and oncology scientific journals are the primary venues where results from these research investigations are published and they represent a majority of the 47 manuscripts published to date. In 2012 he accepted the role of editor for the Pharmaceutical Active Ingredients Special Issue of the journal, Molecules. In 2006 Coyne completed the composition of a book entitled "Comparative Diagnostic Pharmacology: Research and Clinical Applications in Living Systems Models" (85% human/15% animal) which was the first comprehensive text ever published on the subject of diagnostic pharmacology.
Coyne's wife, Joan Cadillac is board certified in laboratory animal medicine and one of four campus veterinarians in the School of Medicine at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

Comparative Diagnostic Pharmacology: Research and Clinical Applications in Living-Systems Models

Coyne, Cody
Publisher: Blackwell Pub. Professional
ISBN: 0813817536

The text comprehensively describes diagnostic pharmaceuticals and their utilization for the characterization of physiological process and the detection of specific disease conditions. Diagnostic pharmaceuticals are organized according to body systems and the specific disease state or physiological process of interest instead of by alphabetical order of the agent.

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