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Mississippi State University Libraries
Godwin Advertising Agency collection
Date [bulk]
Bulk, 1948-1971
Date [inclusive]
41.5 Cubic feet : 39 record cartons; 3 ms. boxes; 6 SVMP boxes; 1 SMO folder; 2 OS folders; SMOP; OSN; AVPh

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Godwin Advertising Agency collection, Special Collections Department, Mississippi State University Libraries.

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Administrative History

The Godwin Advertising Agency was established in Jackson, Mississippi, by George William Godwin, Sr. (1903-1968) as Dixie Advertisers in 1937. Godwin was born in Graball, Morehouse Parish, Louisiana, to Thomas Frank Godwin (d. 1950) and Mary Didlake Godwin. His father had worked for newspapers in Mississippi and Louisiana and bought the Crystal Springs Meteor newspaper around 1919. George Godwin attended the University of Mississippi and he also worked in printing and for a Laurel newspaper before becoming the publishing editor of the Terry  Headlight in 1927. He also took over the  Meteor from his father in 1947. He served on the Mississippi Press Association (MPA) board and was president in 1942-1943. The MPA paid tribute to Godwin’s contribution to journalism and the Association at its June 1968 convention. Godwin married Eugenia Birdsong (1907-1986) in 1926 and they had one son, George W. Godwin, Jr. (1928-1999) who joined his parent’s agency in 1948.

Godwin also moved into the field of public relations in the 1920s, serving as the advertising manager for Mississippi Power and Light from 1928 to 1937 and gaining an appointment in 1936 from Governor Hugh White to the state Advertising Commission. The agency he established the following year with his wife, called Dixie Advertisers for the first 20 years, began with one client—the First National Bank of Mississippi—but quickly became the dominant firm in Mississippi. His company participated in the origination of the “Balance Agriculture With Industry” (BAWI) concept and later in the establishment of the Agricultural and Industrial Board, the state agency which administered the BAWI program and other development activities. The Godwin firm was employed by the Board to promote Mississippi through travel shows and the Miss Hospitality contests which began in 1947. George Godwin was also heavily involved with planning the Civil War centennial events between 1960 and 1962. Godwin was unofficial advisor on economic development to six administrations as well as private corporations and public area development organizations. He was instrumental in helping locate many industrial enterprises in the state including the Standard Oil complex on the Gulf Coast. His agency’s ideas included the “Buy in Mississippi” program of the 1950s, the “Bill of Rights for Business and Industry” in 1960 and the “Agriculture-Industry-Commerce” program in 1964. It also led efforts to establish a viable state research function which culminated in the creation of the Mississippi Research and Development Center in 1964. The Godwin Advertising Agency innovated national advertising by state governments for the purposes of attracting capital investment and industrial plant locations.

The Godwins were personally involved in Democratic Party politics and the company conducted campaigns for many state and local politicians, including Hugh White, Fielding Wright, Paul B. Johnson, Jr., and Charles Sullivan. George Godwin, Jr. is credited with writing much of Governor Johnson’s 1964 inaugural address. While George Godwin, Sr. was an advertising innovator, he was also a traditionalist on many issues such as free enterprise, states’ rights and individual responsibility. Like many of his generation in the white community, he was a staunch segregationist. As a delegate to the 1944 National Democratic Party convention, he was an organizer of the Mississippi delegation’s abortive rebellion which cast the state’s votes for Virginia senator Harry F. Byrd. Similarly, at the 1948 convention, he was one of the Mississippi delegates who ‘walked out’ and formed the States’ Rights or ‘Dixiecrat’ faction and his agency worked on the States’ Rights Democrats campaign. He was a charter member of the Citizens’ Council and was an officer of the Jackson chapter and a board member until his death.

The Godwin Advertising Agency was the first nationally recognized advertising agency from Mississippi and by the 1960s it was doing business with clients throughout the southeast. George Godwin was awarded the 1961 Advertising Federation of America’s ‘Silver Medal’ for his service to advertising. His agency was the first from Mississippi to be accepted into the American Association of Advertising Agencies, and Godwin served as an officer of the Association’s Southwest chapter. After George Godwin, Sr.’s, death, the company changed from a partnership owned by the Godwin family to a corporation with a management including President George Lemon Sugg, George Godwin, Jr., Charles E. Carmichael, John E. Fontaine Thomas L. Spengler, Jr., and William E. Spell. The company continued to be influential with state administrations during the 1970s and 1980s, and by the time George Godwin, Jr. retired in 1997 as head of the renamed company, the GodwinGroup was among the 50 largest advertising firms in the southeast.


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Scope and Contents

The collection is divided into 20 series, arranged both chronologically and by format type. The content concerns the advertising campaigns run by the Godwin Advertising Agency on behalf of the States’ Rights Democratic Party and a number of state and local politicians in Mississippi between 1948 and 1971, as well as a large group of photographs taken for the Agricultural and Industrial Board to promote the state between 1947 and 1955. The material gives insights into the role of advertising in the politics and economy of Mississippi during the mid-twentieth century.

The first series, Mississippi: States’ Rights, 1944-1952, contains campaign literature, correspondence and organizational materials related to the States’ Rights Democratic Party which was based in Jackson. The series includes campaign materials from 1952, copies of the States’ Righter newspaper from 1948 to 1952, and recordings from the 1952 convention in Jackson.

Series 2, Mississippi: General, 1943-1969, is the first of seven series which include material from the political campaigns undertaken by Godwin from the 1950s to the 1970s. This series has material on James P. Coleman, Hugh White, Ross Barnett and Charles Sullivan between 1951 and 1961, including speeches, campaign materials and background information. There is a handbill from Mike Conner’s campaign in 1943 and a campaign speech from Fielding Wright’s campaign in 1955. The series also contains a folder of photographs and clippings on the Operating Engineers Union picket of the Northside Lake project in Jackson in 1958.

The third series, Mississippi: General, 1962-1967, focuses primarily on the 1963 gubernatorial election, with material on the Democratic Party, Paul B. Johnson, Jr., and Charles Sullivan. Among the campaign materials there is a group promoting Johnson’s platform, including advertising using a Life magazine image of Johnson confronting federal officials and James Meredith at the University of Mississippi in 1962.

Series 4, Mississippi: General, 1964-1972, includes material on Paul Johnson’s term as governor, and the campaign of 1967. Featured politicians are Charles Sullivan, Ross Barnett, John Stennis, James Eastland, Rubel Phillips, William Waller and George Yarbrough.

The fifth series is Mississippi: General, 1968-1972, which includes documents tracking the 1968 elections and the 1969 Jackson elections, also has some Johnson material and correspondence concerning John Stennis.

Series 6, Mississippi: General, 1970-1972, includes some folders of documents concerned with economic issues but most of the material is related to Charles Sullivan’s gubernatorial campaign, including date books, speeches and position statements. There are files on other politicians, including Charles Evers, Edwin Pittman, Jimmy Swan and John Bell Williams.

The seventh series, Mississippi: General, 1971-1973, is also focused on the Sullivan campaign as it progressed through the primaries in 1971. The files include speeches, press releases, and election return data. Intelligence files on William Waller, Roy Adams and Robert Ladner are in the series along with folders revealing the importance of Godwin’s William Spell to the campaign. There is also a folder of material on Grover Allen’s campaign for Jackson city commissioner in 1973.

Mississippi: General, 1950, 1952, 1975 and undated, is series eight and it has a number of folders of documents from Tom Stennis’ campaign for Southern District Highway Commissioner in 1975. There are miscellaneous Sullivan campaign documents and other statistical material, a list of the 1950 Miss Hospitality contestants and a ticket to the 1952 Columbus Pilgrimage with an introduction of the Godwin photographer.

Series 9, National and out of state material, 1960-1976, contains folders on Jerry Thomas’ 1974 Florida gubernatorial campaign, Hugh Morton’s 1972 campaign for governor of North Carolina, and miscellaneous material on Richard Nixon, Louisiana and Alabama.

The tenth series, Photographs, 1940-1973 and undated, is an extensive collection of images taken by Godwin for, and documenting, its campaigns. There is a large group of prints and negatives concerning the Agricultural and Industrial Board’s Miss Hospitality contest between 1947 and 1955, as well as images from the tours of the state held for travel editors from around the country in the late 1940s, promotional exhibits, and the Pilgrimages in Natchez, Columbus and Holly Springs from the same era. The series also includes a large number of images of politicians. The inaugurations of Paul B. Johnson, Sr. in 1940, Fielding Wright in 1948, Hugh White in 1952 and James P. Coleman in 1956 are featured in the series, along with images related to States’ Rights, Hugh White in office and a large group of Charles Sullivan taken during his 1963 and 1971 gubernatorial campaigns. Other images concern economic development and vocational rehabilitation for the blind, and among the Miscellaneous are the Corinth Centennial of 1954, Rosie Scott Day in Madison in 1950, and bond issue rallies in Winona and Bassfield.

The collection includes extensive groups of newspaper clippings used by Godwin to document the activities of political candidates during the campaigns the agency was involved with. Series 11, Newspaper clippings, 1951-1975, includes 2 record cartons of clippings with folders dedicated to individual candidates and races, while the last two record cartons contain clippings from the campaigns of 1971 and 1972.

The twelfth series, Newspaper charts, 1971, contain the handwritten charts recording the date and newspaper of articles published on the major political candidates of the 1971 campaign.

Series 13, Scrapbooks: Clippings, 1958-1962, includes scrapbooks of clippings on the election of 1959 as well as the following individuals: Ross Barnett, James P. Coleman, Paul B. Johnson and Charles Sullivan.

Reel to reel tapes, 1952-1972, is series 14 and it contains 176 tapes made of campaign advertisements, speeches, and radio and television appearances made by political candidates. Most of the content concerns the Mississippi governor's races of 1963 and 1971, and the material is predominantly on Charles Sullivan. Also included are: Ross Barnett, James P. Coleman, William Colmer, Thomas Eagleton, James O. Eastland, Charles Evers, Carroll Gartin, Barry Goldwater, Paul B. Johnson, Jr., Robert Kennedy, Marshall Perry, Edwin Pittman, John C. Stennis, Jimmy Swan, William Waller, John Bell Williams, and Fielding Wright. An inventory can be found in Appendix 1.

Series 15, Cassette tapes, 1963-1968, includes 122 tapes of political speeches and radio and television broadcasts. Most of the content concerns the Mississippi governor's race of 1971 and Charles Sullivan. Also included are: Roy Adams, Charles Evers, Marshall Perry, Edwin Pittman, John C. Stennis, Andrew Sullivan, Jimmy Swan, and William Waller. For an inventory see Appendix 2.

The sixteenth series, Film: Charles Sullivan campaign, 1971, includes 110 films of 30-60 seconds which were used as television spots during the gubernatorial campaign.

Miscellaneous reel to reel tapes, 1970-1975 and undated, is series 17 which contains 3 tapes related to Tom Stennis’ 1975 campaign for Southern District Highway Commissioner, two tapes of Charles Sullivan, and one other unidentified tape.

Series 18, Videotape and film, 1963-1971 and undated, comprises both television station videotape and 16mm film whose subjects include Paul B. Johnson, Jr., John Stennis, Fielding Wright, and Charles Sullivan, as well as recordings of political programs and an exhibit held in New Orleans featuring Latin American nations in 1963.

Publications, 1957-1975, the nineteenth series, includes publications about state and national politicians, a 1975 survey of Mississippi voters, two issues of the Saturday Evening Post containing articles about the South and the  Life issue which featured a two page photograph of Lt. Governor Paul B. Johnson, Jr., confronting federal officials attempting to register James Meredith at the University of Mississippi in 1962. The final series, Client Notebooks, 1958-1974, includes 44 notebooks of clippings on political candidates (1970-1971), election returns (1963-1971), lists of media outlets and other subjects related to Godwin’s advertising clients.

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Series 1. Mississippi: States’ Rights, 1944-1952.- Boxes 1, 30; Small Oversize Manuscripts Box 43; Oversize Manuscripts Box 15; Oversize Newspapers

Series 2. Mississippi: General, 1943-1969.- Box 2; Small Oversize Manuscripts Box 43

Series 3. Mississippi: General, 1962-1967.- Box 3; Oversize Manuscripts Box 15

Series 4. Mississippi: General, 1964-1972.- Box 4

Series 5. Mississippi: General, 1968-1972.- Box 5

Series 6. Mississippi: General, 1970-1972.- Box 6

Series 7. Mississippi: General, 1971-1973.- Box 7; Oversize Manuscripts Box 15

Series 8. Mississippi: General, 1950, 1952, 1975 and undated.- Box 8

Series 9. National and out of state material, 1960-1976.- Box 9

Series 10. Photographs, 1940-1973 and undated.- Boxes 10, 11a-f; Small Oversize Photographs Box 3

Series 11. Newspaper clippings, 1951-1975.- Boxes 12-15

Series 12. Newspaper charts, 1971.- Boxes 16-17

Series 13. Scrapbooks: Clippings, 1958-1962.- Box 18

Series 14. Reel to reel tapes, 1952-1972.- Boxes 19-26

Series 15. Cassette tapes, 1963-1968.- Boxes 27a-b

Series 16. Film: Charles Sullivan campaign, 1971.- Boxes 28-29

Series 17. Miscellaneous reel to reel tapes, 1970-1975 and undated.- Box 31

Series 18. Videotape and film, 1963-1971 and undated.- Boxes 32-34

Series 19. Publications, 1957-1975.- Box 35

Series 20. Client notebooks, 1958-1974.- Boxes 35-43

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Mississippi State University Libraries 

P.O. Box 5408
Mississippi State, MS, 39762

Publication date: April 2012

Processing Information

A small number of duplicate campaign materials were disposed of. One newspaper, Waterville Morning Sentinel, February 23, 1948, was donated to a Maine museum after article copied.

