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Hic-A-Sha-Ba-Ha Chapter, DAR records

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Mississippi State University Libraries
Hic-A-Sha-Ba-Ha Chapter, DAR records
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11.5 Cubic feet : 10 record cartons; 1 SMO folder; 1 VMP folder

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Hic-A-Sha-Ba-Ha Chapter, DAR records, Special Collections Department, Mississippi State University Libraries.

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Scope and Contents

Correspondence, membership lists, minute books, yearbooks, treasurer's files, historic files, publications, scrapbooks, NSDAR Lineage books, lineage charts for over 330 previous members and other materials documenting the activities of the Hic-A-Sha-Ba-Ha Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution (Starkville, Mississippi) and the Children of the American Revolution, Mayhew Mission Chapter.

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Series 1. Hic-A-Sha-Ba-Ha Chapter, DAR - Boxes 1-3

Series 2. Scrapbooks - Boxes 4-7

Series 3. Scrapbook materials - Box 3

Series 4. Newspaper clippings - Box 3

Series 5. Miscellaneous - Box 3; Small Oversize Manuscripts Box 47

Series 6. CAR, Mayhew Mission Chapter - Boxes 3, 7; Visual Materials: Photographs Box 5

Series 7. Mississippi DAR - Boxes 3, 8

Series 8. National DAR - Box 9

Series 9. Visual Materials - Box 9; Visual Materials: Photographs Box 5

Series 10. Hic-A-Sha-Ba-Ha Chapter, DAR Registrar records - Box 10

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Mississippi State University Libraries 

P.O. Box 5408
Mississippi State, MS, 39762

Publication date: 2/21/2013

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Open to all researchers.

Use Restrictions

Any requests for permission to publish, quote, or reproduce materials from this collection must be submitted in writing to the Manuscripts Librarian for Special Collections. Permission for publication is given on behalf of Mississippi State University as the owner of the physical items and is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder, which must also be obtained.

Processing Information

Duplicate publications were disposed of. Original containers and binders were disposed of. Newspaper clippings were copied and disposed of. 0.5 cubic feet.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Daughters of the American Revolution. Hic-A-Sha-Ba-Ha Chapter (Starkville, Miss.).
  • Daughters of the American Revolution.
  • Mississippi State College--Photographs.
  • National Society of the Children of the American Revolution . Mayhew Mission Chapter (Starkville, Miss.).
  • National Society of the Children of the American Revolution. Mayhew Mission Chapter (Starkville, Miss.)—Photographs.
  • National Society of the Children of the American Revolution.


  • Courthouses Mississippi--Photographs.

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Collection Inventory

Series 1. Hic-A-Sha-Ba-Ha Chapter, DAR. 

 Box 1. Folder 1. Membership lists, 1910-1922. 


 Box 1. Folder 2.  Book 1: 1910-1922. 

 Box 1. Folder 3.  Book 2: 1927-1931. 

 Box 1. Folder 4.  Book 3: 1931-1934. 

 Box 1. Folder 5.  1934-1935. 

 Box 1. Folder 6.  1939, 1961-1963. 

 Box 1. Folder 7.  1963-1965. 

 Box 1. Folder 8.  1965-1968. 

 Box 1. Folder 9.  1986-1988. 

 Box 1. Folder 10.  1989-1992. 

 Box 1. Folder 11.  1992-1994. 

 Box 1. Folder 12.  1994-1996. 

 Box 1. Folder 13.  1996-1997. 

 Box 1. Folder 14.  1997-1998. 

 Box 1. Folder 15.  1998-2004. 

 Box 1. Folder 16.  Registrar, 1914-1944. 


 Box 1. Folder 17.  1929-1934. 

 Box 1. Folder 18.  1935-1950. 

 Box 1. Folder 19.  1951-1952. 

 Box 1. Folder 20.  1953-1955. 

 Box 1. Folder 21.  1956-1960. 

 Box 1. Folder 22.  1961-1965. 

 Box 2. Folder 1.  1966-1968. 

 Box 2. Folder 2.  1969-1970. 

 Box 2. Folder 3.  1971-1973. 

 Box 2. Folder 4.  1973-1976. 

 Box 2. Folder 5.  1976-1979. 

 Box 2. Folder 6.  1979-1982. 

 Box 2. Folder 7.  1984-1987. 

 Box 2. Folder 8.  1987-1992. 

 Box 2. Folder 9.  1992-1998. 

 Box 2. Folder 10.  1998-2001. 

 Box 2. Folder 11.  2001-2005. 

 Box 2. Folder 12. 2005-2009. 

 Box 2. Folder 13.  Approved schools, 1942-1951 and undated. 

 Box 2. Folder 14.  Bylaws, 1910. 

 Box 2. Folder 15.  Citizenship, 1945. 

 Box 2. Folder 16.  Conservation, 1941-1945. 

 Box 2. Folder 17.  Genealogical records, 1946-1964. 

 Box 2. Folder 18.  Historian: 1943-1952. 

 Box 2. Folder 19.  Historian: History, 1912-1990 and undated. 

 Box 2. Folder 20.  Honor roll: Correspondence and miscellaneous material, 1971-1974. 

 Box 2. Folder 21.  Music, 1942-1945. 

 Box 2. Folder 22.  National Defense Through Patriotic Education, 1939-1947 and undated. 

 Box 2. Folder 23.  Pilgrimage, 1941. 


Pamphlets: Columbus, Miss., pilgrimage, 1941 April 4-6; History of The Kirk, Holly Springs, undated.

 Box 2. Folder 24.  Regent's correspondence and reports: 1915-1961. 

 Box 2. Folder 25.  Regent's correspondence and reports: 1962-1966 and undated. 

