February 16, 2006

ACRL President Camila Alire's platform for this year focuses on Advocating To Advance Academic Libraries. In the past, Library Advocacy had been viewed as the role of the Dean or Head of the Academic Library.


Alire is calling for "Front Line Advocacy" to include all academic librarians possessing those skills and commitment. What does front line advocacy mean to you? How does it differ from outreach and marketing? What political and campus wide knowledge should one have before becoming a library advocate? Which library issues are most appropriate for front line advocacy?

Mississippi State University Libraries is sponsoring a Symposium on Academic Library Advocacy: "Advocacy from the Front Line", February 16, 2006, Mitchell Memorial Library, Mississippi State University. Come hear Camila Alire as the keynote speaker and discuss with her the critical issue of academic library advocacy. The symposium will include small group discussions and analysis of problem based scenarios focusing on academic library advocacy issues. Camila Alire will then respond and critique each group's summary.

"Advocating To Advance Academic Libraries" by Camila A. Alire, C&RL News,
September 2005, Vol. 66, No.8

For Questions or Additional Information please contact: Harry LLull