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Related Materials

Related Materials

George Godwin Collection, Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Democratic Party (Miss.).
  • Godwin Advertising Agency.
  • Mississippi Test Facility.
  • Mississippi. Agricultural and Industrial Board.
  • Republican Party (Miss.).
  • States' Rights Democratic Party.

Personal Name(s)

  • Abernethy, Thomas Gerstle, 1903-1998.
  • Adams, Roy Clark.
  • Allen, Grover--Photographs.
  • Allen, Grover.
  • Barnett, Ross R. , (Ross Robert), 1898-1987.
  • Barnett, Ross.
  • Coleman, J.P., (James Plemon), 1914-1991--Photographs.
  • Coleman, J.P., (James Plemon), 1914-1991.
  • Colmer, William Meyers, b. 1890.
  • Eagleton, Thomas F., 1929-2007.
  • Eastland, James O. (James Oliver), 1904-1986.
  • Evers, Charles, 1922-
  • Finch, Cliff.
  • Gartin, Carroll, 1913-1966.
  • Goldwater, Barry M., (Barry Morris), 1909-1998.
  • Greaves, Elmore Douglass, 1926-2010.
  • Griffin, Charles H., 1926-1959.
  • Johnson, Paul B., (Paul Burney ), 1880-1943--Photographs.
  • Johnson, Paul B., 1916-1985--Photographs.
  • Johnson, Paul B., 1916-1985.
  • Kennedy, Robert F., 1925-1968.
  • Ladner, Robert Derwood.
  • Lumpkin, Sam.
  • MacArthur, Douglas, 1880-1964.
  • Meredith, James, 1933-
  • Montgomery, G.V., (Gillespie V.), 1920-2006.
  • Morton, Hugh M.
  • Nixon, Richard M., (Richard Milhous), 1913-1994.
  • Perry, Marshall.
  • Phillips, Rubel L., 1925-2011.
  • Pittman, Edwin Lloyd, 1935-
  • Potts, Hugh.
  • Pyron, W.H., 1930-2009.
  • Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962--Photographs.
  • Ross, Jim.
  • Spell, William E.
  • Stennis, John C., (John Cornelius), 1901-1995--Photographs.
  • Stennis, John C., (John Cornelius), 1901-1995.
  • Stennis, Tom.
  • Sullivan, Charles L., 1924-1979--Photographs.
  • Sullivan, Charles L., 1924-1979.
  • Swan, Jimmy.
  • Thomas, Jerry, 1929-
  • Thompson, Allen C., (Allen Cavett), 1906-1980.
  • Waller, Bill, 1926-2011.
  • White, Hugh L., (Hugh Lawson), 1881-1965--Photographs.
  • White, Hugh L., (Hugh Lawson), 1881-1965.
  • Whitten, Jamie L., 1910-1995--Photographs.
  • Whitten, Jamie L., 1910-1995.
  • Williams, John Bell, 1918-1983.
  • Winter, William F.
  • Wright, Fielding, (Fielding Lewis), 1895-1956--Photographs.
  • Wright, Fielding, (Fielding Lewis), 1895-1956.
  • Wright, Wallace W.
  • Yarbrough, George M. , 1916-1988.


  • Broadsides.
  • Campaign literature--Mississippi.
  • Elections--Mississippi.
  • Film.
  • Governors--Election.
  • Miss Hospitality Contest--Mississippi--Photographs.
  • Opinion Poll.
  • Photographs.
  • Politics.
  • Spring Pilgrimage (Columbus, Miss.)--Photographs.
  • Spring Pilgrimage (Holly Springs, Miss.)--Photographs.
  • Spring Pilgrimage (Natchez, Miss.)--Photographs.

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Collection Inventory

 Series 1.  Mississippi: States' Rights, 1944-1952. 

 Box 1. Folder 1.  Collins, Charles-"Whither the Solid South", 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 2.  Conference-Speeches, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 3.  Conference-Speeches, 1950 May 10. 

 Box 1. Folder 4.  Correspondence-Civil Rights, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 5.  Correspondence-Insignia, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 6.  Correspondence-General, 1948-1950. 

 Box 1. Folder 7.  Correspondence-General, 1948-1952. 

 Box 1. Folder 8.  Correspondence-Staff, 1948-1949. 

 Box 1. Folder 9. County Mass Meeting Plans, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 10.  Executive Committees-Out of State, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 11.  Governors of Southern States, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 12.  Kendall, Mary-Radio Address, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 13.  Literature and Organizational Material, 1948-1950. 

 OS 15. Press sheets, 1948 September, October. 

 OS 15.  Literature and Organizational Material, 1952. 

 Box 1. Folder 14.  McGrath, J. Howard-Governor's Statement to, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 15.  National Convention-Proceedings for, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 16.  Newspapers, 1948-1950. 

 SMO 43. Southern Conservative, Fort Worth, Texas, Vol. 1, No. 9, 1950 September. 

 SMO 43. Southern Farmer, Mississippi Edition, Montgomery, Ala., Vol. 109, No. 8, 1948 August. 

 SMO 43. Southern Farmer, Montgomery, Ala., Vol. 109, No. 11, 1948 November; Vol. 110, No. 2, 1949 February; Vol. 111, No. 3, 1950 March. 

 SMO 43. Western Voice, Englewood, Colorado, Vol. 10, No. 31, 1948 February 20. Attached postal wrapper from Rev. L.L. Stokes, Gloster, Miss., to Governor Fielding Wright. 

 Box 1. Folder 17.  Party Formation and Organization, 1948. 

 OS 15. ‘Newspaper Advertising and Emblems for Local Use’, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 18.  Party Formation and Organization-Clippings, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 19.  Party Formation and Organization-Clippings, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 20. Party Formation and Organization-Committees, 1948. 

 OS 15. Organizational chart, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 21.  Photographs, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 22.  Printer's Seal, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 23.  Publicity, 1944-1951. 

 Box 1. Folder 24.  Resolutions, 1948-1952. 

 Box 1. Folder 25.  Songs-"Let's Send Harry Back to the Farm"; "The Old Rebel's Song", 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 26.  Thurmond, J. Strom-Biographical Material, 1947-1951. 

 Box 1. Folder 27.  Truman, Harry-Civil Rights Proposals, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 28.  Women's Activities, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 29.  Workers' Assignment Sheets, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 30.  Wright, Fielding-Address to Southern Governors' Conference, 1951. 

 Box 1. Folder 31.  Wright, Fielding-Correspondence to, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 32.  Wright, Fielding-Radio Address, 1948. 

 Box 1. Folder 33.  Wright, Wallace W.-Telegram to H.G. Gautier, 1948. 

 OSN. The States' Righter, Vol 1, No. 1-Vol. 2, No. 19/20, 1948-1952. 

 Box 30.  Record Albums: States' Rights Convention, Jackson, Mississippi, 1950 May 10.(6) 

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 Series 2. Mississippi: General, 1943-1969. 

 SMO 43.  Martin S. (Mike) Connor: Gubernatorial campaign handbill, 1943. 

 Box 2. Folder 0.  Wright, Fielding: Campaign materials, 1955. 

 Box 2. Folder 1.  Statistics-Economics Figures of Mississippi Governors' Terms, 1944-1964. 

 Box 2. Folder 2.  Barnett, Ross-Election Campaign Material, 1951-1959. 

 Box 2. Folder 3.  Coleman, J.P.-National Democratic Party, 1952-1956. 

 Box 2. Folder 4.  Coleman, J.P.-Speeches, 1953-1960. 

 Box 2. Folder 5.  Excerpts from Mississippi Statistical Register, 1955-1966. 

 Box 2. Folder 6.  Coleman, J.P.-Speeches and Campaign Literature, 1956-1958. 

 Box 2. Folder 7.  Mississippi Economic Reports, 1956-1969. 

 Box 2. Folder 8.  Coleman, J.P.-Campaign and Miscellaneous, 1957-1963. 

 Box 2. Folder 9.  Mississippi Unitization Bills, 1958-1962. 

 Box 2. Folder 10.  White, Hugh-Press Releases, 1958. 

 Box 2. Folder 11.  Barnett, Ross-Governor's Race, 1959. 

 Box 2. Folder 12.  Coleman, J.P.-Campaign and Correspondence, 1959-1963. 

 Box 2. Folder 13.  Mississippi State Budget, 1959. 

 Box 2. Folder 14.  Sullivan, Charles-Ads, 1959. 

 Box 2. Folder 15.  Sullivan, Charles-Rough Drafts of Speeches, 1959-1960. 

 Box 2. Folder 16.  Sullivan, Charles-Speeches, 1959. 

 Box 2. Folder 17.  Young Democrats Organization, 1959. 

 Box 2. Folder 18.  Coleman, J.P.-Appropriations Committee Record, 1960. 

 Box 2. Folder 19.  Mississippi Democratic Party-Statement of Principles, 1960. 

 Box 2. Folder 20.  Sullivan, Charles-Correspondence, 1960. 

 Box 2. Folder 21.  Sullivan, Charles-News Releases, 1960. 

 Box 2. Folder 22.  Sullivan, Charles-Speeches, 1960. 

 Box 2. Folder 23.  Equal Employment Opportunity Regulations, 1961. 

 Box 2. Folder 24.  Finance-Radio Expense and Outreach, 1961. 

 Box 2. Folder 25.  Miscellaneous Material, 1961-1963. 

 Box 2. Folder 26.  Mississippi Economic Development, 1961. 

 Box 2. Folder 27.  Operating Engineers Union picket, Northside Lake, Jackson, Mississippi, 1958. 

 SMO 43.  Operating Engineers Union picket, Northside Lake, Jackson, Mississippi: Photographic copies of clippings, 1958. 

 Box 2. Folder 28.  BAWI report, 1954. 

 Box 2. Folder 29. The Citizens’ Council clippings: re: segregation in northern states, 1959-1960. 

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 Series 3.  Mississippi: General, 1962-1967. 

 Box 3. Folder 1.  Barnett, Ross-Miscellaneous, 1962-1967. 

 Box 3. Folder 2.  Democratic Election Plans, 1962-1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 3.  Democratic Election Plans, 1962-1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 4.  Democratic Election Plans, 1962-1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 5. Democratic Election Plans, 1962-1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 6.  Democratic Election Plans, 1962-1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 7.  Industrial Development, 1962. 

 Box 3. Folder 8.  Johnson, Paul B.-Speeches, 1962. 

 Box 3. Folder 9.  Meredith, James-University of Mississippi, 1962. 

 Box 3. Folder 10.  Miscellaneous Press Coverage, 1962. 

 Box 3. Folder 11.  Sullivan, Charles-Speeches, 1962. 

 Box 3. Folder 12.  Whitten, Jamie-General File, 1962. 

 Box 3. Folder 13.  Attorney General Race, 1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 14.  Campaign Literature, 1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 15.  Democratic Party Organization, 1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 16.  Democratic Party Organization, 1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 17.  "Facts about Coleman", 1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 18.  Financial Reports on Election, 1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 19.  General Politics-Legislative Material, 1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 20.  General Politics-Miscellaneous, 1963. 

 OS 15.  Johnson, Paul B.-Campaign materials, 1962-1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 21.  Johnson, Paul B.-Addresses, 1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 22.  Johnson, Paul B.-Correspondence to Charles Sullivan, 1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 23.  Johnson, Paul B.-General Election Campaign, 1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 24.  Miscellaneous-Governor's Race, 1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 25.  Mississippi Democratic Party-Reorganization, 1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 26.  Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning Board of Trustees, 1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 27.  Sullivan, Charles-Campaign Material, 1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 28.  Sullivan, Charles-Mississippi County Workers, 1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 29.  Sullivan, Charles-News Releases, 1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 30. Sullivan, Charles-Platform and Miscellaneous, 1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 31.  Sullivan, Charles-Remarks to Mississippi Economic Council, 1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 32.  Sullivan, Charles-Speeches, 1963. 

 Box 3. Folder 33.  Tabloid Elements in General Elections, 1963. 

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 Series 4.  Mississippi: General, 1964-1972. 

 Box 4. Folder 1.  Johnson, Paul B.-Address, 1964. 

 Box 4. Folder 2.  Johnson, Paul B.-Inaugural Ceremonies, 1964. 

 Box 4. Folder 3.  Johnson, Paul B.-Addresses, 1965. 

 Box 4. Folder 4.  Miscellaneous Mississippi Government Guides, 1965. 

 Box 4. Folder 5.  Stennis, John C.-Lists of News Releases and TV Broadcast Schedules, 1965-1966. 

 Box 4. Folder 6.  Eastland, James-Campaign, 1966. 

 Box 4. Folder 7.  Johnson, Paul B.-Addresses, 1966. 

 Box 4. Folder 8.  Report on Public Opinion on Inflation, 1966. 

 Box 4. Folder 9.  Stennis, John C.-Correspondence and Memos, 1966. 

 Box 4. Folder 10.  Barnett, Ross-Program for a Greater Mississippi, 1967. 

 Box 4. Folder 11.  Governor's Race by County-Second Primary, 1967. 

 Box 4. Folder 12.  Hinds County Election Results, 1967. 

 Box 4. Folder 13.  Johnson, Paul B.-Speeches, 1967. 