 Box 2. Folder 26.  Ritual, 1951. 

 Box 2. Folder 27.  Rosalie, 1939-1950. 

 Box 2. Folder 28.  Songbooks, undated. 

Treasurer's records: 

 Box 2. Folder 29.  Correspondence: 1939-1945. 

 Box 2. Folder 30.  Correspondence: 1946-1949. 

 Box 2. Folder 31.  Correspondence: 1950-1963 and undated. 

National membership: 

 Box 2. Folder 32. Correspondence: 1938-1944. 

 Box 2. Folder 33.  Correspondence: 1945-1948. 

 Box 2. Folder 34.  Correspondence: 1949-1963. 

 Box 2. Folder 35.  Receipts, 1939-1956. 

 Box 2. Folder 36.  Reports, 1939-1965, 1989-1993. 

 Box 2. Folder 37.  Tax returns, 1943-1949. 

 Box 2. Folder 38.  Receipts, 1937-1952. 

 Box 3. Folder 1.  Bank records: Deposit slips, 1940-1950. 

 Box 3. Folder 2.  Bank records: Statements, 1940-1950. 

 Box 3. Folder 3.  Miscellaneous, 1941-1947 and undated. 

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Series 2. Scrapbooks. 

 Box 4. Unfoldered. 1935-1936. 

 Box 4. Unfoldered. 1936-1937. 

 Box 4. Unfoldered. 1939-1940. 

 Box 4. Unfoldered. 1948-1950. 

 Box 4. Unfoldered. 1951-1952. 

 Box 4. Unfoldered. 1956-1959. 

 Box 4. Unfoldered. 1962-1963. 

 Box 4. Unfoldered. 1967-1968. 

 Box 5. Unfoldered. 1968-1969. 

 Box 5. Unfoldered.  1969-1970. 

 Box 5. Unfoldered.  1970-1971. 

 Box 5. Unfoldered.  1974-1975. 

 Box 5. Unfoldered.  1975-1976. 

 Box 5. Unfoldered.  1976-1977. 

 Box 5. Unfoldered.  1977-1978 (2nd Place Winner). 

 Box 5. Unfoldered.  1978-1979 (1st Place Winner). 

 Box 6. Unfoldered.  1980-1981. 

 Box 6. Unfoldered.  1981-1982. 

 Box 6. Unfoldered.  1982-1983; 1983-1984. 

 Box 6. Unfoldered.  1984-1985. 

 Box 6. Unfoldered.  1985-1986. 

 Box 6. Unfoldered.  1986-1987. 

 Box 6. Unfoldered.  1987-1988. 

 Box 7. Unfoldered.  1988-1989. 

 Box 7. Unfoldered.  1991-1992; 1992-1993 (single scrapbook). 

 Box 7. Unfoldered.  1993-1994. 

 Box 7. Unfoldered.  1994-1995. 

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Series 3. Scrapbook materials. 

 Box 3. Folder 4.  1935-1940. 

 Box 3. Folder 5.  1951-1952. 

 Box 3. Folder 6.  1956-1975. 

 Box 3. Folder 7.  1985-1990. 

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 Box 3. Folder 8.  Series 4. Newspaper clippings, 1952-1965, 1972-1977 and undated. 

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Series 5. Miscellaneous. 

 SMO 47.  Letter: Andrew Jackson to Major William B. Lewis, 1845 (copy). 

 Box 3. Folder 9.  1921-1923 and undated. 


Includes Year Books of the Louisiana Society, Sons of the American Revolution, 1921, 1922-1923.

 Box 3. Folder 10.  1971-1974 and undated. 

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Series 6. CAR, Mayhew Mission Chapter. 

 Box 3. Folder 11.  Membership applications: Arnold-Hunt. 

 Box 3. Folder 12.  Membership applications: Koby-Wilmer. 

 Box 3. Folder 13.  Correspondence, membership lists, 1945-1986. 

 Box 3. Folder 14.  Newspaper clippings, 1963, 1965, 1979, and undated. 

 Box 3. Folder 15.  Yearbooks, 1978-1987. 

 Box 3. Folder 16.  The Magnolia Bud, 1985-1988. 

 Box 3. Folder 17.  Children of the American Revolution Magazine, 1934 March, November. 

 VMP 5. Photograph: Mayhew Mission Chapter delegation to CAR 34th Annual State Conference, 1970. 

 Box 7. Unfoldered.  Scrapbooks: 


1979 March-1980 March. 

1984-1985; 1985-1986 (single scrapbook). 



Mississippi Federation of Women's Clubs, 1936 and undated. 

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Series 7. Mississippi DAR. 

Yearbook/Conference Proceedings: 

 Box 3. Folder 18.  1911-1913. 

 Box 3. Folder 19.  1914-1916. 

 Box 3. Folder 20.  1917-1921. 

 Box 3. Folder 21.  1923-1929. 

 Box 3. Folder 22.  1930-1933. 

 Box 3. Folder 23.  1934-1935. 

 Box 3. Folder 24.  1936. 

 Box 3. Folder 25.  1937-1938. 

 Box 3. Folder 26.  1939-1940. 

 Box 3. Folder 27. 1941-1943. 

 Box 3. Folder 28.  1944. 

 Box 3. Folder 29.  1945-1946. 

 Box 3. Folder 30.  1947-1948. 

 Box 3. Folder 31.  1949, 1953. 

 Box 3. Folder 32.  1954. 

 Box 3. Folder 33.  1955. 

 Box 8. Folder 1.  1956. 

 Box 8. Folder 2.  1958. 

 Box 8. Folder 3.  1959. 

 Box 8. Folder 4.  1960. 

 Box 8. Folder 5.  1961. 

