In order to use the web version, faculty, staff and students have to create an account on the SciFinder Scholar server. This must be done on campus; however, once you create your account you will be able to use the web version off campus as well as on campus.

To create your personal account:

  1. Visit Users must use this link to register as a Mississippi State University faculty, staff or student. 
  2. Follow the screen prompts and enter the contact information as requested.  CAS allows you to use your own username and password to get in to the Web version of SciFinder Scholar.
  3. Once you have created your account, you can use the link to SciFinder Scholar Web Version

The Library has currently allocated 1 simultaneous user to the Web version. This means that only 1 person can use the web version at a time.  Please be sure to logoff when you are finished with your research. As we see more users gravitating to the web version we will allocate additional users to the Web version.