 Box 4. Folder 14.  Miscellaneous Mississippi Material, 1967-1972. 

 Box 4. Folder 15.  Phillips, Rubel, 1967. 

 Box 4. Folder 16.  Statistics on Mississippi Highway Safety, 1967-1969. 

 Box 4. Folder 17.  Stennis, John C.-Article, 1967. 

 Box 4. Folder 18.  Sullivan, Charles-Platform Drafts, 1967. 

 Box 4. Folder 19.  Sullivan, Charles-Vote in First Primary of Governor's Race, 1967. 

 Box 4. Folder 20. Vu. Graphs-Miscellaneous Presidential and Governor's Races, 1967. 

 Box 4. Folder 21.  Vu. Graphs-Miscellaneous Presidential and Governor's Races, 1967-1968. 

 Box 4. Folder 22.  Vu. Graphs-Miscellaneous Presidential and Governor's Races, 1967-1968. 

 Box 4. Folder 23. Vu. Graphs-Miscellaneous Presidential and Governor's Races, 1967-1968. 

 Box 4. Folder 24.  Waller, William-Voter Record by County and Percentage, 1967. 

 Box 4. Folder 25.  Yarbrough, George-Campaign for Lt. Governor, 1967. 

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 Series 5.  Mississippi: General, 1968-1972. 

 Box 5. Folder 1.  Advertising Information, 1968. 

 Box 5. Folder 2.  Election Analysis, 1968. 

 Box 5. Folder 3.  Election Returns by County in Presidential Race, 1968. 

 Box 5. Folder 4.  Election Returns of Hinds and Pearl River Counties, 1968. 

 Box 5. Folder 5.  Johnson, Paul B. and John Bell Williams-Conservation News, 1968. 

 Box 5. Folder 6.  Johnson, Paul B.-Speeches, 1968. 

 Box 5. Folder 7.  Military and NASA-Correspondence and Reports, 1968-1972. 

 Box 5. Folder 8.  Advertising Publications and Related Correspondence, 1969. 

 Box 5. Folder 9.  Jackson, Mississippi-Mayor and Commissioners' Race, 1969. 

 Box 5. Folder 10.  Media and Election Statistics, 1969. 

 Box 5. Folder 11.  Stennis, John C.-Correspondence, 1969. 

 Box 5. Folder 12.  Stennis, John C.-Correspondence from Mississippi Federation of Republican Women, 1969. 

 Box 5. Folder 13.  Stennis, John C.-Correspondence-Miscellaneous, 1969. 

 Box 5. Folder 14.  Stennis, John C.-Floor Statements, 1969-1970. 

 Box 5. Folder 15.  TV County Viewing Share Study, 1969. 

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 Series 6.  Mississippi: General, 1970-1972. 

 Box 6. Folder 1.  Campaign Statistics, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 2.  Copiah County, Mississippi, Bond Issue, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 3.  Evers, Charles-Intelligence File, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 4.  Fedeal Agency Notices-Miscellaneous, 1970-1972. 

 Box 6. Folder 5.  Mississippi Budget Requests by Department, 1970-1972. 

 Box 6. Folder 6.  Mississippi Budget Requests by Department, 1970-1972. 

 Box 6. Folder 7.  Mississippi Senate Bill #2378-Miscellaneous copy, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 8.  Mississippi Utilities Controversies, 1970-1972. 

 Box 6. Folder 9.  Pittman, Edwin-File, 1970-1971. 

 Box 6. Folder 10.  Political Campaign Advertising and Agencies Brochures, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 11.  Political Survey, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 12.  Press Releases-Various State Candidates, 1970-1971. 

 Box 6. Folder 13.  Spell, William-Promotion and Correspondence, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 14.  Sullivan, Andrew-Intelligence File, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 15.  Sullivan, Charles-Address to Highway Safety Conference, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 16.  Sullivan, Charles-Biographical Information, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 17.  Sullivan, Charles-Business Leaders List, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 18.  Sullivan, Charles-Correspondence as Lt. Governor, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 19.  Sullivan, Charles-Mississippi Date Book as Lt. Governor, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 20.  Sullivan, Charles-News Releases, 1970-1971. 

 Box 6. Folder 21.  Sullivan, Charles-Opposition Speeches, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 22.  Sullivan, Charles-Platform Material, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 24.  Sullivan, Charles-School Position, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 23.  Sullivan, Charles-School Position, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 25.  Sullivan, Charles-Speeches by Location, 1970-1971. 

 Box 6. Folder 26.  Sullivan, Charles-Speeches-Miscellaneous, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 27.  Sullivan, Charles-State Organization, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 28.  Swan, Jimmy-Intelligence File, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 29. Task Force I, 1970. 

 Box 6. Folder 30.  Williams, John Bell-Speeches, 1970. 

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 Series 7.  Mississippi: General, 1971-1973. 

 Box 7. Folder 1.  Adams, Roy Clark-Intelligence File, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 2.  Campaign Budget, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 3.  Election Results-First Primary, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 4.  Election Results-Governor's Race, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 5.  Election Results-Second Primary, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 6.  Federal Election Campaign Act, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 7.  General Election Results, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 8.  Governor's Race-Precinct Financial Data, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 9.  Governor's Race-Results by Congressional District, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 10.  Highway Commission Reports, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 11.  Hinds County-Governor's Race, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 12.  Hinds County-Governor's Race-First Primary Tally Sheet, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 13.  Intelligence Information-Miscellaneous, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 14.  Ladner, Robert Derwood-Intelligence File, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 15.  Mississippi Democratic Party Campaign, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 16.  Perry, Marshall-Intelligence File, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 17.  Pittman, Edwin-Intelligence File, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 18.  Public Relations-Miscellaneous Brochures, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 19.  Spell, William-Charles Sullivan Correspondence, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 20.  Spell, William-Miscellaneous, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 21.  Sullivan, Charles-Campaign Financing, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 22.  Sullivan, Charles-Campaign Literature, 1971. 

 OS 15.  Sullivan, Charles-Campaign material, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 23.  Sullivan, Charles-Campaign Train Schedule, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 24.  Sullivan, Charles-Editorials, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 25.  Sullivan, Charles-Fund Raising, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 26.  Sullivan, Charles-Platform, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 27.  Sullivan, Charles-Press Releases, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 28.  Sullivan, Charles-Press Releases by Topic, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 29.  Sullivan, Charles-Primary Returns, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 30.  Sullivan, Charles-Speeches, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 31.  Waller, William-Intelligence File, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 32. Working Paper of New Southern Governors, 1971. 

 Box 7. Folder 33.  Broadcast Script-Face the Nation, Meet the Press, and Issues and Answers-1972 March 12. 

 Box 7. Folder 34.  Media's Influence on Mississippi-Analysis, 1972. 

 Box 7. Folder 35.  Waller, William-Voting Analysis of Race for Governor, 1972. 

 Box 7. Folder 36.  Allen, Grover-Candidate for Jackson City Commissioner, 1973. 

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 Series 8.  Mississippi: General, 1950, 1952, 1975 and undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 1.  Stennis, Tom-Campaign for Southern District Highway Commissioner, 1975. 

 Box 8. Folder 2.  Stennis, Tom-Campaign for Southern District Highway Commissioner, 1975. 

 Box 8. Folder 3.  Stennis, Tom-Campaign for Southern District Highway Commissioner, 1975. 

 Box 8. Folder 4.  Stennis, Tom-Campaign for Souther District Highway Commissioner, 1975. 

 Box 8. Folder 5.  Stennis, Tom-Campaign Statistics, 1975. 

 Box 8. Folder 6.  Stennis, Tom-Debates with Shag Pyron, 1975. 

 Box 8. Folder 7.  Stennis, Tom-News Releases, 1975. 

 Box 8. Folder 8.  Stennis, Tom-Voter Statistics, 1975. 

 Box 8. Folder 9.  Advertising County Data, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 10.  County Lists of Neshoba and Attala Voters Candidate-Unknown, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 11.  General Campaign Information, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 12.  Graphs of Mississippi Governor's Race, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 13.  Media Maps, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 14.  Miscellaneous, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 15.  Miscellaneous, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 16.  Miscellaneous Copy, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 17.  Miscellaneous Notes, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 18. Mississippi Maps, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 19.  Mississippi Media Analysis, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 20.  Neal, Jim-Speech, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 21.  North Dakota-TV Market Rates, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 22.  Potts, Hugh-for Congress, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 23.  Spell, William-Personal and Handwritten Notes, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 24.  Spell, William-Vita, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 25.  Statistics on Newspapers Read by Counties, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 26.  Sullivan, Charles-Campaign Material, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 27.  Sullivan, Charles-News Releases, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 28.  Sullivan, Charles-S.O.P. Speaking Engagement Format, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 29.  Vu. Graphs-Mississippi House and Senate, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 30.  Vu. Graphs-Senate Banking and Currency Commission, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 31.  Vu. Graphs-Various Candidates, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 32.  Workmen's Compensation, undated. 

 Box 8. Folder 33.  Miss Hospitality Contestant List and Columbus Pilgrimage Ticket, 1950, 1952. 

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 Series 9.  National and out of state material, 1960-1976. 

 Box 9. Folder 1.  Alabama-Brochures on Bellingrath Gardens, 1972. 

 Box 9. Folder 2.  Arkansas-Miscellaneous Politics, 1970-1971. 

 Box 9. Folder 3.  Florida-Askew, Reubin-File, 1970-1974. 

 Box 9. Folder 4.  Florida-Thomas, Jerry-Campaign Staff Information, 1974. 

 Box 9. Folder 5.  Florida-Thomas, Jerry-Memo from Bill Spell, 1974. 

 Box 9. Folder 6.  Florida-Thomas, Jerry-News Media, 1974. 

 Box 9. Folder 7.  Florida-Thomas, Jerry-News Releases, 1974. 

 Box 9. Folder 8.  Florida-Thomas, Jerry-Organization of Campaign, 1974. 

 Box 9. Folder 9.  Florida-Thomas, Jerry-Reuben H. Donnelly Corporation Supports Campaign, 1974. 

 Box 9. Folder 10.  Florida-Thomas, Jerry-TV Spots for Governor, 1974. 

 Box 9. Folder 11.  Florida-Voting Statistics, 1972. 

 Box 9. Folder 12.  Louisiana-Miscellaneous Politics, 1971-1972. 

 Box 9. Folder 13.  Louisiana-Teacher Salary Scale and Legislation, 1970. 

 Box 9. Folder 14.  National-Miscellaneous Politics, 1972-1976. 

 Box 9. Folder 15.  National-Nixon, Richard-Campaign Material, 1968. 

 Box 9. Folder 16.  National-Republican Party Platform, 1960. 

 Box 9. Folder 17.  National-U.S. House of Representatives-Proceedings, 1970. 

 Box 9. Folder 18.  North Carolina-Bowles, Skipper, undated. 

 Box 9. Folder 19.  North Carolina-Erwin, Sam J., 1973. 

 Box 9. Folder 20.  North Carolina-Media Information, undated. 

 Box 9. Folder 21.  North Carolina-Morton, Hugh-Correspondence, 1971-1972. 

 Box 9. Folder 22.  North Carolina-Morton, Hugh-County Figures, 1970-1972. 

 Box 9. Folder 23.  North Carolina-Morton, Hugh-Miscellaneous, 1970. 

 Box 9. Folder 24.  North Carolina-Morton, Hugh-Promotion for Governor, 1971-1972. 

 Box 9. Folder 25.  North Carolina-Morton, Hugh-Speeches, 1971-1972. 

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 Series 10.  Photographs, 1940-1973 and undated. 

 Box 10. Folder 1.  Paul B. Johnson, Sr.-Inauguration, 1940. 

 Box 10. Folder 2.  Paul B. Johnson, Sr., undated. 

 Box 10. Folder 3.  Fielding Wright, 1948-1955. 

 Box 10. Folder 4.  States' Rights, 1948-1950 and undated. 

 Box 10. Folder 5.  Hugh White: 1, 1949-1955 and undated. 

 Box 10. Folder 6.  Hugh White: 2, 1949-1955 and undated. 

 SMOP 3.  Hugh White, undated. 

 Box 10. Folder 7.  James P. Coleman, 1956 and undated. 

 Box 10. Folder 8.  Paul B. Johnson, Jr. and James P. Coleman, 1963 and undated. 

 Box 10. Folder 9.  Charles Sullivan-Gubernatorial Campaign, 1963. 

 Box 10. Folder 10.  Charles Sullivan-Gubernatorial campaign, negatives, 1963. 

 Box 10. Folder 11.  Charles Sullivan-Agricultural show, Edwards, Mississippi, 1970. 

 Box 10. Folder 12.  Charles Sullivan-Gubernatorial campaign, contact sheets, 1971. 

 Box 10. Folder 13.  Charles Sullivan-Gubernatorial campaign: 1, 1971. 

 Box 10. Folder 14.  Charles Sullivan-Gubernatorial campaign: 2, 1971. 

 Box 10. Folder 15.  Charles Sullivan-Gubernatorial campaign: 3, 1971. 

 Box 10. Folder 16.  Charles Sullivan-Gubernatorial campaign: 4, 1971. 

 Box 10. Folder 17.  Charles Sullivan-Gubernatorial campaign: 5, 1971. 

 Box 10. Folder 18. John C. Stennis, 1973 and undated. 

 Box 10. Folder 19.  Jamie Whitten, 1962. 