 Box 8. Folder 6.  1962. 

 Box 8. Folder 7.  1966. 

 Box 8. Folder 8.  1972. 

 Box 8. Folder 9.  1973. 

 Box 8. Folder 10.  1974-1975. 

 Box 8. Folder 11.  1976. 

 Box 8. Folder 12.  1977-1978. 

 Box 8. Folder 13.  1978-1979. 

 Box 8. Folder 14.  Programs, 1941-1976, 2001. 


 Box 8. Folder 15.  Mississippi Daughters and Their Ancestors, Diamond Jubilee Year, Volume I, 1965. (2) 

 Box 8. Folder 16.  Mississippi Daughters and Their Ancestors, Diamond Jubilee Year, Volume II, 1965. (2) 

 Box 8. Folder 17.  Mississippi DAR News: 1962-1970, 1972. 

 Box 8. Folder 18.  Mississippi DAR News: 1979-1992. 

 Box 8. Folder 19.  Mississippi DAR News: 1993-2002, 2004. 

 Box 8. Folder 20.  Historical Directory of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Mississippi, 1933. 

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Series 8. National DAR. 

 Box 9. Folder 1.  Bylaws, 1940, 1942, 1955, 1960, 1963. 

 Box 9. Folder 2.  Bylaws and Handbook: 1984, 1987. 

 Box 9. Folder 3.  Bylaws and Handbook: 1993, 1996. 

 Box 9. Folder 4.  Directory of Committees, 1945-1946. 

 Box 9. Folder 5.  Guide for the Chapter Treasurer and Chapter Registrar, 2000. 

 Box 9. Folder 6.  Handbook, 1958. 

 Box 9. Folder 7.  Membership materials, 1925, 1965. 

 Box 9. Folder 8.  Newspaper clipping, 1973. 

 Box 9. Folder 9.  Candidate brochure, 1992. 

Continental Congress: 

 Box 9. Folder 10.  Resolutions and other materials, 1945-1965. 

 Box 9. Unfoldered.  Proceedings: Twenty-Third, 1914. 

 Box 9. Folder 11.  Proceedings: Twenty-Eighth, 1919. 

 Box 9. Folder 12. Proceedings: Sixtieth, 1951. 

 Box 9. Folder 13.  Program Brochures of Officers and Committees, 1962-1965. 

 Box 9. Folder 14. Publications: The Third Supplement to the DAR Patriot Index, 1976. 

 Box 9. Unfoldered.  Publications: Index of the Rolls of Honor (Ancester's Index) in the Lineage Books of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Volume 1 to 40, 1916. 

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Series 9. Visual Materials. 

 VMP 5. Photographs, 1963, 1967, 1971. 

 Box 9. Folder 15.  Metal photographic printing plate: Lee Hall, Mississippi State College, Starkville, Miss., 1963. 

 Box 9. Folder 16. Metal photographic printing plate: Oktibbeha County Courthouse, Starkville, Miss., 1967. 

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 Box 10.  Series 10. Hic-A-Sha-Ba-Ha Chapter, DAR Registrar records [Inactive member lineage records]. 


Agnew, Jane Lipscomb, #361685, descendant of William Lipscomb. 

Aiken, Betty Jane, #674120, descendant of Hugh Caldwell, Jr. 

Allen, Elizabeth Puller, #470142, descendant of General William Russell. 

Allen, Lillie Margaret Buchanan, #798513, descendant of John Middlebrook, Sr. 

Ames, Maria Louise, #79950, descendant of Thomas Hoyt. 

Amsler, Una Brewer, #331575, descendants of Jesse Pope. 

Anderson, Marie King, #604459, descendant of John Verner, Jr. 

Andrews, Marjorie Hare, #528592, descendant of William Hardy. 

Arner, Julia Bentley, #624604, descendant of William Capers. 

Arnold, Sara Thompson, #361686, descendant of Charles Montgomery. 

Ashford, Nannie Smith, #495822, descendant of Noah Stringer. 

Aycock, Mary Hodges, #534982, descendant of William Payne, Jr. 


Baham, Julia K. Hare, #541860, descendant of William Hardy. 

Baker, Lillian Louise Wheeler, #477532, descendant of John Stevens and Thomas Carter. 

Ball, Doris Cooper, #531832, descendant of Anthony Litsey. 

Bardsley, Virginia Owen, #423155, descendant of John Netherland. 

Bardwell, Carrie, #81335, descendant of Capt. Elijah Bardwell. 

Bardwell, Stella, #81336, descendant of Capt. Elijah Bardwell. 

Barr, Mildred, #271766, descendant of James Barr. 

Beal, Anna McBee, #97541, descendant of James Anthony and Vardra McBee. 

Bellard, Mary Watkins, #586948, descendant of Elisha Fox. 

Bennett, Caroline Weir, #291115, descendant of William West. 

Bennett, Caroline Weir, #291115, descendant of Charles Word, II. 

Bennett, Shirley Ann Turner, #599597, descendant of John R. Jefferson. 

Boggan, Louise Ward, #422124, descendant of Walter Rand. 

Bouchillon, Barbara Scott Owens, #428016, descendant of George Stovall, Sr. 

Bowker, Dorothy E. Etheredge, #517417, descendant of George Long. 

Breslauer, Ann Kennon, #834372, descendant of William Winn Cockerham. 

Brintnall, Pearl E. Thompson, #196195, descendant of Malachi Tower, Jr. 

Briscoe, Harriet Bulleit, #70548, descendant of William Marsh. 

Brooks, Louise Harrington, #537055, descendant of Stoten Tuttle. 

Brown, Helen Irene Cier, #509194, descendant of John Redden. 

