ATLA Religion Databaseā„¢ provides information on topics such as biblical studies, world religions, church history, and religion in social issues. This database is the definitive index for religious and theological literature. ATLA Religion Database contains more than 1.4 million bibliographic records covering the research literature of religion in over 60 languages. It includes more than 488,000 article citations from more than 1,500 journals (506 currently indexed), more than 215,000 essay citations from over 15,700 multi-author works, more than 446,000 book review citations, and a growing number of multimedia citations. Most coverage spans from 1949 to the present, while an ambitious retrospective indexing project provides citations of select titles back to their original publication date. This database is an essential resource for researchers and students in theology as well as in social sciences, history, and humanities. This database is produced by the American Theological Library Association.