 Box 10. Folder 20.  Grover Allen-Jackson city commissioner campaign, 1973. 

 Box 10. Folder 21. Mississippi Agricultural and Industrial Board, 1948-1953 and undated. 

 Box 10. Folder 22.  Operating Engineers Union picket, Northside Lake, Jackson, Mississippi, 1958. 

 SMOP 3.  Operating Engineers Union picket, Northside Lake, Jackson, Mississippi, 1958. 

 Box 10. Folder 23.  Miscellany, undated. 

 Box 11a. Folder 1.  Lt. Governor Sam Lumpkin-Inauguration, 1948. 

 Box 11a. Folder 2.  Governor Fielding Wright-Inauguration, 1948. 

 Box 11a. Folder 3.  Governor Fielding Wright, 1948-1950 and undated. 

 Box 11a. Folder 4.  Governor Hugh White-Inauguration, 1952. 

 Box 11a. Folder 5.  Governor Hugh White, 1947-1955 and undated. 

 Box 11a. Folder 6.  Hugh White, Sam Lumpkin, Carroll Gartin-Bond Rally, Meridian, undated. 

 Box 11a. Folder 7.  General MacArthur's Visit to Jackson & Mississippi Legislature, 1952. 

Mississippi Agricultural and Industrial Board: 

 Box 11b. Folder 1.  Travel Editors, 1947-1949. 

 Box 11b. Folder 2.  Travel Editor Tour, 1953. 

 Box 11b. Folder 3.  Exhibits, 1947-1953. 

 Box 11b. Folder 4.  Travel Shows, 1949-1956 and undated. 

 Box 11c. Folder 1.  Pilgrimage-Natchez, 1947-1950 and undated. 

 Box 11c. Folder 2.  Pilgrimage-Columbus, 1952, 1955 and undated. 

 Box 11c. Folder 3.  Pilgrimage-Holly Springs, 1950 and undated. 

 Box 11d. Folder 1.  Miss Hospitality Contest, 1949-1953 and undated. 

 Box 11d. Folder 2.  Miss Hospitality 1949-Katherine Wright, 1949-1950. 

 Box 11e. Folder 1.  Miss Hospitality Entrants 1950-Bathing Suits, 1950. 

 Box 11e. Folder 2.  Miss Hospitality 1950-Betty Denton, 1950. 

 Box 11e. Folder 3.  Miss Hospitality 1950-Dora Lee Livingston, 1950. 

 Box 11e. Folder 4.  Miss Hospitality Entrants 1951 (copies), 1951. 

 Box 11e. Folder 5.  Miss Hospitality Entrants 1951-Portraits, 1951. 

 Box 11e. Folder 6.  Miss Hospitality 1951-Jo Ann Turner, 1951-1952. 

 Box 11e. Folder 7.  Miss Hospitality Entrants 1952-Portraits, 1952. 

 Box 11e. Folder 8.  Miss Hospitality Contest Events 1952, 1952. 

 Box 11e. Folder 9.  Miss Hospitality Contest & Events 1952-Jackson & Gulf Coast, 1952. 

 Box 11e. Folder 10.  Miss Hospitality 1952-Suzanne Paul, 1952. 

 Box 11e. Folder 11.  Miss Hospitality 1952-Suzanne Paul (Dress Clothes, Cheesecake), 1952. 

 Box 11e. Folder 12.  Miss Hospitality Entrants 1953, 1953. 

 Box 11e. Folder 13.  Miss Hospitality Contest 1953 (7/18/53), 1953. 

 Box 11e. Folder 14.  Miss Hospitality 1953-Edna Khayat, 1953. 

 Box 11e. Folder 15.  Miss Hospitality 1954-Ektachromes, 1954. 

 Box 11e. Folder 16.  Miss Hospitality Contest 1954-Coronation Ceremonies & Reception at Governor's Mansion, 1954 July. 

 Box 11e. Folder 17.  Miss Hospitality Entrants, 1954. 

 Box 11f. Folder 1.  Miss Hospitality Contest Events 1954, 1954. 

 Box 11f. Folder 2.  Miss Hospitality 1954-Ann Bush, 1954. 

 Box 11f. Folder 3.  Miss Hospitality 1955, 1955. 

 Box 11f. Folder 4.  Emily Hall & Miss Hospitality 1955, 1955. 

 Box 11f. Folder 5.  Miss Hospitality Girls, 1955, 1955. 

 Box 11f. Folder 6.  Hospitality Events, 1950-1954 and undated. 

 Box 11f. Folder 7.  Hospitality Awards to Mr. Collins & Gulfport, 1952. 

 Box 11f. Folder 8.  Mississippi Agricultural and Industrial Board, 1950-1953 and undated. 

 Box 11f. Folder 9.  Industry, 1947-1954 and undated. 

 Box 11f. Folder 10.  Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind, 1947. 

 Box 11f. Folder 11.  Miscellaneous, 1947-1955. 

 Box 11f. Folder 12.  Slides (69): John C. Stennis with naval officers, on "Face the Nation" & "Closeup", in office; Naval ships and personnel; Miscellaneous 

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 Series 11.  Newspaper clippings, 1951-1975. 

 Box 12. Folder 1.  Johnson, Paul B., 1951. 

 Box 12. Folder 2.  White, Hugh, 1953. 

 Box 12. Folder 3.  Coleman, J.P. and Charles Sullivan, 1956-1963. 

 Box 12. Folder 4.  Coleman, J.P., 1957. 

 Box 12. Folder 5.  Barnett, Ross, 1959-1964. 

 Box 12. Folder 6.  Sullivan, Charles, 1959. 

 Box 12. Folder 7.  Sullivan, Charles, 1961-1963. 

 Box 12. Folder 8.  Economics, 1962. 

 Box 12. Folder 9.  Education, 1962. 

 Box 12. Folder 10.  Johnson, Paul B. and Ross Barnett, 1962. 

 Box 12. Folder 11.  Phillips, Rubel, 1962. 

 Box 12. Folder 12.  Stennis, John C., 1962. 

 Box 12. Folder 13.  Taxation, 1962-1963. 

 Box 12. Folder 14.  County Characteristics, 1963. 

 Box 12. Folder 15.  Johnson, Paul B.-Governor's Race, 1963. 

 Box 12. Folder 16.  Mississippi-Democratic Primary, 1963. 

 Box 12. Folder 17.  Mississippi-General Election, 1963. 

 Box 12. Folder 18.  Mississippi-General Election, 1963. 

 Box 12. Folder 19.  Mississippi-General Election, 1963. 

 Box 13. Folder 1.  Mississippi Politics, 1963. 

 Box 13. Folder 2.  States' Rights and Constitutional Government, 1963. 

 Box 13. Folder 3.  Sullivan, Charles, 1963. 

 Box 13. Folder 4.  Colmer, William-Congressional Fifth District Race, 1964-1966. 

 Box 13. Folder 5.  Johnson, Paul B.-Governor, 1964. 

 Box 13. Folder 6.  Johnson, Paul B.-Governor, 1965-1967. 

 Box 13. Folder 7.  Gartin, Carroll-Obituary, 1966 December 20. 

 Box 13. Folder 8.  Miscellaneous State Politics, 1966-1969. 

 Box 13. Folder 9.  Mississippi Legislature, 1966. 

 Box 13. Folder 10.  Johnson, Paul B. and John Bell Williams, 1968. 

 Box 13. Folder 11.  Adams, Roy C., 1971. 

 Box 13. Folder 12.  Finch, Cliff, 1971. 

 Box 13. Folder 13.  Greaves, Elmore, 1971. 

 Box 13. Folder 14.  Mississippi Governor's Race, 1971. 

 Box 13. Folder 15.  Mississippi-Second Primary Results, 1971. 

 Box 13. Folder 16.  Perry, Marshall, 1971. 

 Box 13. Folder 17.  Pittman, Edwin, 1971. 

 Box 13. Folder 18.  Sullivan, Charles-Endorsements, 1971. 

 Box 13. Folder 19.  Berry, Kimble, 1972. 

 Box 13. Folder 20.  "Eyes on Mississippi"- Times-Picayune, New Orleans, 1974 October 13. 

 Box 13. Folder 21.  Mississippi-Election Results, 1975. 

 Box 13. Folder 22.  Stennis, Tom and Shag Pyron, 1975. 

 Box 14. Political campaigns, 1971 August-December. 

 Box 15.  Political campaigns, 1972 January-July. 

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 Series 12. Boxes 16-17. Newspaper charts, 1971. 


Contains the charts of newspaper articles on the major political candidates.

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 Series 13.  Scrapbooks: Clippings, 1958-1962. 

 Box 18. Folder 1.  Barnett, Ross, 1958-1960. 

 Box 18. Folder 2.  Coleman, J.P. and Paul B. Johnson, 1962. 

 Box 18. Folder 3.  Gubernatorial Election-Mississippi, 1959. 

 Box 18. Folder 4.  Johnson, Paul B., 1961-1962. 

 Box 18. Folder 5.  Sullivan, Charles, 1959. 

 Box 18. Folder 6.  Sullivan, Charles and Paul B. Johnson, 1960. 

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 Series 14.  Reel to reel tapes, 1952-1972. (See Appendix 1 for listing) 

 Box 19.  #1-18 

 Box 20.  #19-41 

 Box 21.  #42-63 

 Box 22.  #64-84 

 Box 23.  #85-109 

 Box 24.  #110-131 

 Box 25.  #132-153 

 Box 26.  #154-175 

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 Series 15.  Cassette tapes, 1963-1968. (See Appendix 2 for listing) 

 Box 27a. #1-63 

 Box 27b. #64-122 

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 Series 16.  Film: Charles Sullivan campaign, 1971. 

 Box 28. #1-6 Ecology, 1971. 

 Box 28.  #7-22 Sullivan: Impressions, 1971. 

 Box 28.  #23-30 Education, 1971. 

 Box 28.  #31-45 Sullivan: The Man, 1971. 

 Box 28. #46-67 Miscellaneous, 1971. 

 Box 29.  #68-81 Senior Citizens, 1971. 

 Box 29. #82-88 MFWC, 1971. 

 Box 29.  #89-97 Scouts, 1971. 

 Box 29.  #98-110 Sullivan: There When Needed, 1971. 

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 Series 17.  Miscellaneous reel to reel tapes, 1970-1975 and undated. 

 Box 31.  #1 Stennis, Tom-Radio Spots, (30 sec.), 1975. 

 Box 31.  #2 Stennis, Tom-Radio Spots (30 sec.), 1975. 

 Box 31.  #3 Stennis, Tom-Shag Pyron Debate, Hattiesburg, 1975 August 19. 

 Box 31.  #4 Sullivan, Charles-Address at Mississippi Test Facility, 1970 March 17. 

 Box 31.  #5 Sullivan, Charles & Campaign Spots, 1971. 

 Box 31.  #6 Panel: Mary Cain and others, 1969? 

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 Series 18.  Videotape and film, 1963-1971 and undated. 

 Box 32.  #1 Videotape: Johnson, Paul B., bond issue, 1967 October 12. 

 Box 32.  #2 Videotape: Huntsville, moon crater, Opryland Productions, undated. 

 Box 32.  #3 Videotape: Stennis, John C., undated. 

 Box 32.  #4 Videotape: Sullivan, Charles-Announcement, undated. 

 Box 32.  #5 Videotape: Sullivan, Charles-Atlanta Intelligence Conference, 1971 March 25. 

 Box 32.  #6 Videotape: Sullivan, Charles-Speech, 1970 March 20. 

 Box 32.  #7 Videotape: Sullivan, Charles-Re: tornado at Inverness, undated. 

 Box 32.  #8 Videotape: Unknown subject, undated. 

 Box 32.  #9 16mm film: Johnson, Paul B., 1966. 

 Box 32.  #10 16mm film: Sullivan, Charles-Inverness press conference, undated. 

 Box 32.  #11 16mm film: Sullivan, Charles-TV Spots 1, undated. 

 Box 32.  #12 16mm film: Sullivan, Charles-TV Spots 2, undated. 

 Box 32.  #13 16mm film: Sullivan, Charles-Unknown subject 1, undated. 

 Box 32.  #14 16mm film: Sullivan, Charles-Unknown subject 2, undated. 

 Box 32.  #15 16mm film: Unknown subject, undated. 

 Box 32.  #16 16mm film: Wright, Fielding, undated. 

 Box 33.  #1 Videotape: Jackson Today, 1970 July 7. 

 Box 33.  #2 Videotape: Mississippi Legislative Session in Retrospect, 1971 April 5. 

 Box 33.  #3 Videotape: Unknown subject, WBCI, Columbia, 1967. 

 Box 33.  #4 Videotape: Unknown subject, WDAM, Hattiesburg, undated. 

 Box 34.  #1 16mm film: Free Elector Plan, Pt. 2, WLBT, Jackson, 1963 September 24. 

 Box 34.  #2 16mm film: Exhibits of Latin American nations, New Orleans, 1963. 

 Box 34.  #3 16mm film: Sullivan, Charles-Address at Mississippi Test Facility, 1970 March 17. 

 Box 34.  #4 16mm film: Unknown subject, undated. 

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 Series 19.  Publications, 1957-1975. 

 Box 35. Unfoldered. Attitudes and Preferences of Mississippi Voters, December 1975. "Confidential Report of a scientific survey of public opinion conducted for State Support Services, Inc." Survey done by Louis, Bowles, and Grove, Inc., Research and Management Consultants. 