Brown, Mildred Clark Graves, #729268, descendant of James Hayden. 

Brumby, Christine Perkins, #456098, descendant of William Ware. 

Brunson, Bessie Chandler, #48618, descendant of James Robertson. 

Burns, Virginia Lanier, #413224, descendant of William Sykes. 

Burnside, Ruth, #98682, descendant of John and Timothy Whiting. 

Butler, Della Bell, #913779, descendant of Elijah Bardwell, Caleb Cushman. 

Butts, Mary E. Lampkin, #243132, descendant of Elder William Lampkin. 

Byars, Leila Page, #481812, descendant of Col. Abram Penn. 


Cain, Annie Gray, #370333, descendant of William Hutton, Arthur Gray, Robert Allen, and James McCarter. 

Cameron, Eleanor Tucker, 293990, descendant of Lieut. Daniel Higley. 

Carothers, Rosa B., #173687, descendant of John Trabue. 

Carpenter, Evelyn Lucille Wright, #808691, descendant of William Farr. 

Carpenter, Margaret McBee, #115422, descendant of Vadra McBee. 

Carpenter, Maude Agnes, #441055, descendant of Cornelius Carpenter. 

Carroll, Gertrude Perkins, #213876, descendant of Benjamin Harrison. 

Carroll, Julia Nash, #103833, descendant of John Nash and Reuben Long. 

Carroll, Nannie Randle, #323973, descendant of William Randle. 

Carson, Elizabeth Sessums, #355970, descendant of John Weaver and William Halbert. 

Clapp, Marian Blakeslee, #382338, descendant of Emery Pease. 

Clark, Joan Doolittle, #484883, descendant of James Scarborough. 

Clark, Mary Fly Muldrow, #176967, descendant of Henry Cannon. 

Cole, Eloise McLemore, #618715, descendant of Richard Dexter. 

Coleman, Amy Elizabeth Ball, #712424, descendant of Anthony Litsey. 

Colvard, Martha Lampkin, #486219, descendant of Richard Bard. 

Coman, Lucetta Tillman, #91821, descendant of Lewis Willis. 

Cooper, Doris Bushart, #487822, descendant of Anthony Litsey, Mark Hardin, Martin Hardin, John Stull, John Shekell, Joseph Ray, and William Ray, III. 

Cooper, Esther Kerr, #608642, descendant of James Jones, James Bradley, and Elizabeth Pelham Bradley. 

Cooper, Sara Whitaker, #303431, descendant of John Whitaker. 

Copeland, Nannie C., #304849, descendant of Charles Montgomery. 

Corey, Ruth Miner, #678912, descendant of Sylvanus Walker. 

Corey, Nannette Claire, #712018, descendant of Sylvanus Walker. 

Cornell, Barbara Crosby, #503063, descendant of Uriah Cross. 

Cox, Arlyn, Verploeg, #468341, descendant of Jacob Ware. 

Cox, Charlotte Allen Springer, #787241, descendant of Richard Gladney III. 

Crigler, Amy Ajax, #685536, descendant of Samuel Street, Sr. 

Crigler, Anita Coleman, #638002, descendant of John Lawson and Nathaniel Perry. 

Critz, Julia Gillespie, #313190, descendant of Walter Rand. 

Crowder, Carolyn Toler, #540403, descendant of Benajah Leffingwell. 


Danishefsby, Sarah J. Etheredge, #517418, descendant of George Long. 

Davis, Anne Ward, #477533, descendant of William Ward. 

Davis, Carole McReynolds, #690434, descendant of Daniel Deans. 

Davis, Ruby Nash Lewis, #579680, descendant of James Rowland. 

Denson, Edna Lacey, #543405, descendant of Simon Record. 

Dobbs, Frances Hogan, #337444, descendant of Thomas Hayt. 

Donaldson, Lois Charlene Hodges, #828460, descendant of Andrew Phillips. 

Donohoe, Nancy L. Griffin, #728424, descendant of Jesse Maxey. 

Dorman, Elma Parker, #295312, descendant of Joseph Collier. 

Douglas, Helen Watkins, #530158, descendant of Levin Watkins. 

Douglas, Jane McCain, #536600, descendant of Joel Barnett. 

Duckworth, Doris McCreight, #500361, descendant of Charles Montgomery. 

Duckworth, Linda Jennings, #668200, descendant of Robert Jennings. 

Dutt, Mary Guthrie, #643075, descendant of William Knapp. 


Easley, Georgiane F. Love, #441060, descendant of Sampson Bobo. 

Eaton, Lou Ethel, #167629, descendant of William Eaton. 

Eckford, Lucy, #322453, descendant of Major John Lucas. 

Eckford, Mary V. Carpenter, #453838, descendant of Cornelius Carpenter. 

Edens, Jennie Hinton, #309598, descendant of John Hollin. 

Edwards, Annie L. Griffin, #351405, descendant of Col. John Whitaker. 

Eiland, Rosa B., #81337, descendant of Elijah Bardwell. 

Esker, Katie Prince Ward, #217379, descendant of William Ward. 

Evans, Beth York, #468342, descendant of William Russell, Sr. 

Ezell, Alma Belton, #387353, descendant of Aaron Lockert. 


Fant, May Gaston Smith, #176343, descendant of William Moorhead. 

Fatherree, Nell Sulzby, #304402, descendant of Marmaduke Kimbrough. 

Ferguson, Katherine Heath, #279355, descendant of William Lampkin. 

Few, Etta Mae Taylor, #441057, descendant of Pryor Gardner. 

Few, Kathleen Fant, #202788, descendant of William Gaston. 

Ford, Lucene, #59924, descendant of John Haynes. 