 Box 35. Unfoldered.  Life, Vol. 53, No. 14, 1962 October 15. Contains Flip Schulke’s 2-page photograph of James Meredith's September 26 attempt to enroll in the University of Mississippi. 

 Box 35. Unfoldered.  Proceedings from Annual Regional Highway Safety Conference. Stennis Forum, Mississippi State University, April 8-9, 1970. 

 Box 35. Unfoldered. The Pursuit of Excellence, 1964 - 1968:  A Summary of the Administration of Governor Paul B. Johnson, 1969. 

 Box 35. Unfoldered.  The Saturday Evening Post, Vol. 230, No. 1, 1957 July 6. Contains article about the South. 

 Box 35. Unfoldered. The Saturday Evening Post, Vol. 235, No. 40, 1962 November 10. Contains articles about the integration of the University of Mississippi. 

 Box 35. Unfoldered.  Nixon on the Issues. Nixon - Agnew Campaign Committee, 1968 October 17. "A compilation of positions taken on public questions by Richard M. Nixon during the Presidential campaign of 1968." 

 Box 35. Unfoldered.  Proposal to Realine the Army National Guard and the Army Reserve Forces: Hearings Before the Preparedness Investigating Subcommittee of the Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate, Eighty - Ninth Congress, First Session, Parts 1 and 2, 1965. Inscribed to William Spell by James T. Kendall, Chief Counsel for the Subcommittee chaired by Senator John Stennis. 

 Box 35. Unfoldered. Senator Richard B. Russell, Georgia's Man in Washington, 1965. 

 Box 35. Unfoldered.  United States Senator Eugene J. McCarthy, Minneapolis: Gilbert Publishing, 1964. 

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 Series 20.  Client notebooks, 1958-1974. 

 Box 35. Unfoldered.  Beech Aircraft Corporation: copies of correspondence and other material re: Cessna Aircraft Corporation protest of Department of the Army contract for UX/CX-X light utility aircraft, 1974. 

 Box 36. #1 Charles Sullivan: clippings-1, 1970. 

 Box 36.  #2 Charles Sullivan: clippings-2, 1970. 

 Box 36.  #3 Charles Sullivan: clippings-3, 1971. 

 Box 36.  #4 Charles Sullivan: clippings-4, 1971. 

 Box 37.  #5 Charles Sullivan: clippings-5, 1971. 

 Box 37.  #6 Charles Sullivan: clippings-6, 1971. 

 Box 37.  #7 Charles Sullivan: clippings-7, 1971. 

 Box 38.  #8 Charles Sullivan: clippings-8, 1971. 

 Box 38.  #9 Charles Sullivan: clippings-9, 1971. 

 Box 38.  #10 Finch, Gandy, McCain, and Andrew Sullivan: clippings, 1970. 

 Box 38.  #11 Cliff Finch: clippings, 1971. 

 Box 39.  #12 Roy Clark Adams: clippings, 1971. 

 Box 39.  #13 Charles Evers, clippings, 1971. 

 Box 39.  #14 Evers, Griffin-Special Election March 1968: clippings, returns, 1968. 

 Box 39.  #15 Coleman, Johnson, McKinley: clippings, 1971. 

 Box 39.  #16 Marshall Perry: clippings, 1971. 

 Box 40.  #17 Jim B. Ross: clippings-1, 1970. 

 Box 40.  #18 Jim B. Ross: clippings-2, 1971. 

 Box 40.  #19 Jim B. Ross: clippings-3, 1971. 

 Box 40.  #20 J. P. Coleman: clippings, 1971. 

 Box 40.  #21 William Winter: clippings, 1971. 

 Box 41. #22 Edwin Pittman: clippings, 1971. 

 Box 41.  #23 William Waller: clippings, 1971. 

 Box 41.  #24 William Waller: news releases, correspondence, campaign materials, clippings, 1971. 

 Box 41.  #25 Allen Thompson: clippings, 1971. 

 Box 41.  #26 Jimmy Swan: clippings, 1971. 

 Box 41. #27 First Primary Returns: clippings, 1971. 

 Box 42.  #28 Election Returns by County, November 3, 1970: clippings, 1970. 

 Box 42.  #29 Political Columns: clippings, 1970-1971. 

 Box 42.  #30 Voter Record-Fact in Figures, 1968. 

 Box 42.  #31 Democratic Primary Election Returns, August 8, 1967: clippings, other, 1967. 

 Box 42.  #32 Election Tabulations for Democratic Primary by County: clippings, other, 1967. 

 Box 42.  #33 Election Returns by Counties, November 1968: clippings, 1968. 

 Box 42.  #34 Election Returns by County-First Primary: clippings, other, 1967. 

 Box 43.  #35 Governor's Race Returns, August 6, 1963. 

 Box 43.  #36 Carroll Gartin: clippings, 1958-1959. 

 Box 43.  #37 Radio, TV, and Newspapers for each county, 1971. 

 Box 43.  #38 Newspaper, Radio, and TV Information, 1971. 

 Box 43.  #39 Mississippi Test Facility-Early Background: copies of documents, clippings, 1967-1970. 

 Box 43.  #40 Marshall Space Flight Center Briefing for Dr. Fletcher (NASA Administrator), October 5, 1971: charts, documents, photographs, 1971. 

 Box 43.  #41 John C. Stennis-Congressional Delegation Dinner, Jackson, March 3, 1969: correspondence, press releases, 1969. 

 Box 43.  #42 Mississippi Legislature General Acts, Nos. 8-15, 1968. 

 Box 43.  #43 Abernethy, Griffin, Montgomery, and Colmer-District Votes: clippings, 1968. 

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Appendix 1.

Reel to Reel Tape list

1. U.S. Senate campaign, Missouri. Tom Eagleton and Robert Kennedy. Topics: education, crime, Vietnam, agriculture, Missouri, tourism, poverty. (9/5/69. Missouri)

2. Gospel Sing and Political Rally

Blackwood Brothers- rally for J.P. Coleman for Governor (8/26/63, 10pm, NP)

3. Gulfport Town Meeting

Jo Drake Arrington, Frank Webb Jr., Dr. Emma Gay, George Estes Jr.

Topic- Senate Bill 565- Liquor and choice by county. (5/12/52, Gulfport)

Opposing views. (tape broken in 3 places)

4. Same as 3.

5. Same as 3.

6. Lamar Life Commercial- Benefits of Lamar Life. (ND, NP)

7. Charles Sullivan and J.P. Coleman (8/5/63, NP)

8. Lamar Life Insurance - benefits of Lamar Life (12/10/65, NP)

9. Governor J. P. Coleman- character references for Congressman Hayes of Arkansas on re-election. (Aug. 1960, Arkansas)

10. J. P. Coleman, Owen Cooper

Background of Coleman, civil rights and segregation. (8/13/63, WLBT, Jackson)

11. J. P. Coleman- Candidate for governor

Rivalry between Coleman and Paul Johnson/ Clarion Ledger. (8/15/63, WLBT, Jackson) 12. J. P. Coleman- Candidate for governor

Rebuttal to political statements made on program preceding his, same date.

(8/20/63, WLBT, Jackson)

13. J. P. Coleman, A.F. Summer, Ed Jenkins.

Coleman for governor

Speak on Constitutional Government, Industrial Programs. (8/8/63, WLBT, Jackson)

14. J. P. Coleman for governor

Troy B. Watkins for Lt. Governor (8/5/63, WLBT, Jackson)

15. Paul B. Johnson- campaign for governor

His qualifications- attacks J. P. Coleman (8/26/63, WLBT, Jackson)

16. Charles Sullivan, campaign for governor (8/1963, WLBT, Jackson)

17. Fielding Wright Rally- campaign for governor

Gordon Roach also speaks. (40minutes - broken tape) (4/5/55, NP).

18. Fielding Wright Rally

Speakers- Mayor Rosenthal of Rolling Fork, Miss., and C.H. King of Jackson.

(4/5/55, NP) (30min.)

19. Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner (Part 1)

Speakers- Forrest B. Jackson, Clarence E. Hood Jr., Frank F. Myers.

Celebration of founding of Democratic Party. (2/24/51, Heidelberg Hotel, Jackson)

20. Same as 19 (Part 2)

Topic- stand of Mississippi Democratic Party

21. Same as 19 (Part 3)

Speaker- Knox T. Hutchinson

22. Same as 19 (Part 4)

23. Newsreel. Governor Johnson (5/3/66, NP)

24. Television Broadcast by Charles Sullivan

Rebuttal of statements made by J. P. Coleman and Paul Johnson

(7/26/63, WLBT, Jackson- 6pm)

25. Quitman Ross and J. P. Coleman debate on Mississippi’s Constitution (1957, Jackson)

26. J. P. Coleman endorsement of John F. Kennedy (1959, NP)

27. Charles Sullivan and J. P. Coleman- rebuttal of Paul Johnson’s statements in the preceding telecast.(8/26/63, WLBT, Jackson)

28. Campaign segments for candidates.

Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey, Marilyn Maye, Don Brotzman, John Tunney, Senator Jacob Javits, Governor

Nelson A. Rockefeller, Eugene McCarthy. (1968?, NP)

29. Television Report to ‘set the record straight’

J. P. Coleman on separation of the races. (July 1959, Jackson, WLBT)

30. Summary of 1955 J. P. Coleman campaign for governor (June 1955, WLBT, Jackson)

31. Fielding Wright - television speech in campaign for governor

Topic- separation of the races. (1955, WLBT, Jackson)

32. The Cold War; Segregation

Address to joint Mississippi Legislature Session by Senator James O. Eastland and Governor Fielding Wright.

(1/29/48, 2pm, Jackson)

33. Mississippi Manufacturers Association Banquet

Speakers- William Colmer and Phil Landrum (10/16/59, Biloxi)

First half of tape blank.

34. Grover Allen- campaign for city commissioner (1973, Jackson)

35. Charles Sullivan- criticism of J. P. Coleman’s administration. (July 1959, WLBT, Jackson)

36. Fielding Wright- 1955 Governor’s Race

Topic- segregation of races. Canton Citizens’ Council. (1955, Canton) (Broken tape.)

37. Fielding Wright- 1955 Governor’s Race. Topic- his qualifications (1955, Jackson)

38. Democratic National Convention

James Clay of Georgia, Governor Ross Barnett of Mississippi, Governor Lyndsay Almond of Virginia, Senator Spencer L. Holland of Florida on Civil Rights in Democratic Platform. (7/12/60, Los Angeles, California)

39. Variety Program (ND, NP)

40. Fielding Wright- 1955 Governor’s Race. Addresses Mississippi economy (1955, NP)

41. Carroll Gartin- 1959 Governor’s Race. Unknown speaker has severe criticism of Ross Barnett’s campaign. (1959, NP)

42. 1959 Governor’s Race

Press interviews candidates; speakers include W. F. Minor, Charles Sullivan, Kenneth Toler, John Herbert, Robert Webb, Barry Reed (1959, WLBT, Jackson)

43. Meeting of Constitution Party of Texas

Charles Sullivan and Bard Logan

Logan, candidate for U.S. Senate, supports party (October 1960, Tyler, Texas)

44. Charles Sullivan supports Constitution Party

(October 1960, Clarksdale, MS) Half of tape is music.

45. 1963 Campaign for Governor

Joe Moss, Paul B. Johnson, J. P. Coleman. (mud-slinging, Moss speaks against Coleman) (8/22/63, Jackson, WJTV) (30min.)

46. Rally for Charles Sullivan in Governor’s Race (ND, Corinth, Miss)

47. Charles Sullivan- advertisement for governor

Topics- education, highway program, honesty (1971, ND)

48. Dinkin, Dunkin, Nod of New York advertisements on Family Finance, Parliament, El Al Airlines, Penn Central, Mohawk Airlines, Hamilton Bank. (ND, New York)

49. Charles Sullivan for Governor Rally (ND, NP)

50. Blank

51. Charles Sullivan for governor

T. Tommy Cutrer and Sullivan discuss Sullivan’s family life and talk about Mississippi. (1971, Jackson)

52. Duplicate of 51

53. Duplicate of 51

54. Duplicate of 51

55. Governor’s Race (1971)

Charles Sullivan speaks on education, industry, and general topics. (7/15/1971, NP)

56. Governor’s Race (1971)

Charles Sullivan speaks on education and highways. (1971, WONA Radio, Winona)

57. Governor’s Race (1971)

Charles Sullivan speaks on education. (1971, NP)

58. 1968 Democratic Campaign Radio Spots

Hubert H. Humphrey - Edmund Muskie campaign. (1968)

59. Music Theme from Music City, USA (ND, NP)

60. 1971 Governor’s Race

Jimmy Swan speaks on schools, taxes, law enforcement, news media. Bill Waller speaks on general issues- has call-in question program. First few minutes of tape is a recording of part of the Hee Haw program. (1971, NP)

61. Charles Sullivan, partial speech (ND, NP)

62. Political jingles (ND, NP)

63. 1971 Governor’s Race

Speakers- O. U. Sullivan and Charles Sullivan talk about senior citizens (1971, NP)

64. Republican Rally

Barry Goldwater criticizes Democratic Party, calls on Republicans to help return America to greatness. (1962, WJQS, Heidelberg Hotel, Jackson)

65. Paul B. Johnson Rally

Bill Alexander, Thomas H. Watkins, Johnson, and Chet Lauch speak on sovereignty of Mississippi, industry, criticism of J. P. Coleman, and education. (1963, WJ Television, Heidelberg Hotel, Jackson). Tape also contains Miss. Manufacturers’ Association Convention, Biloxi. (10/20/61) Continued on tape 66.