Ford, Lucene Haynes, 360451, descendant of John Haynes. 

Foster, Elma Gowe, #164332, descendant of Joshua Lockwood. 

Fox, Katie Campbell, #161681, descendant of Robert Lindsay. 

Fox, Lucie Gay, #84518, descendant of William Webb. 

Frashner, Mary C. Dill, #338646, descendant of James Sappington. 

Fulgham, Elizabeth Egger, #480598, descendant of Samuel Gladney. 


Gammill, Mary Sudie Shuffield Collins, #441056, descendant of Pryor Gardner. 

Garey, Elizabeth P. Martin, #470143, descendant of Capt. Robert Laird. 

Garner, Kate Rea, #190045, descendant of Thomas Meredith. 

Garretson, Patricia Johnson, #656095, descendant of Noah Stringer. 

Gay, Grace Moore, #99498, descendant of John Ludwick Shuey and Ludwick Henry Shuey. 

George, Frances Minette Thomson, #626566, descendant of Thomas Brooks, Sr. 

Geiger, Frances Emogene “Jean” Christopher, #822981, descendant of Richard Priddy. 

Gieger, Lida Critz, #349784, descendant of Col. Abram Penn. 

Gilbert, Leigh Smith, #828181, descendant of John Bush. 

Gladney, Lena Hogan, #164542, descendant of William Lampkin. 

Glasgow, Bonnie Scales, #515680, descendant of Adam Team, Abel Hosmer, William Webb, and Col. Drury Ledbetter. 

Golson, Rochelle Cochran, #157706, descendant of Joel Barnett. 

Goodrich, Edwina Lucke, #637553, descendant of Walter Rand. 

Graham, Helen Burnside, #91528, descendant of John and Timothy Whiting, Joseph Briggs, Timothy Danforth, and Jonathan Smith. 

Gray, Eddyth Eugenia Springer, #698539, descendant of Richard Gladney. 

Greene, Celia Frances Hannah, #419643, descendant of Elsie Hunt. 

Greene, Grace Quackenbush, #207187, descendant of William Boyd. 

Gregory, Mary Louise Campbell, #604403, descendant of William Ball. 

Griffin, Betty Joan Sample, #707484, descendant of Jesse Maxey. 

Griffin, Esther Whitaker, #156643, descendant of Col. John Whitaker. 

Griffis, Marcia, Wilson, #458461, descendant of Richard Hubbell 3rd. 

Grinstead, Mary Elizabeth, #257147, descendant of Edward Pediford. 

Grissom, Virginia A. Bridges, #702076, descendant of John Portman. 

Gural, Suzanne Nash, #622911, descendant of George Ridley and Michael Nash. 

Guyton, Margaret Ames, #281597, descendant of Thomas Hoyt. 

Guyton, Rosa Swann, #318865, descendant of Charles Spann and Nicholas Woodfin. 


Hallmark, Elizabeth Rogers, #539590, descendant of Charles Bates, Thomas Young, Eliphalet Seeley, and Patrick Caine. 

Hamilton, Mary Loveless Moody, #523891, descendant of Job Hodges. 

Hawd, Evie Nash, #79951, descendant of Lt. Col. John Ervin, S.C. 

Harder, Frances C. Reynolds, #523471, descendant of Charles Montgomery. 

Hare, Mary Louise Eckles, #473152, descendant of William Hardy. 

Harned, Harriet Rice, #382339, descendant of Hezekiah Rice, Benjamin Herndon, and Drury Ledbetter. 

Harrington, Elizabeth Lampkin, #518586, descendant of Michael Woods, Richard Saunders, and the elder William Lampkin. 

Hartman, Miss Mary E., #173688, descendant of Col. Drury Ledbetter. 

Harvey, Ida Townes, #246040, descendant of Elisha Collins. 

Hays, Nora Frances Sugg, #477535, descendant of William Cooke. 

Hedgepeth, Sara Ann Ramsey, #647448, descendant of John Stevens. 

Hedgepeth, Elizabeth Ann Hedgepeth, #96138, descendant of John Stevens. 

Helms, Dabney Scales, #680859, descendant of Phillip Pledger. 

Hightower, Meta Perkins, #403462, descendant of William Ware. 

Hilbun, Josie Rosamond, #275253, descendant of Samuel Roseman. 

Hilbun, Rosanne Burleson, #536160, descendant of Henry Symmonds. 

Hillen, Betty McKay, #379135, descendant of William Barton. 

Hinrichs, Patsyearl Spring, #757438, descendant of John Spring. 

Hodges, Julia Elmira, #712327, descendant of Francis Newell. 

Hogan, Daisy Della, #79952, descendant of Thomas Hoyt. 

Hogan, Mary Elizabeth, #407983, descendant of John Sage. 

Holmes, Nancy Rogers, #587762, descendant of Cornelius Whittington. 

Holmes, Virginia McAllister, #673698, descendant of Joseph McAllister. 

Hood, Hattie L. Williams, #87816, descendant of John Murphey. 

Hopkins, Louise Ezell, #400484, descendant of Aaron Lockert. 

Hopper, Summer Lemett, #889422, descendant of Thomas Carroll. 

Horton, Ray Harvey, #233911, descendant of Josiah Stovall. 

Howell, Leland Reid, #190037, descendant of Joseph Reid. 

Hough, Jane Elder, #501726, descendant of Timothy Emerson and Edmund Trowbridge. 

Hudson, Sara Key, #635771, descendant of Martin Key. 

Hughes, Carolyn Frances, #688150, descendant of Nathaniel Perry. 

Hughes, Nellie Frances Ward, #663671, descendant of Nathaniel Perry. 

Hutchinson, Louise Muldrow, #37362, descendant of John Ervin. 


Jacob, Mildred Hammock, #379123, descendant of James Dickinson. 

Johnson, Elizabeth Graham, #590535, descendant of William White. 

Jones, Ann Gayle Plummer, #384166, descendant of William Wright. 

Jones, Helen Worsham, #472992, descendant of Jehu Kolb. 

Jones, Hattie Wall Emmons, #403463, descendant of John Wall. 


Kaiser, Mary Bardwell, #330400, descendant of Elijah Bardwell. 

Katz, Kay Kellogg, #529811, descendant of Gideon Warren. 

Keith, Emily Trouve, #867428, descendant of Francis Floyd. 

Kirk, Margie Westmorelaud, #192175, descendant of Isac Snedecor. 

Kitzman, Shirley Hatfield, #678867, descendant of William Fanner. 

Kleban, Charlotte Regar, #326622, descendant of Josiah Hall. 

Koby, Carol Ann Thorton, #577514, descendant of Abraham Newkirk. 

Kosclskey, Carolyn Nash, #638950, descendant of George Ridley. 


Larson, Virginia Wing, #403184, descendant of Jacob Jennings 2nd. 

Lewis, Ruby Nash, #388949, descendant of James Rowland. 

Littlejohn, Mary Ruth, #633148, descendant of William Kelly. 

Lloyd, Florence Bunch, #274436, descendant of Thomas Taylor. 

Lloyd, Mary Harrison Clay, #317082, descendant of Matthew Clay. 

Long, Evelyn Bardwell, #537717, descendant of Elijah Bardwell. 

Longest, Doy Evelyn Payne, #789456, descendant of James Josey. 

Love, Eloise Gladney, #455417, descendant of Samuel Gladney. 

Lucke, Lois Wallace, #491127, descendant of Walter Rand. 


Marion, Eleanor, #372423, descendant of Christian Frederick Carr. 

Marks, Louise Tallichet, #361687, descendant of Joseph Reid. 

Martin, Eva Myrtle Jones, #450764, descendant of Robert Laird and John McKelvey. 

Martin, Mary Frances, #487012, descendant of John Donelson. 

Matthews, Vivian McGuire, #719704, descendant of Nathaniel Abney. 

Mathis, Inez Greene, #711633, descendant of William Green, Sr. 

Meade, Marion Rice, #685511, descendant of Joel Rice. *Chatham, Bennye Rice, #605566, descendant of Joel Rice. 

Mellen, Frances Rice, #407767, descendant of Benjamin Herndon. 

Miller, Catherine Anne Harris, #713056, descendant of John Hester. 

Miner, Alice Louise Walker, #588936, descendant of Sylvanus Walker. 

Mitchell, Anne Foote Pope, #271767, descendant of Charles Pope. 

Mitchell, Miller Allen, #593839, descendant of Archibald White. 

Mitchell, Roberta Allen, #434790, descendant of Archibald White. 

Montgomery, Annie Allene, #105616, descendant of John Ervin. 

Montgomery, Haidee Conyers, #108246, descendant of William Frierson. 

Montgomery, Jennie L. Smith, #286806, descendant of Cornelius Keith, Jr. 

Montgomery, Jesse Prater, #671277, descendant of Bazil Prather. 

Montgomery, Lula Muldrow, #79953, descendant of John Ervin. 

Montgomery, Martha Davis, #477534, descendant of William Ward. 

Moore, Susie Harrington, #119049, descendant of William Lampkin and Michael Woods. 

Morton, Mildred Blevins, #669556, descendant of Stephen Collins. 

Moss, Bettie Sue Porter, #552869, descendant of Joseph Bonner. 

Muldrow, Annie Lyda, #92478, descendant of John Ervin and Henry Cannon. 

Mullen, Hortense Gladney, #487824, descendant of William Lampkin. 

Murphree, Alma Catherine, #591716, descendant of William Ramsey. 


McAdams, Ruby Anne Cheairs, #748377, descendant of William Rush. 

McAvoy, Nancy Martin, #465749, descendant of Robert Laird. 

McBee, Susie, #72168, descendant of Vardry McBee. 

McCain, Virginia Reynolds, #298766, descendant of Joel Barnett. 

McDougald, Flora Lynette Latham, #642876, descendant of Charles Holland. 

McElroy, Edith Gordon, #557668, descendant of Robert Lowry. 

McKee, Annie Gladney, #487823, descendant of William Lampkin. 

McKee, Carolyn Ezell, #265258, descendant of Aaron Lockert. 

McKeown, Anne Stallworth, #525656, descendant of William Stallworth. 

McWhirter, Ollie Dean, #731451, descendant of Glen Owen. 


Nagel, Dorothy James Thompson, #834835, descendant of John Hamilton. 

Nail, Rosario Castellanos, #805502, descendant of John Cooke. 

Nash, Virginia Wadley, #559560, descendant of George Ridley and John Hardwood. 

Noble, Elizabeth, #270010t, descendant of Charles Montgomery. 

Noel, Maggie Ingram, #79954, descendant of Rosanna Waters Farrow. 

Nolan, Frances Diann Geiger, #825174, descendant of Richard Priddy. 


Owen, Bessie Raymond, #300860, descendant of Benjamin Simonds. 

Owen, Julia Leon, #103834, descendant of Benjamin Simonds. 


Page, Ada Lee Outlaw, #663363, descendant of George Outlaw. 

Page, Bettie Lester, #434792, descendant of Francis Taliaferro. 

Page, Clara Outlaw, #641954, descendant of Charles Montgomery. 

Page, Fannie, #280769, descendant of Col. Abram Penn. 

Page, Martha Carpenter Smith, #446687, descendant of Cornelius Carpenter. 