66. Mississippi Manufacturers’ Association Convention

Chet Lauch gives humorous speech then serious talk on business. (10/20/61, Biloxi)

67. Mississippi Manufacturers’ Association Convention

Bill Colmer speaks on American industry and economy, Democratic Party, Socialism. (10/19/61, Biloxi)

68. Radio Spots for Valley Mills Feeds.

19 one minute spots. (ND, NP)

69. Charles Sullivan- Questions and Answers (ND, NP)

70. Charles Sullivan and John C. Stennis (ND, NP)

71. 1971 Governor’s Campaign

Charles Sullivan talks of service as Lt. Governor, education, highways. (1971, NP)

72. 1963 Governor’s Campaign

Charles Sullivan speaks of John Kennedy and family; his promises if elected governor (1963, NP) Also advertisements for Fielding Wright.

73. Newscast

Bill Spell gives summary of World News, Music; portion of Mississippi State University broadcast with Joe Phillips. (1954, Jackson)

74. 1963 Governor’s Race

A representative of Charles Sullivan gives Sullivan’s platform. Portion of tape deals with workman’s compensation. (1963, NP)

75. Charles Sullivan - Question and Answer (ND, NP)

76. Governor John Bell Williams

Speaks on school integration and Supreme Court Decisions. (1/13/70, WLBT, Jackson) Tape also contains speech on industry by a panel

77. Political Broadcast

Asks people of Mississippi to vote straight Democratic ticket, also to vote Carroll Gartin- Paul B. Johnson ticket. (1959, NP). Second half of tape is script of television program: Ross Barnett, Paul B. Johnson, Carroll Gartin. (October 29, 1963, NP)

78. Mississippi State University Alumni Meeting

Coach Robinson (1954 or 1955, MSU)

79. Charles Evers for governor - 1971

Wilson Minor, Charles Brewer, Charles Gordon, and Tom Greer speak on Evers’ qualifications for governor, taxes, and education. (1971, Mississippi Educational Television, Jackson)

80. Advertisements for visiting Miss.

Old Capitol Museum, Natchez Trace, Vicksburg, Gulf Coast, Mississippi State Parks and Reservoirs, State Capitol Building, Paddlewheeler Sprague. (WSLI, Jackson, ND)

81. Jackson Kiwanis Club Meeting

1959 Governor’s Race. Carroll Gartin, Robert Mason, Ross Barnett, Charles Sullivan speak on segregation and Mississippi economy. (2/11/59, Jackson)

82. Jackson Kiwanis Club Meeting

1959 Governor’s Race. Carroll Gartin, Robert Mason, Ross Barnett, Charles Sullivan speak on Mississippi tax structure and industry (2/11/59, Jackson)

83. Judge Marshall Perry - 1971 Governor’s Race

O. B. Anderson, Ed Williams, Ernest Bowen, and Otis Tims speak on Perry’s qualifications. (1971, Jackson)

84. Newsmaker Program, Miss. ETV

Bill Waller - 1971 Governor’s Race

J. Oliver Emmerich, Hobb Bryan, Dudley Evans, and Pick Ferman speak for Waller, platform, and education. (1971, Jackson)

85. Joint Session of Miss Legislature

Senator George Yarbrough and Governor Paul Johnson call session to discuss legislation to bring Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation to the coast. (6/20/67, Jackson)

86. 1955 Governor’s Race

Unknown speaker, Senator Earl Evans, J. P. Coleman. Fielding Wright’s qualification for Governor. J. P. Coleman speaks on law enforcement. (1955, Jackson)

87. Civil War Round Table Meeting

J. P. Coleman speaks on effects of Civil War then and now. (1958, Jackson)

88. Newsmaker Program, ETV- 1971 Governor’s Race

O. B. Anderson, Ed Williams, Ernest Bowen, Otis Tims speak on Ed Pittman’s qualifications for governor (1971, Jackson)

89. 1963 Governor’s Race

J. P. Coleman television program (6/18/63, Jackson)

90. 1963 Governor’s Race

Television broadcast of Charles L. Sullivan rally; Sullivan accuses J. P. Coleman and Paul Johnson of hypocrisy (6/18/63, Jackson)

91. 1963 Governor’s Race

J. P. Coleman Rally television broadcast (6/21/63, Tupelo)

92. 1963 Governor’s Race

Rally for J. P. Coleman featuring the Blackwood Brothers and Statesman Quartet (7/12/63, Tupelo)

93. 1963 Governor’s Race

Charles Sullivan television broadcast. Speaks on Kennedy administration, education, and whiskey. (8/6/63, NP)

94. 1963 Governor’s Race

J. P. Coleman television broadcast; Coleman gives his reasons for running (May 1963, NP)

95. J. P. Coleman speaks on endorsing John Kennedy (ND, NP)

96. 1963 Governor’s Race

J. P. Coleman television broadcast; discusses his qualifications (7/23/63, NP)

97. Charlie Jacobs on unemployment insurance. (ND, NP)

98. Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959 (1959, NP)

99. Democratic State Convention

Rule changes, keynote address (7/15/56, Jackson)

100. Meet the Press

Governor Thomas B. Stanley of Virginia, Governor J. P. Coleman of Mississippi. Coleman defends Mississippi on topic of integration. (June 1957, NP)

101. J. P. Coleman Political Rally

Topics- U.S. History and Mississippi’s future. (7/4/63, Lauderdale Co.)

102. Blank.

103. J. P. Coleman political rally; discusses his plans as Governor (ND, Copiah Co.)

104. J. P. Coleman

Blank (07/04/1963, Centerville)

105. Charles Sullivan Political Rally

General issues. (7/6/63, Amory)

106. J. P. Coleman / Charles Sullivan Political Rally

Speak on segregation, education, and general issues. (7/20/63, Liberty, MS.)

107. 1963 Governor’s Race

J. P. Coleman discusses general issues. (July 1963, Neshoba Co. Fair)

108. 1963 Governor’s Race

Television telecast- J. P. Coleman, Charles Sullivan, Ross Barnett discuss John Kennedy, taxes, segregation; address to Mississippi Manufacturers’ Association (7/16/63, Meridian)

109. Face the Nation

Commissioner of Education, Francis Kepple, George Herman, Roger Novak, Paul Nibben discuss education (1/3/1965, Washington, D.C.)

110. Face the Nation

Senator Russell B. Long of Louisiana, George Herman, Phillip Potter, Roger Mudd discuss race for Democratic Whip, foreign relations. Also Meet the Press with Ned Brooks, Senator Mike Mansfield, Lawrence Spivak, Alan Oughten, John Morris, Ron Nessen on foreign policy. (1965, Washington, D.C.)

111. 1963 Governor’s Race

J. P. Coleman, Paul Johnson, Charles Sullivan speak on industry, education and other issues facing Mississippi. (7/17/63, Duck Hill & 7/18/63, Carrolton)

112. 1963 Governor’s Race

J. P. Coleman rally- platform, liquor bill. (6/26/63, Sturgis)

113. 1963 Governor’s Race

Paul B. Johnson, Jr., television telecast- civil rights, economy, industry, stat expenditure. (6/21/63, NP)

114. Charles Sullivan rally- discusses his platform (6/8/63, Hattiesburg Masonic Temple)

115. 1963 Governor’s Race

Paul B. Johnson, Jr., television telecast- industries, segregation, tax money. (1963, NP)

116. 1963 Governor’s Race

Paul B. Johnson, - industry, economy, segregation (1963, WNSL, Laurel)

117. 1955 Governor’s Race

Paul Johnson- industry, agriculture, education, old age pensions. (1955, Hattiesburg)

118. S-1: 1963 Governor’s Race

Paul Johnson, Jr. on BAWI, education, segregation, John Kennedy family

S-2: Brown Williams speaks on behalf of Paul Johnson. Charles Sullivan on welfare, liquor, education, the Kennedy family (7/18/63, Holly Springs)

119. Joint Session of the Mississippi Legislature

Roy Jones of Oklahoma, H. E. Brawny Jr., L. E. Hinds discuss Unitization Bill SB#1681 (4/11/62, Jackson)

120. CBS News Special Report

Vietnam: How we got in; can we get out. Speakers- Eric Sevareid, Senator Mike Monroney of Oklahoma, Senator Morse of Oregon, and Charles Collingwood. (1/11/65, CBS Studios- NewYork. or Washington)

121. Joint Session of the Mississippi Legislature

Unitization Bill SB#1681. Speakers- Roy Jones (Oklahoma Oil and Gas Board), H. E. Brawny, Jr. (Petroleum engineer), L. E. Hinds (Petroleum engineer), O. C. Bailey (Arkansas Oil and Gas Board), E. K. Hanby (Alabama Oil and Gas Board), Lindsay C. Boney (Chairman, Alabama Oil and Gas Board). (Jackson, 4/11/62)

122. 1955 Governor’s Race

Bill Haynes introduces Paul B. Johnson, Jr. Johnson and Haynes speak on Johnson’s qualifications, plans for Mississippi, education, taxes, utilities, and industry. (Oakdale Park, Jackson, 5/21/55) Tape broken at beginning.

123. Governor Paul B. Johnson, Jr.

Speaks on industry plan for Pascagoula, MS. (Jackson Co., MS., 10/12/67)

124. 1971 Governor’s Race

Bill Waller’s coverage of first primary results and campaign in general. (8/4/71, NP)

125. 1971 Governor’s Race

Marshall Perry and Charles Sullivan. Speech contains an attack on Sullivan (NP, 1971)

126. 1971 Governor’s Campaign

Radio Spot (Song) (NP, 1971)

127. Radio Spots by T. Tommy Cutrer for:

General Tires, Fresca, Tab, 3rd National Bank, Pitstop Oil. (Dec. 1971, NP)

128. T. Tommy Cutrer interviews Charles Sullivan on Country Music Program.

Talks on Sullivan family, image of Mississippi, education, and taxes. (1971, Jackson)

129. CBS Panel on press coverage of ‘race issue’. (8/21/63, NP)

130. T. Tommy Cutrer interviews Charles Sullivan on Country Music Program.

Covers Sullivan family, image of Mississippi, education, and taxes. (1971, Jackson)

131. Political forum: 1971 Governor’s Race

Ed Pittman, Marshall Perry, and Bill Waller. Talk on reopening governor’s mansion to public, idle tax money, state parks, and law enforcement. (7/10/71, Pascagoula)

132. Blank.

133. Charles Sullivan talks about 1963 Governor’s Race

Review of campaign, declares support of J. P. Coleman, denounces rumors. (8/12/63, WLBT- Jackson)

134. Charles Sullivan speaks on government aid after Hurricane Camille.

(3/9/70, La Font Inn- Pascagoula)

135. 1971 Governor’s Race

Interviews with people at random about Charles Sullivan’s qualifications - poll taken at Seminary, Philadelphia, Holly Springs, and Gulf Coast. (1971, various towns)

136. 1971 Governor’s Race

Political speech by Ed Pittman denouncing rumors. (1971, Hattiesburg)

137. 1971 Governor’s Race

Radio Spot for Charles Sullivan (1971, NP)

138. Rotary Club Meeting

Charles Sullivan speaks on pollution, highways, public and private schools. (6/4/71, Winona)

139. 1971 Governor’s Race - News Maker Program

C. L. McKinley, Jim Lund, Bruce Pane, Lowel Hind, and Joe White speak on McKinley’s qualifications. McKinley speaks on student voting, teacher salaries, and pollution. (1971, Jackson)

140. 1971 Governor’s Race

Bill Waller for Governor. Topics- campaign review, senior citizens’ program, education, industry, pollution, drugs, and gambling. (Aug. 1971, NP)

141. 1971 Governor’s Race

Charles Sullivan campaign spot. Appreciation of support, soliciting of support (August 1971, NP)

142. T. Tommy Cutrer interviews Charles Sullivan on Country Music Program.

Talks on Sullivan family, image of Mississippi, education, and taxes. (1971, Jackson)

143. 1971 Governor’s Race

T. Tommy Cutrer interviews Charles Sullivan, discusses life and campaign. First portion of tape has interview with Bill Waller on taxes, education, young voters, industry. (1971, Jackson)

144. 1971 Governor’s Race

Marshall Perry Rally. Speaks on law enforcement, general topics. (7/10/71, Pascagoula)

145. 1971 Governor’s Race

Charles Sullivan television broadcast. Addresses economic program, job training, education, pollution, and highways. (1971, NP)

146. 1971 Governor’s Race

Charles Sullivan speaks on integration, party loyalty, right to work law, criticism of opponents, liquor.

147. 1971 Governor’s Race

Charles Sullivan speaks on highways, education, and drugs.