Parkes, Nancy Randolph, #411259, descendant of Lebbeus Ball. 

Peterson, Hallie Swann, #469448, descendant of Charles Spann. 

Pilkinton, Barbara Burgin, #523674, descendant of John Douthet, Sr. 

Poindexter, Martha, #112588, descendant of Joel Barnett and John Gresham. 

Polk, Jane Bell, #768961, descendant of William Bell, William Farr, and Daniel (Ryan) McDuff. 

Pryor, Betty Page, #534983, descendant of Abram Penn. 


Ramsey, Adelaide Arnold, #384165, descendant of Charles Montgomery. 

Ramsey, Elizabeth, #219262, descendant of Mathew Ramsey. 

Ramsey, Louise Saunders, #455418, descendant of Thomas Hoyt. 

Randolph, Ruth Morrison, #375904, descendant of Lebbeus Ball. 

Rankin, Jeanette Cooper, #541861, descendant of Thomas Castle. 

Ray, Elizabeth VanLadingham, #320167, descendant of William Cooke. 

Redus, Mary Evelyn, #139396, descendant of Clayton Stribbling. 

Rendon, Sheila Stark, #704169, descendant of Phineas Beardsley. 

Reynolds, Charlie Harrison, #79955, descendant of Joel Barnett, John Gresham, and Thomas Scott. 

Reynolds, Frances Virginia, #523472, descendant of Charles Montgomery. 

Richey, Susan Jones, #704170, descendant of Robert Abernethy III. *Meyer, Joyce Jones, #692318, descendant of Robert Abernethy III. 

Rickey, Sara Patterson, #279289, descendant of Caleb Maxsey. 

Riekhof, Sheila Collier, #639750, descendant of Nathaniel Boddie. 

Rivers, Olivia Burnett, #446688, descendant of William McFerrin. 

Roberts, Lucile Williams, #158602, descendant of John Murphy. 

Robinson, Elizabeth, #400485, descendant of Enoch Gerrish. 

Robley, Fannie Houghton, #375905, descendant of Thomas Gayle. 

Roebuck, Patricia Ann, #788487, descendant of George Roebuck. 

Rogers, Elizabeth Young, #539589, descendant of Charles Bates, Eliphalet Seeley, and Thomas Young. 

Rogers, Juliette Barry, #93250, descendant of William Frierson. 

Rogers, Mary Barry, #93251, descendant of William Frierson. 

Ross, Elizabeth Ann Stoppel, #719611, descendant of Christian Reedy. 

Russell, Roxie Doniphan, #373949, descendant of Gabriel Gray. 


Sage, Jerome, #157707, descendant of John Sage. 

Salzmann, Leslie Lynn Bouchillon, #635050, descendant of George Stovall, Sr. 

Saunders, Donie Lucile, #79956, descendant of William Halbert. 

Saunders, Grosie Ames, #79957, descendant of Thomas Hoyt. 

Savage, Anna Morrison, #268891, descendant of Robert Morrison. 

Scales, Bonnibel Team, #295313, descendant of Adam Team. 

Scales, Frances Ray, #550878, descendant of Abel Hosmer. 

Scales, Mary Hearon, #338647, descendant of Phillip Pledger. 

Scales, Marr Olive Avant, #668770, descendant of Malachi Stallings. 

Scales, Virginia Saunders, #80356, descendant of William Russell. 

Scoggin, Berenice Phares, #384167, descendant of John Cain, Oliver Pollock, James Hall, and Daniel Robinson. 

Scoggins, Mary Marshall D., #703957, descendant of Willis McDonald. *Annie Tate Jenkins, #273426, descendant of Willis McDonald. 

Selheimer, Elizabeth Moore, #406073, descendant of Gaius Brewer. 

Sessums, Annie Kate, #91822, descendant of William Halbert and John Weaver. 

Shaw, Mary Alice Porter, #390559, descendant of Joseph Bonner Shelton. 

Shelton, Gwendolyn Cooper, #559632, descendant of Joseph Morrow. 

Shelton, Thelma Newman, #464221, descendant of Jonathan Newman. 

Sikes, Dorothy Wade, #441058, descendant of George Wade. 

Simmons, Evelyn Ganann Lott, #504043, descendant of Jonathan Rahn. 

Simrall, Mary Virginia Miller, #552733, descendant of Raleigh Hammond. 

Slaughter, Lillie Scales, #79958, descendant of William Webb and Col. Drury Ledbetter. 

Slough, Blanche Reed, #536601, descendant of John Wilkinson. 

Smith, Christine Hough, #668411, descendant of Timothy Emerson. 

Smith, Maggie Miller, #144943, descendant of Raleigh Hammond. 

Smith, Sylvia Jeanne Dickey, #764139, descendant of Joshua Taylor. 

Stephenson, Catherine Vernon S., #190038, descendant of Drury Ledbetter. 

Snow, Addie Campbell, #141306, descendant of Robert Lindsay. 

South, Donna Brown E., #611090, descendant of John Redden. 

Springer, Allene Mitchell, #777981, descendant of Richard Gladney (III). 

Stark, Annie Reynolds, #518709, descendant of Daniel Deanes. 

Starkey, Cynthia Lea Donaldson, #828461, descendant of Andrew Phillips. 

Stiles, Nettie Emochs, #407984, descendant of William Steen. 

Strong, Susie Meriweather, #129980, descendant of Joel Barnett. 

Stubbe, Mary Grey Geiger, #354085, descendant of Abram Penn. 

Sulzby, Esther Elizabeth Turner, #318869, descendant of Marmaduke Kimbrough. 

Swayze, Catherine Butler, #461407, descendant of John Hester. 