148. 1971 Governor’s Race

T. Tommy Cutrer interviews with Dudley Evans on his involvement in Charles Sullivan’s campaign.

149. 1971 Governor Race

Charles Sullivan campaign spots on his word, education, highways. (1971, NP)

150. 1971 Governor’s Race - Hinds County Rally

T. Tommy Cutrer (1971, Jackson)

151. 1971 Governor’s Race - Hinds County Rally

T. Tommy Cutrer (1971, Jackson)

152. 1971 Governor’s Campaign

T. Tommy Cutrer radio spots for highways, education, law enforcement, and pollution. (1971, Jackson)

153. 1971 Governor’s Race

T. Tommy Cutrer for Charles Sullivan (1971, Jackson)

154. 1971 Governor’s Race

T. Tommy Cutrer for Charles Sullivan (1971, Jackson)

155. Blank.

156. 1971 Governor’s Race

Charles Sullivan radio spot on highways. (1971, Jackson)

157. 1971 Governor’s Race

Interview radio spot with Charles Sullivan on appointment of blacks. (1971, NP)

158. Radio spot with T. Tommy Cutrer and Charles Sullivan

Discussion of education (1971, NP)

159. ETV Questions

Charles Sullivan on appointment of blacks. (1971, Jackson)

160. 1971 Governor’s Race

T. Tommy Cutrer speaks at Hinds County rally for Charles Sullivan (1971, Jackson)

161. 1971 Governor’s Race

Charles Sullivan is questioned about opening session of legislature. Speaks on taxes, education, and reappointment. (1971, Jackson)

162. 1971 Governor’s Race

Charles Sullivan political rally. Word of thanks, strong leadership. (1971, Clarksdale)

163. 1971 Governor’s Race

Radio spot by T. Tommy Cutrer for Charles Sullivan. (1971, Jackson)

164. 1971 Governor’s Race

Charles Sullivan television spot on Vo-Tech schools. (1971, NP)

165. 1971 Governor’s Race

Charles Sullivan rally - speaks on education, clean environment, law and order, preview of term if elected (1971, Jackson)

166. 1971 Governor’s Race

Charles Sullivan speech on jobs, pollution, highways, senior citizens. (8/13/71, Meridian)

167. 1971 Governor’s Race

Voter interviews on pollution, education, highways, young people, economy. (1971, Mendenhall)

168. 1971 Governor’s Race

Voter interviews on education, highways, economy, Vo-Tech schools. (1971, Forest)

169. 1971 Governor’s Race

Voter interviews on education, highways, young people, economy. (1971, Magnolia)

170. Governor Paul B. Johnson, Jr.

Speech on industrial development and bonds for Jackson County (10/12/67, Jackson Co.)

171. 1971 Governor’s Race

Rev. Lucius Marion radio spot on Charles Sullivan’s character and family. (1971, NP)

172. Close-up Program

Speakers- Senator John Stennis, A. B. Albritton, Bert Case, and W. C. Shoemaker on busing, volunteer army, and revenue sharing (8/31/72, WAPT, Jackson)

173. Mississippi Farm Bureau Convention

Senator John Stennis speaks on Vietnam War (11/15/67, Jackson)

174. Christmas Music

175. Blank.

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Appendix 2.

Cassette Tape list.


S-1: Gubernatorial campaign, Neshoba County Fair, 1971. Four Democratic candidates meet for a round of speeches: Jimmy Swan, Hattiesburg; William Waller, Jackson; Roy Adams, Tupelo; Andrew Sullivan, Jackson. (30 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: Charles L. Sullivan Campaign Speech at Yazoo City Political Rally, 7/14/71. Education, Lt. Gov. office, importance of young people in government. (60 min.)

S-2: Starkville headquarters opening- Charles L. Sullivan for Gov., 7/14/71. Organizational methods, importance of women voters, young people’s involvement in politics. (60 min.)


S-1: Charles L. Sullivan Campaign Speech, Bay Springs, 1971. Discusses prior contributors to Lt. Gov. office. (60 min.)

S-2: Charles L. Sullivan campaign speech at Waynesboro and Suqualena. 7/17/71. (60 min.)


S-1: Charles L. Sullivan campaign speech for Ready Mix at the Sheraton in Biloxi. 7/15/71. (60 min.)

S-2: Charles L. Sullivan campaign speech- Laurel 7/16/71. (60 min.)


S-1: Charles L. Sullivan campaign speech at Holly Springs rally, 7/15/71.(60 min.)

S-2: Charles L. Sullivan at fundraising seafood dinner in Biloxi, 7/15/71. (60 min.)


S-1: (Unknown speaker, NP, ND) Charles L. Sullivan, the man and politician, seeking the governorship of MS. 1971. (45 min.)

S-2: Blank


S-1: Glen Cannon retires from pro-football and joins Charles Sullivan’s campaign for the governorship of MS. 5/14/71. (30 min.)

S-2: (Unknown speaker, NP, ND) Sullivan campaign report on LeFlore Co., 1971. (30 min.)


S-1: (Unknown Speaker & Place). 10/1/69. Breakfast group. (60 min.)

S-2: Blank


S-1: A series of TV campaign speeches on the eve of the 1971 general MS. election. (30 min.)

S-2: Blank


S-1: Salerno Address, Feb. 25, 1970. Beginning with Mayor Davis (Jackson). (30 min.)

S-2: Salerno Address continued. (30 min.)


S-1: Sen. Ed Pittman. 4/29/71. Campaign speech for governor. (60 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: Decatur. 7/29/63 Charles Sullivan campaign speech for governor. (45 min.)

S-2: Neshoba County Fair. 7/29/63. Charles Sullivan campaign speech for governor. (45 min.)


S-1: Chipmunk Aug. 1. Live. Interview Unidentifiable (ND). (45 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: Regular TV programming with emphasis on campaign spots in Jackson. 7/1968 (30 min.)

S-2: WLBT- WTTU- July 1968. (30 min.)


S-1: Regular TV programming, Jackson 1968. (30 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: Regular TV programming. 1963. Emphasis on campaign spots: Jimmy Swan, Charles Evers, Bill Waller, Charles Sullivan, Ed Pittman, Cliff Finch. (30 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: Ed Pittman campaign speech for governor. 1968. (30 min.)

S-2: Regular TV programming (ND). Emphasis on campaign spots- Jackson. Governor Campaign 1969. (30 min.)


S-1: Charles L. Sullivan Statewide TV 18 votes. Lt. Gov. Charles L. Sullivan campaign speech appealing to the newly enfranchised 18 year old voters. 11/1/71 (30 min.)

S-2: 7/2, Sullivan campaign speech at Attala Co. headquarters opening and Jimmy Swan at Monticello. 1971 (30 min.)


S-1: Charles L. Sullivan Jackson- Hinds Co. Victory Room. Charles Sullivan campaign speech 7/6/71. (30 min.)

S-2: Hattiesburg headquarters opening. 7/6/71. Charles Sullivan campaign speech. (30 min.)


S-1: WADT interview with Waller. 7/29/71. Neshoba Co. Fair interview with Bill Waller-campaigning for governor. (30 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: Perry 12 8:30. 1971. Regular TV programming with emphasis on campaign spots, Jackson. (30 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: Charles L. Sullivan speech to Council on aging in Gulfport. 7/7/71. (30 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: Swan. 1971. Regular TV programming with emphasis on campaign spots, specifically Jimmy Swan’s campaign speech for governor. (30 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: John C. Stennis speech. (NP, ND). Speech deals with a range of state and national issues. (60 min.)

S-2: Stennis speech continued. (60 min.)


S-1: Tylertown Organization. 6/30/71- Tylertown. Charles Sullivan campaign speech. 1971. (30 min.)

S-2: Sullivan speech continued. (30 min.)


S-1: Damaged tape.

S-2: Damaged tape.


S-1: Damaged tape.


S-1: NBC Radio News Report of Sullivan’s School Segregation Plan (NN, ND). (30 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: Charles L. Sullivan campaign speech at Pearl River Reservoir Rally. 7/5/71 (30 min.)

S-2: Charles L. Sullivan campaign speech at Rocky Springs. 7/5/71 (30 min.)


S-1: Walker 3 7:30. Regular TV programming with emphasis on final campaign speeches, specifically Bill Waller. 1971. (30 min.)

S-2: Blank


S-1: 6/21 pm- Cleveland Rally, 8:30 am Courthouse Lawn. Charles L. Sullivan campaign speech. (30 min.)

S-2: Blank


S-1: 6/26 Pearl River Co. Rally. Charles L. Sullivan and Jimmy Swan speaking at the same rally, both campaigning for governor. Speeches were broadcast by many radio stations. 1971. (30 min.)

S-2: 6/26 Pontotoc Rally. Charles L. Sullivan campaign speech. 1971. (30 min.)


S-1: Adams 3 8:00. 1971. TV campaign speech by Roy Adams, Dem. candidate for governor-press interview. (30 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: 7/3 Water Valley Charles L. Sullivan campaign speech. 1971. Co. Atty. Gen. candidate Gerald Chadom campaign speech. (30 min.)

S-2: Campaign speech by Jimmy Swan at Greenville. Addresses himself to Ed Pittman and Charles Evers, also gubernatorial candidates. 1971. (30 min.)


S-1: Rankin Co. Headquarters opening. Charles L. Sullivan campaign for Gov. 1971, speaking to his campaign workers. Also headquarters opening of LeFlore Co., addresses campaign workers. 1971 (NP, 1971). (30 min.)

S-2: Charles L. Sullivan campaign headquarters opening. (NP- 1971). (30 min.)


S-1: 7/9 Forrest Political Rally. Charles L. Sullivan campaign speech for governor. 1971. (30 min.)

S-2: 7/9 Forrest Political Rally continued. Campaign for House of Representatives in MS. (1971- NN). (30 min.)


S-1: Waller 16 7:30. TV campaign speech by Bill Waller, candidate for Gov. on eve of election. Aug. 1971. (30 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: WLBT 6pm 6/17, WLBT 10pm 6/17, WTTO 10pm 6/17. TV programming. July 4, 1971. No particular political broadcasting, emphasizing news programming. (30 min.)

S-2: WTTO 10pm 6/17. TV programming. 1971. Emphasis on news broadcasting- Charles Evers interview. (30 min.)


S-1: 7/15 Ed ‘Tadpole’ Pittman at Seminary, Charles L. Sullivan at Seminary. 1971. Campaigning for gubernatorial race. Democrats Sullivan, Pittman, Jimmy Swan (60 min.)

S-2: 7/15 Jimmy Swan at Holly Springs. Gubernatorial race. 1971. Campaign speech by Swan. (60 min.)


S-1: TV programming- emphasizing (ND) news broadcasting and political campaigning. (30 min.)

S-2: TV programming; Ed Pittman speaks on his candidacy. 1971. (30 min.)


S-1: Transmitting and taping of Lt. Gov. Charles L. Sullivan meeting with Gen. Creighton Abrams, Commander of Vietnam forces at Tan Son Nhat Airbase, South Vietnam- from (NN) source in Philippines to Washington, D.C. (NN) over telephone, also Prayer breakfast- July 25, 1969- politicians participate (NN, ND). (30 min.)

S-2: Prayer Breakfast 2/26-6/26/69. (NN,ND) Politician Participate. (30 min.)


S-1: Waller 12 9:30. TV campaign speech by Bill Waller candidate for MS. Gov. on eve of election. Aug. 1971. (30 min.) (see C-37).

S-2: TV programming, emphasizing news broadcasting (ND). (30 min.)


S-1: 7/18 Charles L. Sullivan. Hattiesburg. 7/19 Charles L. Sullivan. West Point. Sullivan’s campaign for MS. Gov. in Forrest Co. 1971. (60 min.)

S-2: 7/20 Sullivan whistle stops campaign in Eupora and Grenada. 1971. (60 min.)


S-1: NBC Radio News Report of Charles L. Sullivan school segregation plan. (60 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: Ribicoff Speech. As Lt. Gov. Sullivan speaks to gathering honoring town Vietnam workers. Sgt. David Brady. 1970. (60 min.)

S-2: Sullivan’s Press Conference - Ole Miss Students- Riot- 3/70. (60 min.)


S-1: Allen Thompson at Rally in Jackson. 10/70. Lt. Gov. Sullivan was one of the major speakers. (45 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: Sullivan to Vietnam- Admiral John McCain. McCain comments on Lt. Gov. Charles Sullivan’s trip to Vietnam- both meet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. (Dup.) (ND) Tape is incoherent and damaged in many spots. (45 min.)

S-2: Tape damaged.


S-1: Sullivan and Swan at Tobacco Spitting Contest in Raleigh. 7/25/70. Speeches concerning Mississippi problems. (30 min.)

S-2: Jimmy Swan. 7/25/70. Addresses himself to major issues of Mississippi especially using private schools as a response to desegregation. (30 min.)


S-1: Sullivan to Vietnam and Admiral McCain Press trip.(original). (45 min.)

S-2: Senator John Stennis delegation at an open press conference on a committee which attended Atlantic conference on nuclear proliferation treaty- NATO- Brussels. Identified Sen. Charles Percy of Ill. and Sen. Stennis of MS. Stennis is chairman of committee. (Metcalf, Montague, Spann, Finley) (ND, NP) Governor’s campaign 1970. (45 min.)


S-1: Sullivan- Boy Scout Council. 3/9/70. (45 min.)

S-2: Sullivan speech at William Carey College. 1970. (45 min.)


S-1: Waller’s Talk to MS.- Intercollegiate Council. 4/2/71 (NP). Campaign speech by Bill Waller- stresses for example, aspects of Mississippi government. (45 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: Sullivan’s Speech at Prentiss Chamber of Commerce. 3/3/70. Addresses national and state issues. (30 min.)

S-2: Sullivan’s speech at Hattiesburg Lion’s Club. 3/6/70. Speaks on Lt. Gov. of Mississippi, anti- Vietnam movements, etc. Governor campaigning. 1971. (30 min.)


S-1: Sullivan’s Talk to S.E. Regional Intelligence Conference in Atlanta. 3/25/71. Organized crime participants have not been identified. (45 min.)

S-2: Charles L. Sullivan’s speech concerning organized crime, pointing out the existence of organized crime in the south. (45 min.)


S-1: 7/2 Swan, Charles L. Sullivan, and Wallace’s Representatives at Marks. Sullivan and Swan in a campaign speech for Gov. of MS. 1971. Also included, platform held Ernie Albritton representing Bill Waller. (60 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: 7/10 Crystal Springs Political Rally. Sullivan Campaign speech. 1971. (30 min.)

S-2: 7/10 M.E.I. V.F.W. Rally. Sullivan campaign speech for governor. (1971, NP). (30 min.)


S-1: Pascagoula- Pass Point J.C.S- Ed ‘Tadpole’ Pittman and Charles L. Sullivan. Sullivan campaign speech for governor of MS. 1971. (60 min.)

S-2: 7/10 Roy Adams, John Balter for ‘Tadpole’ Pittman, Bill Waller, Jr., and Charles L. Sullivan at Biloxi Rally. 1971. Adams campaign for governor. Baxter speaks for Pittman for Governor. Waller speaks for father’s candidacy for governor. Charles L. Sullivan campaign for governor. (60 min.)


S-1: 7/10 Charles L. Sullivan campaign speech, Leakesville, Greene Co. Ed ‘Tadpole’ Pittman for Gov.- Wiggins, Stone Co. 1971. (60 min.)

S-2: Charles L. Sullivan at Wiggins, Stone Co.- Bill Waller at Wiggins. Sullivan speech for Gov. 1971. Waller speech for Gov. (60 min.)


S-1: 7/24 Kosciusko Jaycee Rally. Sullivan campaigning for Gov. 1971.

Kosciusko, MS. (60 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: 7/3 Ed ‘Tadpole’ Pittman- Greenville. Speech for Gov. 1971. (30 min.)

S-2: 7/3 Charles L. Sullivan- Greenville. Sullivan speech for Gov. 1971. (tape distorted in places). (30 min.)


S-1: 7/23 Charles L. Sullivan- Brookhaven. Sullivan campaign speech for Gov. 1971. (60 min.) (Tape distorted throughout, low batteries)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: 7/9 Magnolia Political Rally. Sullivan (NP) campaign speech for Gov. 1971. (30 min.)

S-2: 7/9 Dedication- Sea Bee Fire Station Formal opening of new Navy construction battalion center fire station. Lt. Gov. Charles Sullivan, guest and speaker. Gulfport 1971. (30 min.)


S-1: 7/12 Charles L. Sullivan Mendenhall Rally. Sullivan campaign speech for Gov. 1971. (60 min.)

S-2: 7/13 Charles L. Sullivan Amory Rally and Crystal Springs Rally. Sullivan campaign speech for Gov. 1971. (60 min.)


S-1: WAPT 6pm 6/2 7/27 Ed ‘Tadpole’ Pittman WJTV 12pm 6/3 Roy Adams WJTV 8pm 6/3. Pittman campaign on TV in a series of paid speeches shown at intervals- for Gov. (30 min.)

S-2: 7/27 Roy Adams and Bill Waller. Paid campaign on TV by both. 8/27/71. (30 min.)


S-1: 7/27 ‘Tadpole’ Pittman- Roy Adams. 1971 governor’s race. Paid political broadcast by Pittman and Adams. (30 min.) (same as C-64)

S-2: 7/27 continued. Roy Adams- Bill Waller combination of paid political broadcasts for Gov. 1971. (30 min.)


S-1: Random TV broadcasts focusing on news. (ND,NP). (30 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: News broadcast on TV. (ND, NP) Jackson, 1971. (30 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: Blank.

S-2: Blank.


S-1: Blank.

S-2: Bill Waller 7/27 continued. 1971. (30 min.)


S-1: 7/7 Council on Aging. Broadcast campaign speech to Council by Sullivan for Gov. 1971. (30 min.)

S-2: 7/7 Tate Co.- headquarters. Sullivan campaign speech for MS. Gov. 1971. (30 min.)


S-1: 7/8 Neshoba Co. Rally- Philadelphia. Sullivan campaign speech for Gov. 1971. (30 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-1: 7/6 Biloxi headquarters opening and WPAM TV interview. Lt. Gov. Charles L. Sullivan giving campaign speech for gov. 1971. Interview issues discussed were elementary and secondary education, environmental problems, law and order, narcotics, Swan and controversy. (30 min.)

S-2: 7/4 Gulfport, MS. Jaycee paid intro speech. Sullivan campaign speech for Gov. 1971. (30 min.)


S-1: Indianola organizational meeting. 7/2/71. Sullivan campaign speech for Gov. (30 min.)

S-2: Indianola continued. Question and answer period. Sullivan campaigning for Gov. 1971. (30 min.)


S-1: Political Rally in Leake County. Speakers- Brad Lawrence for Jimmy Swan, Charles Sullivan. 7/17/71. Topics- education and taxes. (60 min.)

S-2: Charles L. Sullivan at Blackhawk in Carroll County and Charles L. Sullivan at Lelano. 7/17/71. (60 min.)


S-1: Gov. John Bell Williams, Don Nichols. Speak on forced busing and denial of choice of schools. (10/4/70, NP). (45 min.)

S-2: Dr. Mitchell Young. (45 min.)


S-1: Charles Sullivan Press Conference. Recent tornado. (2/24/71, probably Jackson). (45 min.)

S-2: Charles Sullivan Press Conference continued. (45 min.)


S-1: News telecasts. 1971. Jackson. (30 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-A: Speeches by Terry Sanders and Jimmy Carter. Re: Relationship of Federal govt. and local governments. (45 min.)

S-B: TV recordings, spots for Shag Pyron (ND, NP). (45 min.)


S-A(1): WJTV News Re: Highway Dept. picnic. (45 min.)

S-B(2): Spots for Shag Pyron, Testimony of him, H. Burn, misuse of Federal Funds. (45 min.)


S-A: Southern Governors’ Conference. News Conference on Federal government in State government. (Busing report on ABC, Newscast) ND. (45 min.)

S-B: Meeting to analyze 1971 governors’ elections. (45 min.)


S-A: Political Rally. Tom Stennis and Shag Pyron discuss highway conditions. Jackson. (30 min.)

S-B: Rebuttal to Tom Stennis charges by Shag Pyron, also John Ledbetter for sheriff and Nick Vicano for Justice of the Peace. (30 min.)


S-A: Blank.

S-B: Blank.


S-A: TV spot for Shag Pyron for Highway Commissioner. (ND). (45 min.)

S-B: Blank.


S-A: Tracking Seminar, Test Techniques. (ND,NP). (30 min.)

S-B: Tracking Seminar, Test Techniques. (ND,NP). (30 min.)


S-B-1: Newscast: 1971 Gov. Race, Rock Festival, criminal trial, Sports. (1971, WLBT, Jackson). (30 min.)

S-B-2: State News. (30 min.)


S-1: TV Newscast. (30 min.)

S-2: unknown


S-A: TV Newscast: State News (Jackson, ND). (45 min.)

S-B: Blank.


S-1: Interviews with John Stennis’ questions from John Bell of WCMA, Corinth and Jackson. Cochran of WCBI, Columbus.3/19/69. (NP). (30 min.)

S-2: 2/27/69 Sen. Stennis on interview with Agriculture Secretary. (30 min.)


S-B3: News WLBT, Jackson. (30 min.)

S-B4: News. (30 min.)


S-A: TV Advertisements. (ND, NP). (60 min.)

S-B: Portion of Newscast. (60 min.)


S-A: Charles L. Sullivan at Organizational Meeting in Pike County. 5/26/71. Sullivan reviews campaign. (30 min.)

S-B: Blank.


S-A: Speakers barely audible. (45 min.)

S-B: Charles L. Sullivan at Supervisors’ Assoc. (NP, 1970) Topic- Mississipp’s Future and government. (45 min)


S-A: Ed Pittman TV program. His candidacy for Gov. of MS. Broadcast. (WLBT, Jackson, 7/22/71). (30 min.)

S-B: Channel 3 News. (30 min.)


S-1: Waller’s speech at Ole Miss to International Law Society. 4/1/71. (60 min.)

S-2: unknown


S-1: Charles L. Sullivan- Columbia. 7/23. (60 min.)

S-2: Charles L. Sullivan- Tylertown. 7/23. (60 min.)


S-1: Kick off rally- Marshall Perry for Gov., MS. Topics- himself, government, taxes, segregation. (6/14/71, NP). (60 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-A: WATV News Program on Governor’s Mansion. 1971, Jackson. (30 min.)

S-B: News Program. (30 min.)


S-A: Blank.

S-B: News (blurred tape). (30 min.)


S-A: Speeches by Marshall Perry Ed Pittman, Charles L. Sullivan. (7/15/71, WAPT, Jackson). (60 min.) Topics: Perry- qualifications and promises, Pittman- qualifications and platform, Sullivan- Thank You’s

S-B: Blank.


S-1: Political Rally. Charles L. Sullivan speaks on education, law enforcement, job as Lt. Governor. (6/25/71, Tishomingo State Park). (30 min.)

S-2: Blank.


S-A: Jimmy Swan Broadcast. (WAPT, Jackson, 1971) Topics- Supreme Court, education, law enforcement, $10 car tag, Mississippi Heritage, alternatives to busing. (30 min.)

S-B: Blank.


S-A: Organizational Meeting for Charles Sullivan Campaign. (6/23/71 & 6/24/71), Meridian and Decatur. Topics- qualification, strong organization/ his qualifications, education, pollution, young people rally. (30 min.)

S-B: Decatur (continued). (30 min.)


S-A: Broadcast- various speakers (1971, WAPT, Jackson) State Rep. Jim True for Marshall Perry. Mary Cain for Percy. Marshall Perry, Donald Gill, Jack Travis, Robert Dale, and Brad Dye. (30 min.)

S-B: Blank.


S-A: Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo. Charles Sullivan speaks on 4th of July, America, Coastal Development, 18 yr. old vote. (1971, Gulf Coast). (30 min.)

S-B: Ripley Rally, Sullivan for governor. (30 min.)


S-A: TV Broadcast. 1971 Gov. Race. Ed Pittman speaks on qualifications, highways, education, taxes, more relaxed government, drug problem, Justice of the Peace Court System. (Aug. 1971, Channel 3, Jackson). (30 min.)

S-B: Blank.


S-A: TV Telecast. Jimmy Swan and Sullivan Family. Topics- education, taxes, law and order, drugs, senior citizens. (1971, Jackson, WJTV 12). (30 min.)

S-B: Channel 3, WLBT News. WAPT News (6/11/71, Jackson). (30 min.)


S-A: TV program for Gov. Race. Roy Adams on 18 yr. old vote, education, health centers, highways, law enforcement, agriculture, industry. (1971, WJTV 12, Jackson). (30 min.)

S-B: Blank.


S-A: Political Rally. Charles Sullivan- his experience, Ed Pittman- platform, Bill Waller- platform, Jimmy Swan- education, platform, Roy Adams- highway, platform. (7/21/71, Natchez). (60 min.)

S-B: Sullivan- Gov. race Lt. Gov. office, experience, highways, education, vo- tech schools, law enforcement, environment, parks. 1971. (60 min.)


S-A: Blank.

S-B: WLBT Channel 3- 6:00 News Info. 12 News, Channel 12. Andy Sullivan, candidate for governor, speaks against Charles Sullivan. (1971, Jackson). (30 min.)


S-A: Political Rally. Jimmy Swan and son Randy- campaign, education, votes, law, taxes, senior citizens. (1971, Meridian). (30 min.)

S-B: Blank.


S-A: Blank.

S-B: Bill Waller and Charles Sullivan- questioned by unknown. 1971.(30 min.)


S-A: Blank.

S-B: Charles Sullivan- gov. race- speaks on economy. 1971. (30 min.)


S-A: Ed Pittman for Gov. Program. Speakers- Pittman- campaign, Charles Sullivan- support, education, platform, highways, economy, Bill Waller- platform, Marshall Perry- platform. (7/22/71, Channel 3, Jackson) (Prentiss, New Hebron, Canton, and Madison County). (60 min.)

S-B: (continued) Sullivan, Waller, and Perry. (60 min.)


S-A: Political Rally. Sullivan speaks- on education, highways, drugs, economy. Dye- candidate for State Treasurer. (7/2/78, Monticello). (30 min.)

S-B: Rally continued. Ed Pittman- platform, drugs, education, spending. (7/2/78, Monticello). (30 min.)


S-A: Organizational Meeting. Charles Sullivan- apathy, participation, working. (7/2/78, Lafayette Co./ Oxford). (30 min.)

S-B: Tupelo Headquarters opening. Sullivan comments on opening. (7/8/78, Tupelo). (30 min.)


S-A: TV Program. Charles Sullivan- law enforcement, drugs, environment, highways, industry, experience. (July 1971, Jackson). (30 min.)

S-B: Channel 12 News, Jackson. (30 min.)


S-A: Rally. Charles Sullivan- highways, education, economy. (7/3/71 Corinth). (30 min.)

S-B: Rally. Charles Sullivan- drugs, education, highways. (7/3/71, Meridian) Bill Waller- industry, platform. (7/3/71, Water Valley). (30 min.)


S-A: TV Program. Charles Sullivan- highways, economy, education, industry. (1971, Jackson). (30 min.)

S-B: Channel 12, WJTV News, Jackson. (30 min.)


S-A: Rally. Charles Sullivan- experience, education, highways, drugs, law enforcement, industry. (7/5/71, Itta Bena). (30 min.)

S-B: Rally. Charles Sullivan- platform, education, young people. (7/5/71, Derma). (30 min.)

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