Swann, Louise Cavett, #464226, descendant of Charles Spann. 

Swann, Sallie Spann, #411260, descendant of Charles Spann. 

Swift, Jean, #413225, descendant of William Sykes. 

Sykes, Rachel Deon Smith, #616129, descendant of William Winn Cockerham, Moses Smith, Henry Smith, Anthony Crumbley, Richard Stone, Henry Smith, Sr., Robert Walters, Sr., Thomas Neal, Sr., James Adare, Sr., James Young, Andrew Lewis, William McClanahan, James Neely, Sr., and Elijah McClanahan. 


Templeton, Martha Louise, #701534, descendant of John Kimbrough. 

Theilbar, Sarah Powers, #546165, descendant of john Torrance. 

Thomas, Mildred Jones, #504633, descendant of Zoath Spooner. 

Thomson, Peggy Neal Morrison, #514938, descendant of Thomas Brooks, Sr. 

Thompson, Jo Ann Bennett, #641784, descendant of Ananias Allen. 

Towles, Sophia Hunt, #352060, descendant of William Halbert and James Lockhart. 

Tucker, Lenoir Mercer Williams, #463155, descendant of Thomas Hicks. 

Tyrone, Alice McGregor, #649490, descendant of John Sumpter. *McGregor, Flora Welch, #630329, descendant of John Sumpter. 


Valentine, George Ann Murphey, #512253, descendant of Rufus Bennett. 

Vance, Virginia Scott, #525657, descendant of James Jack. 

Vardaman, Manie Willie Basham, #646005, descendant of George Ross, Sr. *Trussell, Sallye Willis Lou, #515193, descendant of George Ross, Sr. 

Varcoe, Virginia Kate Echols, #486220, descendant of William Hardy. 

Vanderclock, Emily Page, #467223, descendant of Col. Abram Penn. 

VanLadingham, Corrie Pryor, #163445, descendant of William Cooke. 

Van Wagner, Ann Geiger, #354086, descendant of Col. Abram Penn. 


Waggoner, May Gwin, #528593, descendant of Charles Spann. 

Wall, Mary Rogillio, #551021, descendant of James Foster. 

Walters, Kimberly Anne Walsh, #726554, descendant of Walters, Samual Lusk. 

Ward, Corrielena Scale, #467224, descendant of Nicolas Perkins. 

Ward, Emilie Antoinette, #363304, descendant of William Ward. 

Ward, Grace Ramsey Street, #459997, descendant of William Ramsey. 

Ward, Mary Bess, #712002, descendant of Edward Wade, Sr. 

Watson, Celeste Reese, #387354, descendant of Henry Walter. 

West, Martha C. Castles, #367540, descendant of Charles Montgomery. 

White, Laura C., #304850, descendant of Lt. William Randle and Joab Brooks. 

White, Laura Jane, #109514, descendant of John Frink. 

White, Lucy Chapin, #149065, descendant of Lucas Morgan. 

Williams, Barbara Anne Brooks, #537056, descendant of Stoten Tuttle. 

Williamson, Christine Standefer, #554851, descendant of Israel Standefer. 

Willis, Hallie Parker, #264060, descendant of Howell Parker. 

Wilson, Hamie Gunter, #119737, descendant of Rev. James Stevenson. 

Wiltshire, Erin Hearon, #384168, descendant of Phillip Pledger. 

Winston, Mary Estelle M., #641091, descendant of Cornelius Carpenter. 

Wright, Susan Cockrell, #543840, descendant of Capt. Thomas Woodward. 


Yeager, Elizabeth Hardin, #79959, descendant of William Halbert. 

Lineage sheets [DAR Archives]: 

Mrs. Elma Parker Dorman, #295312. 

Mrs. Hallie Parker Willis, #264060. 

Mrs. Lucy Gay Fox, #84518. 

Miss Lucena Ford, #59924. 

Mrs. Nell Sulzby Fatherree, #304402. 

Mrs. May Caston Smith Fant, #176343. 

Mrs. Kathleen Fant Few, #202788. 

Mrs. George Moore Gay, #99498. 

Mrs. Helen Stewart Burnside Graham, #91528.(3 copies). 

Miss Mary E. Hartman, #173688. 

Mrs. Margie Westmoreland Kirk, #192175. 

Miss Susie McBee, #72168. 

Mrs. Virginia Reynolds McCain, #298766. 

Mrs. Anne Foote Pope Mitchell, #271767. 

Mrs. Haidee Conyers Montgomery, #108246. 

Miss Annie Allana Montgomery, #105616. 

Lula Muldrow Montgomery, #79953. 

Mrs. Bessie Raymond Owen, #300860. 

Miss Julia Leon Owen, #103834. 

Miss Fannie Page, #280769. 

Miss Martha Poindexter, #112588. (2 copies). 

Miss Annie Lyda Muldrow, #92478. 

Mrs. Mary Evelyn Redus, #139396. 

Mrs. Charlie Harrison Reynolds, #79955. 

Mrs. Juliette Rogers, #93250. 

Miss Mary Barry Rogers, #93251. 

Miss Virginia Saunders Scales, #80356. 

Mrs. Bonnibel Team Scales, #295313. 

Mrs. Maggie Miller Smith, #144943. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Van Landingham Ray, #320167. 

Mrs. Lillie Scales Slaughter, #79958. 

Miss Laura C. White, #304850. 

Mrs. Laura Jane White, #109514. 

Miss Lucy Chapin White, #149065. 

NSDAR applicants accepted, 1920-1946, 1947-1969. 

NSDAR membership transfer cards, 1909-1913, 1958-1980. 

Registrars reports, 1940, 1945, 1954-1969, and 1971-1979. 

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